Oct 27, 2008

It's almost November!

Wow I can't believe it's almost November! The weeks sure are flying by fast.

We had a nice weekend. We went and saw my cousin play in her volleyball tournaments on Saturday but sadly she got hurt during one of the Friday night games so she only played for 10 minutes the first game and had to sit out the rest of the time. She felt really bad as all the family was there to see her play but we still enjoyed seeing her, rooting her team on and being together as a family.

Sunday we went out to eat with my parents and grandparents...then back to my parents to spend time with my grandparents. It was nice to see them and they enjoyed seeing Ethan and playing with him. I had a bad sinus headache yesterday and was feeling a little nausea at times so we left a little early so I could get home and take some tylenol and lay on the couch. I am feeling so much better today, thank you Jesus!

You know, I am really getting annoyed with this whole politics thing. I've never really been in to politics but it bothers me how people talk and treat Obama....or "Bahama" as my Grandma likes to call him, lol. Regardless of your opinion on abortion, gay marriages, etc. people don't seem to realize that Jesus loves him just as much as he loves us. I'm sick of all the judgemental garbage that goes on and people (Christians) not seeing the big picture. It's pointless and ungodly to debate and it bothers me. a lot. All the Christians bash Obama but I don't hear all the McCain supporters bringing up how McCain is divorced and married a younger lady do I? The point is, we are not called to judge others! Sure, go ahead and vote for who you want and that's fine....but stop judging people. And another thing that really burns me up inside....gay marriages. Sure, it's not right and it's not biblical and it's not the way God intended it to be but guess what....neither is Pornography, or a marital affair.....to me it is NO different than gay marriage. They are all sexual sins and I believe God sees them equally, I really do. For people to go around judging and acting like gay marriage is the worst sin on earth when they are secretly watching pornography when their spouse goes to bed or sneaking around on their spouse.....man! Wake up Christians!!!! It's only the love of Jesus that changes people....and maybe if Christians would start showing love to "gays" then they would see the love of Christ, get saved and not want to be gay....or not want to have an abortion. Sorry....I just really think Christians (of course not all) are really not getting it and what we are called to do.....you're not going to reach the lost by judging them. How about we stop trusting in men, including McCain and start trusting in GOD! Ok, I'm done. *Sigh*

On another note, this is Ethan's first Halloween and he is going to be a little skunk. So cute! Can't wait to get him all dressed up in his costume...at least for a few minutes to get some pictures and get him some candy. We are going over my parents house as we do every year for Halloween, it will be fun.

Alright, that's all for now.


Oct 22, 2008

It's been 8 days...

Since I last posted and nothing's really new...so I haven't blogged.

Things are going well, God is good and great is His faithfulness!

We are visiting tonight with my newlywed cousin Angela and her hubby Tommee so it will be nice to hang out with them.

This Sat. morning we are heading out to Madonna University to watch my cousin Meghan in her volleyball tournament. She goes to college in Georgia and has a full scholarship for volleyball and this is her senior year and she's here in MI to play. A ton of our fun Petke family will be there so we are looking forward to seeing everyone and watching her kick some butt!

I am going to be taking over the "Baby Pantry" blog....it's a new ministry at our church that collects and buys baby items and blesses women in the community in need. My heart is so into this ministry and I love buying baby stuff to donate. If you or anyone you know has any baby items such as a highchair, swing, diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. please let me know....it would be a blessing to take them off your hands! Check out the "Baby Pantry" blog under my favorite blogs in a few days and let me know if you would like to help out in anyway. Right now the info. on there is old and I am going to start working on it hopefully today.

Love you guys,
Keri & the Boys

Oct 14, 2008

Happy 8 Months Ethan!

I can't believe my little boy is already 8 months! It's so fun and exciting to watch him grow but at times I don't want time to pass because I want him to stay the way he is. I want to hear him say "ma-ma" the way he does and for him to snuggle up next to me in the middle of the night and fall asleep. I know we will have another little baby but they are all so different....and what if Ethan is the only little boy I have? Or forget the only boy, just him being who he is....they are only this little for a time and so I am just cherishing these moments with him so much.

When I see his face I just thank God so much for blessing us with this healthy little boy who is full of joy, laughter and just has a simple spirit to him. He is everything and more that I could have ever imagined in a child and I just love him so much!

We took him to Spicers Orchard this past weekend....his first time at the cider mill and being in a pumpkin patch. It was so fun to take pictures of him and it will definitely be a family tradition of ours.

Enjoy the pics. He's so adorable.

Oct 9, 2008

28 Days....

In 28 days I get to hear our baby's heartbeat. I can't wait! November couldn't come soon enough...

I'm excited about using a midwife this time but a little sad because I will only get 1 ultrasound at 20 weeks :( Last time I had an ultrasound at 14 weeks and it was so neat because you could see the whole baby moving around and it was just so exciting and I loved having ultrasound pictures. So, I guess I have to be patient and wait until 20 weeks to see our little peanut and get pictures. I cannot wait to find out what we're having! Yesterday - one year ago we found out we were having a boy :)

I think I will cry if it's a girl because I will be so excited! I have always wanted a little girl and we have such a beautiful name picked out for her and I want to use it! Honestly though, if they say it's a boy I am going to be so thrilled to give Ethan a brother and will be just as happy. Ethan is so sweet and fun and I know two boys would be also.

I am 6 weeks/2 days. Very tired and have been feeling sick to my stomach on and off at times but nothing major. I had the same with Ethan....just for a couple weeks...but it's nothing like the morning sickness I hear people get. I can't wait to feel the baby move....that is such an exciting time and just so much fun. Pregnancy is just so amazing to me. I look at Ethan and think how stinkin adorable and cute he is and how I could never imagine my life without him and how blessed we are to have him and how if it wasn't for Jeremy and I being together he would never exist. That is so crazy to me! God knew Jeremy was for me because he wanted us to create the cutest baby boy ever born ;)

Ethan has two teeth coming in! This past weekend he had one poke through and the very next day there was another. Sooo cute! He has been having pain though because of it and we have been giving him orajel and tylenol as needed. He's been pretty good today though so they must not be hurting him. I put away all his 6 month clothes today and he's in 6-9 now. For being such a long baby I'm surprised he fits in 6-9 months. 6-9 months is my favorite age....they are learning new things and are so alert and you feel like they really know who mommy and daddy are now.

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday...he will be 56...man, he's getting kinda old....oh wait, he's a Grandpa now, that means he should be old :) We are going over my parents on Sunday to celebrate his birthday and he has chosen Outback Steakhouse for his birthday dinner....what a shame that I am going to have to order the best salad ever made! Mmmm...

Well, here's a couple pictures of the cutest baby boy ever born....enjoy :)


Oct 3, 2008

What's new with our babies...

Let's start with our little man, Ethan. He is 7 1/2 months and getting so ridiculously cute I can barely stand it. He does this scrunchy face now with his nose which is hilarous. He does it when he's frustrated, impatient or when eating his food. Not sure why, he just thinks it's fun and he knows he makes us laugh when he does it. As of last week he is sitting up on his own now. Once in awhile he will fall over but very rarely. He's finally got it down and I can't believe how fast he is growing up! I am trying to enjoy every moment with him because before I know it he will be crawling and walking and him being a baby will be just memories and photos! It's so strange....it's like you want to watch them grow and develop but then a part of you wants them to stay little forever. He is doing so good though and we are enjoying him so much.

Now, what's new with our little peanut. Well, she (we really think so:)) is making mommy very sleepy but that is a good sign so I am not complaining. I am about 5 1/2 weeks along now and already getting excited for the new baby to arrive:) I'm definitely glad we have 9 months before he or she gets here but still can't wait to meet him or her. It's weird to think that Ethan will be double the age he is now when the baby comes.

We met with Jeanne, a midwife that a lot of our friends use yesterday and we decided we are going to go through her with this baby. We really liked her and she spent a half hour just talking with us and answering any questions we had. I already felt more confident because she is personal and really makes you feel like you and the baby are very important to her. She is more involved in my diet which is nice that she cares and we just loved everything about her. I knew that midwives encourage natural child birth as much as possible but that she would give an epidural if asked for. I asked her about that and her response was, "I am better than an epidural." I laughed. I had one great nurse at Genesys with Ethan but she wasn't with me for the labor and I had terrible nurses then and my doctor only shows up for the last 5 minutes. Jeanne is so different. She is with you as much as she can during the labor. She's there to rub my back or hold my hand or whatever I need to do to get through it. I really liked that. So different than my experience with Ethan. Just to have someone who will be so encouraging and help me get through it will be so wonderful. I am going to try and go completely natural this time around. No drugs, no epidural, no nothing. She has birthing balls, a rocking chair, a tub, shower, many things to try and help go naturally. I'm a little nervous about it but I know that this is a better choice for us and I will feel so much if I can do it natural this time. I got so swollen from the epidural and most likely I will not need an episotomy which would make my recovery so great. She said she's only done 3 and she's been delivering babies for 14 years. She said they are unnecessary and they are trying to pass something to get doctors to not do them and use the technique they use. Olive oil and warm compresses....works magic I guess! I know I will still go through great pain, as it is labor, I'm just praying this time around things aren't so difficult for me, the baby drops and I don't push for 2 1/2 hours. I'm really excited about her though and my next appt. is November 6th. I will be 10 weeks and we should get to hear the heartbeat at that appt. Cannot wait for that. My first ultrasound will be at 20 weeks, which is when we will find out if it's a girl or boy. My due date is still June 3rd. Also, be praying because she is going away to a conference for the weekend of Labor Day which is typically the last week of May. Yikes! So, we are all hoping she is back in time for when I go into labor. Be praying the baby doesn't come a week and a half early :)