Feb 28, 2009

A fun day :)

Today was such a fun day. I love Saturday's! Jeremy and I set up the baby's crib today, bought a mattress and put it all together....ready for her arrival! :) I have been looking forward to this for awhile now, only 14 more weeks until she comes! She is going to be in our room for now but we are praying and hoping to find a 3 bedroom house to rent come September. We'll see. I just love her crib and bedding, both were purchased for us as a gift, what a blessing!

We then took my in-law's to a surprise restaurant for dinner....somewhere we knew they had mentioned in the past they loved and hadn't been in years. El Nibble Nook in West Bloomfield! They were really surprised (they only knew about the Livonia location) and it's their favorite Mexican place. It was soooo yummy and Ethan did so well at the restaurant.

E is doing so much better. Feeling good, happy and his bottom is getting better each day, I'm so thankful! He is just the cutest thing and I love being with him. He's starting to become a little snuggle bug and has been wanting mommy over daddy lately....I figure I will take the lovin' while I can since he will be spending lots of time with daddy once he starts playing ball.

Oh yeah....the 2nd picture of all the stuff in the crib is everything that has been GIVEN to us for our little girl....both Grandma's have had some fun buying pink and different friends have given us clothes and diapers that they no longer need, we are blessed!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

The Harrison Gang

Feb 26, 2009

Ethan and the Terrible, Horrible No Good, Very Bad day :(

I remember that book as a kid.....although I changed the name ;)

Well, it has by far been the hardest day in Ethan's life. It started great, he slept through last night and he was playing so well this morning and was so happy....then suddenly around 11am he just started to scream bloody murder. I assumed it was his molar still trying to come through since it was only half through and was causing pain the day before. I gave him some orajel for his gums and some Tylenol, he felt a little warm which is normal with teething.

Well, he was just screaming in pain....so bad that I almost thought he was going to throw up it was so bad. It was horrible and he was just clinging on to me so tight. I finally was able to rock him to sleep and then tried laying him down in his crib. Mistake #1. He instantly started to scream again....I then rocked him to sleep the 2nd time and laid him down on me on the bed....waited a few minutes then tried moving him on to the bed. That was mistake #2. Instantly started screaming. Did the same thing the third time and just let him lay on me while he napped even though I was uncomfortable. Well, I then suddenly smelled that he was poopy but I finally got him back to sleep and didn't want him to start screaming again. Once he woke up from his nap I went to change his diaper and his bottom was so red and I could barely clean him he was in so much pain. The Rotovirus that he's had causes his BM's to burn his skin....and it was getting better but after him sitting in it for an hour it really irritated it. I felt so horrible for him. Changed him and then he calmed down after a bit. I was able to still run up to the church with him and get his pictures done which I had cancelled thinking it was NOT the day for pictures but he happened to be happy for an hour so it worked out.

We got home and I was playing with him and he had another messy diaper and once he went he instantly started to scream bloody murder again. I know it's because it's burning his skin, that's part of the Rotovirus...the acids cause it to do that. So then I thought to myself, "I don't think it was his molar earlier that was causing so much pain" (although yesterday it was) and I knew it was his bottom that was causing so much pain. I changed him of course and his bottom is so red and he was screaming so bad I almost started to cry myself. Just horrible and by far the worst pain I have seen him in :(

I decided to call the doctor again about this....he wasn't in but I spoke to one of the other doctor's and filled her in as to what's going on...told her about the prescription creme that Ethan's doctor gave me last week....seemed to work and help but then today it got real bad. She prescribed a different creme that she think will help better since the other one isn't doing the trick. Bummer thing is it takes 24 hours to fill because the pharmacy has to mix different ingredients together so I can't get it until tomorrow. So, basically anytime Ethan has a BM he screams and cries horrible and I try my best to lightly and gently wipe him but his bum is just so bad and so red. The doc told me to put vaseline and desitin on every diaper change until I get his new creme tomorrow so that's what I've been doing.

It's just destroyed me today. I've never seen him in such pain and I'm just praying for his bottom and that God will heal it and that the new creme will work really good. I have a feeling he will wake up in the night tonight because of his bottom but I'm praying he can rest and get a good night of sleep like last night....praying he doesn't have a BM in the night because I don't want him to sit in it...but I know he will wake up crying if he does go.

It's so hard when they are this little to know what's wrong since they can't tell you. I know this is why now and his molar may still be bothering him too but it's obvious his butt is really bad and causing the majority of the pain. He's just too sweet to be dealing with such great pain and I can't wait until it's better and he can go potty like normal again without him being in pain. Please pray for him and that God will heal this rash and that this Rotovirus will be gone.

Thanks so much!

26 weeks already!

Yesterday marked 26 weeks for mommy and baby girl. I really cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going, I am getting so excited to meet her and have a little girl and dress a little girl :) I can't wait to put her crib up soon and put everything together, it makes it all that much more real!

Ethan is doing good. I figured out why he was up crying at 2am the other night...he is getting his 1st molar! I couldn't believe it....a molar already! 2 of the points are popped through so just waiting for the other 2 to pop through. This makes tooth #9 for him, he sure is a teether! I was praying he would sleep through last night and he did so I was so thankful to get some rest. He really only seems to cry or wake up crying if he's teething but he didn't have a fever and as soon as I held him he was fine so I wasn't sure if that was it or not....and I didn't see anything coming through...but sure enough it must have been popping through in the night because I saw it yesterday. What a big boy, getting all these teeth!

He's been pretty happy today and playing well so that's good.

I am looking forward to this afternoon. Our church is having "Antiquities" those old time looking photos coming to the church the next 3 days and it costs just $10 for your sitting fee and a 10x13 picture and someone paid for Ethan to get his done, so sweet! Thanks Lisa! So, I'm taking him up there later this afternoon to get it done...will be interesting to see what he thinks of having some outfit on and some props to probably hold :)

Well that's about all for now. Hope everyone is well and blessed!

Keri & Baby "B"

Feb 23, 2009

25 days until Spring!

Jeremy and I were just talking last night how excited we are for Spring. It's been a long winter and it will be so nice to walk outside again with no coat, short sleeves and no snow on the ground :)

We are both really looking forward to our trip to the Amish that we take every year....we go over Easter just for a couple days with my mom's side of the family and it's always so much fun. We stay in a really nice hotel and it will be fun to be able to take Ethan in the pool this year, last year he was only 6 weeks old:)

The weekend was good...went by too fast and we didn't get as much sleep as we had hoped to catch up on but hey that's part of life with kids right? Ethan slept through the night last night which I'm so glad about....the last few nights he's been waking up crying, I'm sure to do with him being sick but he slept through so I'm thankful.

He seems to be doing a lot better. He only had 3 messy diapers yesterday, he was having like 8 or so the few days before that...so I think the virus is almost out of his system which is great.

One of my best girlfriends finds out today if she's having a boy or girl and I am so excited!! "Finding out day" is forsure the most exciting part of my pregnancies...they already have one of each so it will be fun to see what they are having this time. I was telling Jeremy last night I still can't believe I'm getting my little girl. It's so nice because we are undecided if we will have a third baby or not and I love that I will at least have one of each already so if we don't have a third then I'll know what it's like to have a son and a daughter:) She will be here in 3 1/2 months, crazy!

Well, I think I'm gonna hop in the shower before my little man wakes up. Hope everyone is doing well.

I took this picture of Ethan probably 6 weeks ago or so after he had a bath:)


Feb 20, 2009

It's the weekend!

Well, Ethan is doing ok. He did throw up once last night after he had his bottle. Ugh. He went right back to playing though and laughed as daddy cleaned it up. What a stinker! He slept through the night which was an answer to prayer and the creme the doctor prescribed is really helping his bottom, it hasn't been nearly as red after he has a BM.

I was reading up on it some yesterday and today and it is extremely contagious and adults can get it also. I was reading how moms tend to get it sometimes because they are normally the ones changing the icky diapers so often and it's just easy to catch. Sure enough, I haven't been feeling so well today so I'm thinking I might have it too. I think we'll just take it easy this weekend and stay home and get better. Ethan's been happy today though, playing and being himself, just the messy diapers still....so he's doing just fine.

I got Ethan's 1 year pictures done at JCPenney's the other day...it went as well as I thought it could seeing as he doesn't like to sit still or stand still. I got a couple cute ones although some of the cute ones involved him holding a gerber daisy flower that he insisted on holding over the balls...oh well, what can ya do:)

Nothing else too much to report...just wanted to update on Ethan and how he's been doing since yesterday. I'm sure he'll be a lot better by Monday...and hopefully mommy doesn't get it too bad, praying I won't and that our house is back to health!

Tomorrow is the baby closet which I was planning on being there for but decided it's probably not the best idea in case I do have what Ethan has, don't want to spread any germs around.

I just had to post this picture of Ethan I found...isn't he precious? He was only maybe a week old, and I remember this was a preemie outfit...even though he wasn't a preemie baby...he had skinny bird legs back then ;)

Feb 19, 2009


I took our little guy in to the doctor's today because he hasn't been feeling great the past couple days...he's been ok, not extremely fussy but woke up early yesterday morning crying and then woke up at 1:30am last night crying which is unusual for him.

I noticed when I was changing his poopy diapers that he would cry when I wiped his boy parts and it would be red after poopy diapers. I knew something was up so I took him to the doctor's today to get checked out. The doctor said it looked like Rotovirus (Ethan had the vaccine for it at 2, 4 & 6 months). It's a vomiting and diarrhea illness. Ethan hasn't vomited at all but his diapers have definitely been more like diarrhea the past couple days. The reason it has gotten red after poopy diapers is because the virus causes the chemicals/acids in the BM to burn their skin. The doctor prescribed a creme that I'm supposed to apply twice a day and it should be better in about a week. It's extremely contagious....the funny thing is (and I don't say this to place blame) is Ethan has been healthy for the past 2 months and we have not put him in the nursery at church...well this past Sunday was the first time he was in the nursery and sure enough this week he's sick. I am not saying that to place blame, it's just inevitable I feel in church, daycare, etc. when their are a lot of kids in a small area. Kids catch things so easily and it's hard to get rid of every single germ when you have kids coming in and out. I had a daycare and I know how hard it is to keep things really clean...and germ free....so not placing any blame, it just kinda confirms to us why we try and keep him out of the nursery, especially during the winter months when kids get sick so much.

Doc said to keep him hydrated and it should be out of his system in a week or less. Just praying that he doesn't vomit from it....he's putting up with the messy diapers pretty good...it's just important to change him asap after he has a BM. The doc also told me to cake on vaseline/aquaphor (a baby vaseline) between the creme applications...it serves as a barrier so when he does have a BM it won't burn his skin. He's been pretty happy the rest of the afternoon and I'm hoping he sleeps good tonight. Between him getting me up for an hour in the night and baby girl kicking and moving so much after that I was up for a couple hours last night...I think it's just a reminder to not get used to my sleep ;)

Ethan is really getting so old...I tried rocking him last night back to sleep...and could not believe how big he was to rock...so long and heavy...he's like a toddler, does not feel like a baby in any way anymore. He sure is adorable and makes us laugh and smile all the time. He does the funniest things and makes the funniest faces.

Please continue to pray for Randa, the missing woman that is the sister to a family in our church. (She has come to church a few times as well) She has been missing for 8 days now and they really feel someone has her or did something to her. It is so heartbreaking and I can't imagine the feeling of not knowing where someone you love is...she just disappeared and it doesn't make any sense to the family as they talk with her multiple times during the day. They dropped her off one night at her apartment here in Fenton at 11:30 pm and at 7:30am the next day she was missing. No sign of foul play and just really no clues as to what happened or where she could be. The police and volunteers have searched by foot twice, helicopters as well as had K9 dogs out. Nothing. Please continue to pray for the family and that Randa will be found.

I cannot believe our little girl will be here in 15 weeks! It doesn't seem that long and this pregnancy is going by so much faster to me than with Ethan...I know it's because I have Ethan to keep me busy! I can't wait for Ethan to meet his sissy and have a playmate...it's so cute because I will rub my belly and say "baby" to him and he looks at me, looks at my belly and then rubs it too....it's so precious. I hope he adores her. I always loved watching Benjamin (one of my daycare kids) with his little sister Kimberly...he adored her, protected her and told me Kim is his best friend, just so cute! Speaking of Ben and Kim, here's a picture I took of the three of us at Ethan's party....aren't they the cutest? I sure miss the kids.

Hope everyone is well!

Feb 18, 2009

Birthday Pics

Here's a few of my favorites from the party :)

Feb 16, 2009

Ethan's 1 Year Check-up

Ethan had his one year check-up today. He is doing great and doing everything he should be, the doc said all is well. He is 23 lbs (50% tile for weight) so he gained 2 lbs since his 9 month check-up which is normal. Now that he is walking he's getting that exercise in and burning those calories :) He's about 32 1/2 inches long, 90% tile still for length. The doc said it's really hard to tell how tall he really will be until he's over 2 but he's tall for his age....no big deal!

We decided to hold off on vaccines for now. Jeremy and I have been praying and talking about this since Ethan's been born and neither of us felt comfortable giving them to him at this point. There's no proof that autism is caused by vaccines but there is also no proof that it isn't and autism (especially in boys) has increased significantly and they aren't quite sure why yet, they say it's not genetic. It's not just about the autism thing, just all the man-made chemicals that are in the vaccines we aren't so thrilled about. We've been doing research on the pros and cons and we just don't feel complete peace at this point to move forward with them. I'm sure some people will disagree with this decision but it really does not matter....this is a decision we made at this time for our family and it's our personal choice. Enough said :)

Ethan's party was a lot of fun....we had it here at our apartment and it wasn't as crowded as I thought. It was so nice to see everyone and I especially enjoyed seeing Benjamin and Kimberly, two of the kids I used to watch at my daycare. They brought a lot of joy to my life and I haven't seen them since we closed the daycare in August so I was most excited to see them!

I will try and post a few pics from the party soon, just haven't had the chance to upload them yet.

Alright, there's piles and piles of laundry to fold so I better get on that :)

Until next time,

Feb 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

I just wanted to wish my sweet valentine a Happy 1st Birthday! I really cannot believe it's already been a whole year since he was born. It has gone by so fast and I have enjoyed being a mom so much. I love watching him grow and develop into the unique and amazing little boy that God created him to be.

We are having a birthday party for him tomorrow at our place. We were supposed to have it at the clubhouse here at our apartments but due to the fire the clubhouse is full of donated goods so it wasn't going to be available. It will be a little cramped but we'll make it work for a few hours for our sweet boy! It should be a fun time, can't wait to see him dig into his cake that I made for him :)

It's definitely been an eventful weekend but I am so blessed that we have been available to help these families in any way we can. I will be sure and post more details and some cool stories soon. NBC interviewed me earlier today and we saw it on the news earlier...I was so excited that they aired the two lines from my 2 minute interview that involved God! I want Him to get the glory and not "my works" or what I did, it's all about Him and I know He protected so many of these families from the outcome being worse.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend....I am so thankful today for everything God has given us, so many families are starting completely over. Please continue to pray for them....more details to come.

Love to all,

Feb 13, 2009

Fire and how you can help....

Hi Everyone,

Here is a video (sorry not real clear, this all started around 3:30am) we put together of everything that happened last night. There are 17 families that were affected and lost everything but we are praising God no one was killed. Please be praying for a mother and her 10 week old baby girl that are in the hospital, they are the main concern right now, I don't know the details.

God's hand and protection was more than evident throughout this....for no one to have been killed is a miracle in itself. They still don't know how it happened but I'm sure we will know more in the coming days.

As you can imagine there are a lot of needs. If you can give anything at all it would be so appreciated. You can call me at 248-214-1464. We are needing food, clothes, pillows, furniture, shoes, shampoo and personal needs, and especially gift cards to Walmart or Target where these families can go buy their basic needs and start over. Thank you so much for all of you who already have helped or donated, I know these families appreciate it so much and as God's people what a blessing to be able to help those in need.

The Fire

So Jeremy and I woke up at 3:45 to the sounds of screams outside....I heard a girl screaming and shouting, "I love you! I love you!" and could tell something wasn't right. I jumped out of bed, ripped down the plastic on our bedroom window to see the apartment building kiddie corner from us engulfed in flames. No emergency vehicles were there yet. I called 911 and they said someone was on the way.

I was frantic at first, not knowing what to do. Do we run out there and see if we can help? My first thought was Ethan and do we need to get out of here in case the building exploded or something...Jeremy ran out and found a policeman by this time and asked and he said our building was in no danger.

About 20 minutes later a couple and their little 3 year old boy was standing outside crying and shivering and Jeremy told them to come in. They were on the 2nd floor....the boyfriend woke up and smelled smoke and realized what was going on. He started to scream for his girlfriend and he jumped off the balcony and then had his girlfriend and little boy jump and he caught them. They had smoke on their face and they were hysterical when they first walked in.

We tried calming them down and telling them you're ok, you guys got out you're alive you're ok. They were just devastated, everything they owned was gone and they don't have insurance. She came in with a shirt on, no pants, socks or shoes. I quickly got her some pants and socks and gave her a pair of tennis shoes (we are the same size, yea God!) and Jer got the guy a sweatshirt and such. They were here for about an hour and then got picked up by his parents. People were in an out of our apt, we just told whoever to come in and get warm, get clothes, whatever.

Of course in the meantime Jeremy and I are just praying...I was convinced that there had to be some people that were trapped and burned to death by the looks of the fire. The stairwell was completely in flames, no way for anyone to go up or down.

Another guy named Eli came walking in and he told us his story. He was on the 1st floor...heard some noise and such and thought it was some young kids partying, getting home from the club. He said no smoke alarm or anything was going off in his apt. He was going to just go back to bed but decided to go out there to yell at them and when he opened his door the fire was RIGHT next to him and he said the apt. next to him was completely gone...he said if it wasn't for those screams that he very likely may have died. He was in good spirits though....even though he lost everything in his apt.

Jeremy was outside a lot talking to people and he ran into this poor guy that was so upset and didn't want anyone to talk to him because he doesn't know if his cat got out or not. It was so sad :( He didn't want Jer to talk to him....later we saw him and Jer comforted him but we don't think his cat got out but we don't know.

Jeremy took a video on my camera of the fire but we aren't sure if it's ok to publicize it just yet so I'll post it when we can. The Red Cross is here talking with the families, brought food, etc. for people.

I saw one of the girls that works here....asked her if she knew if anyone was in there and she said from what they knew everyone got out...Praise God! I know one guy is in the hospital as he had to jump from the balcony also, he was on the 3rd floor. As of right now I don't know of any deaths and am praying that is the case.

We don't know anything yet....how it started and such...but it seemed it happened rather quickly, don't think it was a cigarette or anything. There are plenty of people we talked too that said their smoke alarms never went off....there is going to be a major lawsuit coming I'm sure.

Anyhow, please pray for these families...I know a lot of them are left with nothing, especially the family that came in to our place they don't even have insurance....we told them come back anytime if they need anything, and maybe there's more some of us can do in the community or within our church family....get them some clothes, food, gift cards, I don't know. The little boy is almost 3 and his name is Gabriel, super cute...we put the disney channel on for him and he was ok....he kept saying, "Fire hot fire hot".

Pray for Jer too....he just started throwing up and I know it's because of the anxiety from all of this.

Love you guys,

Feb 10, 2009

I have a Son!

So I was in the kitchen doing dishes and Ethan walked over to me and looked up at me and I had this moment. I had this "I have a son!" moment. You think I would have already had this moment seeing that Ethan will be ONE on Saturday....I think it was something about the way he looked. He is walking like an adult now and the way he looks today with his jeans and long sleeve shirt just made me feel like he's a toddler, he's old.....which then made me think about how I'm a mom now....not a mommy like when he's 5 months but a mom. I'm pretty sure I am making no sense at all right now to anyone but myself, haha!

I just felt like "Oh my goodness, he's a walking kid now and I'm starting my family and growing up!" it was a weird moment but it made me smile real big and thank God I am here....at this stage of my life. I know I have mentioned in the past I never thought I would grow old enough (I know, like 27 is old) to be a mom. I don't know if I thought Jesus would come back or it just seemed so long away but I never thought I would grow old enough to start a family. Strange I know but one of those thoughts I always had....so anyways, I just feel blessed to be a mom and I still can't believe Ethan is ours and without Jeremy and I together he wouldn't be here. Being a mom is just the most incredible experience and I love everything about it....ok except for when he's sick!

I am wondering when I will have this "moment" that I have a daughter....maybe when she's 2? :) I'm excited about her arriving in June, I think it's the perfect month to have a baby...I'll walk out of the hospital with my new little peanut in short sleeves, it's gonna be great!

Here's a silly picture of Ethan from this morning....gotta love this scrunchy nose/face he does!

Ps. I have a son!!

Feb 9, 2009

Homemade Cards

So I've been praying and asking God to give me an idea....a way I can make some extra money to help out with bills, expenses, etc. I would love to do ebay....and have tried selling baby clothes....I find them real cheap and then sell them but it seems only sometimes they sell and even when they do I don't end up making enough profit on them to put the time into it.

I woke up this morning with this on my mind. I then had the thought well what if I used my scrapbooking creativity and made cute cards or invitations and tried selling them on ebay or something. Of course I know I am not the first person who has thought of this but I am just praying about something I could do to make a little money.

So, here's a couple baby shower invitation cards I made this morning....took me forever yet they look so simple! I'm picky and the design/colors have to be just right so once I get that down it probably wouldn't take as long to duplicate them.

Let me know what you think of them!

Feb 5, 2009


I just want to say that I have the best husband ever. Jeremy could tell I was a little down yesterday and that some things were on my mind....after Ethan went down for the night we talked for a good hour or more in bed just about what I was feeling, life and God. I felt so much better after we talked as we spent most of the conversation encouraging each other and talking about all the great things God has done in us and for us as we've learned to trust Him and depend on Him alone the past couple years. I know He's taking care of us, He always provides....and I really wasn't super down or discouraged....just a little....and after talking with my sweet hubby I felt a lot better. I love you JD!

Today has been such a blessed day. First off, UPS dropped off the baby's bedding today so that was really fun to open. I just had to post a picture of it because it's so cute and I loved the packaging and how it came in a cute basket and ribbon and all...I don't want to take it out of the package:) Thanks uncle Mark! So, I can't wait until we get a mattress and then can set the crib up and put everything together...it's going to be so pretty :)

I had my doctor's appt. for the baby today and it was wonderful. My midwife is truly such a God send for me this pregnancy. As most of you know, my labor with Ethan was very tough and I didn't have a good experience throughout it or with the nurses I had. I didn't care for my doctor too much as she wasn't very personal and I just felt like another "number" to her. I would highly recommend Jeanne to any pregnant mommy to be as she is amazing and I feel like she really cares.

Some friends of ours had a baby boy on Tuesday morning and they use Jeanne also so I just had to talk to her today about sweet baby Silas. Somehow that brought up my delivery with E and I mentioned how I'm kinda scared and nervous this time as my labor and delivery with Ethan was really bad. She was so sweet and wanted to know my fears and everything that happened. We then talked for 45 minutes as I told her the whole experience and my fears this time around, etc. She is just so perfect and totally comforted me as far as already feeling like this is going to be a better experience for me this time. Of course labor is labor...it's hard work and you're going to go through pain because that's just part of it....but knowing I will have great nurses and just a combination of things that she does differently really sets my mind at ease.

I told her how my whole body was extremely swollen from the epidural...she couldn't believe they gave me 6-8 bags of fluid in a 15 hour period. I told her how I'm a little nervous to try and go without an epidural this time even though I went through the worst of the pain without it anyways....but how I would love to not have one and be able to try and do other things to get through labor...(walking, getting in the tub, a birthing ball, just whatever) she went on to tell me if I get to that point that I really feel I need an epidural then I can have one...it's no big deal....it's my decision...but of course she encourages to not get one and for them to do other methods to get me through it. So, I'm just really praying about it and I really would love to not have to get one....although I probably wouldn't swell this time like last since she thought that was way too much fluid they gave me. We talked about a lot of things and I just felt so thankful for her and told her that.

She also told me that according to my ultrasound I am due June 4th....up until now it's been the 2nd. She said she would keep me as the 2nd just because that's what we have written down and it's not a big deal but it sounds like the 4th may be a little more accurate. I was actually excited to hear this because as you know she is going to be in CA from the 21st of May until the 28th and Ethan was 4 days early so I have been worried she wouldn't be back for the birth....so, at least this is possibly 2 more days if I'm due the 4th. I've been praying about it though and that God would just let her be there because it's important to me and I know He cares about the details! Another cool thing about June 4th (although I doubt I will actually have the baby on my due date) is that the 4th is my parents wedding anniversary....kinda neat :)

Ethan loved hearing his sister's heartbeat....it was a little tricky with me laying down and trying to sit him up and hold him so he wouldn't fall off the table, lol but it's all good....after all I need practice being multi-tasked since I will have 2 little ones soon. We heard the heartbeat right away and that was fun and she measured my belly and said I am measuring exactly right on for 23 weeks....so that was cool. All is well and I am blessed....I just can't wait to meet this little girl of ours and introduce her to the world :) I ordered a little onesie that has her name on it and thought when visitors come to see her for the first time at the hospital I would try and have her in the onesie and they could see her name for the first time that way :) Although, I'm sure we'll be making a fun little video to post on our blog as well.

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading my forever long posts :)


Feb 4, 2009

Trusting God

I am learning what it means to trust God on a daily basis.

I was a little down earlier due to something that I don't want to mention because I am not looking for a pity party or for someone else to take on a burden....things are fine....but I am just being real in saying I was a little down today and discouraged.

I think it's important to admit this sometimes because it isn't real to always act like you are doing awesome and that life never gets you down. Of course I don't like dwelling on the things we cannot change either because I know God is the answer.

I am just really learning what it means to trust God....of course I have learned this many times in my life during different situations but it is a constant choice to trust God. I can easily dwell in self pity and dwell on the negative if I want...or I can be positive, claim the Word and look to Him for comfort on days that I feel down.

That is what I am choosing to do today...because even though I may be feeling discouraged I know that God is bigger than any problem that comes my way and that He's going to provide for me in every area.

When I felt real down earlier I said to myself, "Keri, how about you forget about that stuff and just start thinking about the ways God has blessed you recently." I immediately thought of my in-laws buying us a brand new crib for the baby, my brother in law buying us the baby's bedding and other things that have been a blessing that have happened recently. So, I'm choosing to dwell on the positive....the good....and not let the negative get me down.

On another note, I have my next doctor's appt. tomorrow for the baby so that will be fun. It's at 2:45 and Ethan will get to hear his baby sister's heartbeat again....he thought it was so cool sitting up on the table with mommy last time :)

Trusting in Him,