Feb 5, 2009


I just want to say that I have the best husband ever. Jeremy could tell I was a little down yesterday and that some things were on my mind....after Ethan went down for the night we talked for a good hour or more in bed just about what I was feeling, life and God. I felt so much better after we talked as we spent most of the conversation encouraging each other and talking about all the great things God has done in us and for us as we've learned to trust Him and depend on Him alone the past couple years. I know He's taking care of us, He always provides....and I really wasn't super down or discouraged....just a little....and after talking with my sweet hubby I felt a lot better. I love you JD!

Today has been such a blessed day. First off, UPS dropped off the baby's bedding today so that was really fun to open. I just had to post a picture of it because it's so cute and I loved the packaging and how it came in a cute basket and ribbon and all...I don't want to take it out of the package:) Thanks uncle Mark! So, I can't wait until we get a mattress and then can set the crib up and put everything together...it's going to be so pretty :)

I had my doctor's appt. for the baby today and it was wonderful. My midwife is truly such a God send for me this pregnancy. As most of you know, my labor with Ethan was very tough and I didn't have a good experience throughout it or with the nurses I had. I didn't care for my doctor too much as she wasn't very personal and I just felt like another "number" to her. I would highly recommend Jeanne to any pregnant mommy to be as she is amazing and I feel like she really cares.

Some friends of ours had a baby boy on Tuesday morning and they use Jeanne also so I just had to talk to her today about sweet baby Silas. Somehow that brought up my delivery with E and I mentioned how I'm kinda scared and nervous this time as my labor and delivery with Ethan was really bad. She was so sweet and wanted to know my fears and everything that happened. We then talked for 45 minutes as I told her the whole experience and my fears this time around, etc. She is just so perfect and totally comforted me as far as already feeling like this is going to be a better experience for me this time. Of course labor is labor...it's hard work and you're going to go through pain because that's just part of it....but knowing I will have great nurses and just a combination of things that she does differently really sets my mind at ease.

I told her how my whole body was extremely swollen from the epidural...she couldn't believe they gave me 6-8 bags of fluid in a 15 hour period. I told her how I'm a little nervous to try and go without an epidural this time even though I went through the worst of the pain without it anyways....but how I would love to not have one and be able to try and do other things to get through labor...(walking, getting in the tub, a birthing ball, just whatever) she went on to tell me if I get to that point that I really feel I need an epidural then I can have one...it's no big deal....it's my decision...but of course she encourages to not get one and for them to do other methods to get me through it. So, I'm just really praying about it and I really would love to not have to get one....although I probably wouldn't swell this time like last since she thought that was way too much fluid they gave me. We talked about a lot of things and I just felt so thankful for her and told her that.

She also told me that according to my ultrasound I am due June 4th....up until now it's been the 2nd. She said she would keep me as the 2nd just because that's what we have written down and it's not a big deal but it sounds like the 4th may be a little more accurate. I was actually excited to hear this because as you know she is going to be in CA from the 21st of May until the 28th and Ethan was 4 days early so I have been worried she wouldn't be back for the birth....so, at least this is possibly 2 more days if I'm due the 4th. I've been praying about it though and that God would just let her be there because it's important to me and I know He cares about the details! Another cool thing about June 4th (although I doubt I will actually have the baby on my due date) is that the 4th is my parents wedding anniversary....kinda neat :)

Ethan loved hearing his sister's heartbeat....it was a little tricky with me laying down and trying to sit him up and hold him so he wouldn't fall off the table, lol but it's all good....after all I need practice being multi-tasked since I will have 2 little ones soon. We heard the heartbeat right away and that was fun and she measured my belly and said I am measuring exactly right on for 23 weeks....so that was cool. All is well and I am blessed....I just can't wait to meet this little girl of ours and introduce her to the world :) I ordered a little onesie that has her name on it and thought when visitors come to see her for the first time at the hospital I would try and have her in the onesie and they could see her name for the first time that way :) Although, I'm sure we'll be making a fun little video to post on our blog as well.

Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for reading my forever long posts :)


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Joy said...

I've got nothing but praise for my midwife. I went drug free, sort of, long story. But the key to making it through it all was my doula. My midwife was awesome and was there as much as she could be, but my doula was with me every step of the way, and she had new tricks for each hour to help me manage the pain so it wasn't insurmountable. It costs a few hundred dollars more, but Isaac and I couldn't have done it without her. I went through 40 hours of labor with a doula, drug-free. For all practical purposes, I went drug free. The last couple of hours I finally got an epidural because I just got too tired. So, a doula is worth looking in to!