Feb 28, 2011

Weekend Goodness ♥

The weeks are flying by! I can't believe tomorrow is already March 1st. I'm excited because that means we are moving in just a couple weeks. Yay! The garage is full of empty boxes and soon we'll be packing :) We are set to close Friday the 18th and then moving in on the 19th. I can't wait!

I went to the mall on Friday with the kids and Ethan got his first professional haircut :) I decided to go to Carnival Cuts because I wasn't sure how he would do (and that place is SO fun for kids!) but he did awesome. Totally loved it. I'm sure the sucker, bouncy ball, balloon and getting to sit in a fun hot rod car chair helped :) He was so cute...he sat so still while she cut his hair and did so great! Gracelyn was watching from her stroller...hoping and praying she wasn't next. Ha! Anyhow, he looks beyond handsome and is really looking old and growing up on me. Sorry I haven't taken a pic yet, but soon :)

I also ran in to Target with the kids and was able to get Ethan's new bedding. It's out of stock almost everywhere (including online) but the Target in Auburn Hills had 2 left so I was able to snatch one. I think we may just need to get one guard rail and then we'll be ready to set it up at the new place. Can't wait!

My brother came out on Saturday and hung out most of the day. The two of us went out looking at furniture for a couple hours while the kids and daddy took a nap. He's closing on his very first place very soon (so happy for him!) so he's just looking at his options. While we were out, I found a nice kitchen table set I liked. We've been talking about getting a new one since our current one is too small for a growing family of five. It was at the same place we bought our couches from and so the owner remembered me...even though it was 5 years ago we got our couches! Anyhow, he is a lot of fun (he's probably close to 80 years old) and he was trying to get me to buy it then and surprise my hubby. I told him, "Sorry, that's not how we work. Gotta talk things through first." Ha. I knew Jer would probably be fine with it since we were already talking about getting one and we have the same taste but I of course wanted to talk it over with him first. So, we left and then I called him and told him about the table...that it was on sale AND that I could use my negotiating skills to maybe get it even a little cheaper. He said go for it! So, I was able to talk the guy down another $75 and get free delivery, which is normally $80. It's ordered but they are going to wait to deliver it until we move in to the new house. Craig and Jer actually went back later because Craig decided to get some lamps he saw and Jer was able to see the table and liked it too. Yay! The old guy was like, "You've trained your wife well. She's even better than you at wheeling and dealing." Ha!

The table seats 6 but comes with a leaf and can get even bigger, which is s ogreat. I love it :) Here's a pic....although you can't totally see the design. It has some thick lighter wooded lines on top that makes it kinda fun and different.

Jeremy also ordered me a label maker this weekend :) I am pretty geeked about it. I love to organize and can't wait to have my walk in pantry in our new house totally organized and labeled with containers. Be jealous :)

We then came home and I made some really yummy Chicken Quesdillas. We had Chips and Salsa, Jer made some Guacamole and I busted open a 2 liter of Coke. My kind of Saturday night :)

Yesterday we went to church in the morning (where Ethan continues to do great in his new class! Praise God!) and had a good day together as a family. We just finished up a series on relationships...the pastor talked on friendships, marriage, parenting. It was great. Next week I believe a new series begins speaking on God's Word. Should be good stuff :)

Tonight is Women's Ministry at church. Always SO SO good. It's just once a month and it's always so refreshing. I'm meeting my dear friend Layne for dinner beforehand. It's gonna be a good night :)

Other than that, nothing too new with the Harrison fam. I'm 13 weeks along today and baby is now the size of a peach :) Tomorrow I have an appt...and I will get to hear that sweet heartbeat...so I can't wait :)

Hope you all are well and enjoying life to the fullest!

Off to fold laundry and listen to the awesome new Bethel CD. I highly recommend it!

Here's one of my very favorite songs that is on the new album. Jesus Culture and others sing it too. So thankful that God's love never fails...it never runs out on me! It goes on and on and on!!

Momma Keri ♥

Feb 24, 2011

Blog Makeover :)

What do you think of the new look? I had fun giving my blog a makeover this morning. A fresh new look for Spring....which isn't far away :)

Lots of little exciting things going on.

First, I hit the 12 week mark in my pregnancy. Yay! Baby is now the size of a plum and I'm feeling great. The nausea seems to be gone which is wonderful. It didn't last long - so thankful. I go to the doctors on Monday for my next appt and will get to hear the heartbeat. Always so wonderful ♥

Also, we decided on a girl name over the weekend! Yay! Big news for us! I've been searching for almost a year and haven't found anything I just loved. Saturday Jeremy saw a name in our name book that he mentioned he liked and it was funny because I had stopped at that name probably 3 or 4 times when looking through the book the past few months. So, after finding a spelling we liked best and saying it out loud for a couple days - we both really love it. It feels great to have our names picked :)

Now, here's the part some of you will not be too happy to hear. We also decided we aren't going to find out what we're having. We talked about this my last pregnancy and we talked about it again the other day and we both think it would be really cool to wait. Seeing as we already have one of each and that we will be completely happy either way - it would be so exciting to let it be a surprise. Especially for me, after going through most likely another long labor...that moment of hearing boy or girl will be so exciting! I LOVE surprises and I can't imagine a better one! So, that's the latest on our little peanut ♥

Ethan and Gracelyn are doing great. I so love being their mom. I know I say it all the time but I really do. I love both of their personalities and they get more fun the older they get. They make me smile and laugh everyday - that's a pretty great quality :) I'm just so blessed to have such cute and fun kids!

Ethan is talking more and more - it's so funny. He's been saying a couple new phrases that get us laughing...mainly because we don't know where he picked them up from. One of them is just, "What that noise? What that noise mom?" anytime he hears anything. The other one is so funny. We were walking through Art Van the other day...pushing the kids along in the stroller and Ethan saw this statue...it was only maybe 3 feet tall and it was sitting up on a dresser or something. He looked it and asked us, "What that guy doing? What that guy doing?" We both busted out laughing. We have no clue where he's picked that up but it sure is cute. Especially when we are out and the times he uses it. Just so funny!

Gracelyn is doing well. Cute as ever and fiesty as ever :) Pretty sure this girl of mine will not be doing ballet but probably playing tackle football with the boys. Ha! She is so sweet though and just perfect to me. I love how confident she is in everything she does. She's precious.

We are getting closer and closer to our big move next month - we cannot wait to move in! It will be fun to decorate once again and make it our own and buy a few new things for the house. Also, we are excited for Ethan because we decided once we move in we are going to convert his bed to a full bed! He will LOVE it. I so love the kids convertible cribs and how they convert to a day bed and then full bed. I mean, they can keep them until they're 18 - so worth the money! So anyways, we already have an extra full size mattress upstairs in Gracelyn's room that I mainly just used when I was nursing (sometimes it's nice to lay down and nurse when you are oh so sleepy in the night) so all we have to buy is some bedding for it. I found a set I like at Target. I ordered the sheets that coordinate with it today online but haven't bought the quilt yet. They didn't have it in stock online. Maybe I'll go back to Target tonight and see if they have it in the store. I think I saw one left in the size I need ♥ All I know is I can't wait...Ethan will LOVE being in a big bed and I know will think it's so fun!

I was at Target last night (oh how I love that place!) and saw a crib I really liked. I was surprised to see they are reasonably priced and it even converts too. Although I think you have to buy the conversion rails separate...but still, really nice for the price! We'll see :)

Tuesday night was fun! We had a date night. A double date night. Jer and I and then my brother and a girl who I knew from camp that I haven't seen in 10 plus years. We got Mexican at a restaurant in Canton for dinner and then went to the Red Wings game after. It was so much fun! My brother paid for everything, he even bought be cotton candy - what a guy :) Thanks again mom for babysitting so late for us - we enjoyed ourselves!

That's the latest with us. We are enjoying life and everything God has blessed our lives with. He is so good!

Much Love,
Momma Keri ♥

Feb 15, 2011

Can't believe he's already three!

Our little valentine turned 3 yesterday. Can you believe it?

I have to be honest and say that as happy as I am to be his momma, I'm really glad I don't have to physically re-live that day! My labor with my Ethan was oh so miserable...and I'm just really glad it's over with :)

It's really hard to believe he's 3. It seems just like yesterday that I took that pregnancy test on Father's Day and got my very first positive! It was so exciting!

We had a little party for E over the weekend with our families. We played and ate dinner at Safari Playground - a local indoor play ground that the kids love. It's a smaller place but really clean and the owner is so great. The kids had fun playing, eating cake and Ethan opening a few presents.

He got some Michigan shirts from Papa Ray and Grandma Jude and a memory game and my parents and siblings went in together and got him one of those fun ride on remote cars. He is going to LOVE riding on that this spring/summer. In fact, he'll probably run out the battery the first day of using it! Ha. Hopefully it seats 2 so that little sis can ride with him - otherwise I foresee lots of fits and tears over this thing :)

Yesterday I just hung out at home with the kids and let Ethan decide what he wanted for lunch and then he got some more birthday cake after dinner. We had a good day together and I thank God so much for this sweet boy of mine.

It's bittersweet to watch your kids grow. It's hard sometimes to see how fast they are growing up but I feel so so so thankful to the Lord that Ethan is healthy. Many parents are struggling with very ill children and I can't imagine being in their shoes. It would be extremely difficult. I feel so blessed that my kids are healthy and that Ethan is growing and thriving so well.

I took Ethan to his 3 year check up yesterday with the doctor. Ethan is doing great and doing everything he should be - I'm so thankful. I remember at his 2 year check up our doctor was a little concerned about his lack of talking. He had mentioned for Ethan to maybe see a neurologist and I remember leaving the doctors office upset. I knew Ethan was totally fine and just a late talker. I had read multiple articles on walking/talking and how many kids are just late in those areas and that it's very normal. Ethan was an early walker though - at just 10 months old. I knew Ethan could hear well, understand and was smart...it just took him awhile longer to talk. I had no concerns or worries about it. I know some parents can be in denial about issues their kids may have, but I knew it wasn't that for me, I've watched MANY children, had my own daycare and I knew early on he was a late talker but didn't feel there was anything to be concerned about. Granted, I understand that the doctor isn't with him everyday so he only goes by "the norm" so I didn't take it to much to heart. He's a fantastic doctor, we love him!

Ethan has improved so much in the past year. He still struggles to pronounce certain letters and words but we continue to work with him and he's doing great. He sings the ABC song, counts to 10, knows his shapes and colors, his name and age - he's doing everything and more. Way to go buddy!

The doc commented on his talking and how he seems to be talking so much more and I was like yup, he's doing great!

Here were his stats:

Weight: 34.6 lbs - 76% tile / 33% tile for body mass
Height: 39.5 inches - 90% tile.

He's still my tall boy!

I have a feeling I'll be buying 4T clothes for him very soon...he hasn't been in 3T very long but his jammies have already been getting a little small on him.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my sweet Ethan Craig. Oh how I love him so!

Just born
Bonding with my boy

9 months ♥
16 months - a week after Gracelyn was born ♥
26 months ♥ (This is one of my all time favorite photos. He is just SO precious!)
And the most recent picture of my handsome little man ♥

What a blessing he is! He melts my heart and I love being his momma!

Well, today is the kids first day of music class. It's on Tuesday's from 11:15-noon at a nearby church. I'm looking forward to taking the kids - I think they'll both love it.

One blessed momma,
Keri ♥

Feb 10, 2011

40 things about me ♥

A friend posted this on her blog...with 40 random things about her....I thought it was fun...here it goes :)

1. Cereal is my favorite food. If I was told I could no longer eat it, I honestly don't think I could survive.
2. I used to think I would never grow old enough to be a mom. So glad I was wrong!
3. I love gas station ice. It's my very favorite. Weird I know.
4. I love watermelon jolly ranchers.
5. When I was a kid, I always wanted to marry my brother. It was pretty devastating when I found out I wasn't allowed ;)
6. I met my husband at a Christian book store.
7. I had my own in home daycare for 3 years.
8. I'm the middle child and the favorite. You know it's true mom :)
9. I'm a lot like my Grandma Wallis, who I adore.
10. I almost died when I was 3. I choked on a peppermint candy while in church and my Grandpa saved my life. I remember it too!
11. My mom almost lost me when I was 26 weeks along in her belly.
12. Jeremy and I's birthday's are a day apart....plus 5 years.
13. Ethan was born 5 years to the day we got engaged....our Valentine's baby :)
14. We went to Siesta Key, Florida for our honeymoon.
15. I'm horrible at flossing my teeth. I rarely do it. Jeremy is the opposite.
16. I'm blind without my contacts.
17. I'm starting music class with the kids next week and am so excited about it.
18. I love frozen m&m's.
19. I love Mexican food.
20. I love Thai food.
21. I'm beyond excited that we are moving next month into a beautiful home.
22. I love to fish.
23. I love to plan vacations.
24. I think I would love to be a realtor...in a good economy that is :)
25. I'm a huge scrapbooker.
26. I love to take pictures.
27. I'm going away with my hubby tomorrow night for the first time since before we had kids. Eeekkk!
28. I could spend an entire day in Babies R Us and not get bored.
29. I talk in my sleep.
30. I love to shop at TJ Maxx.
31. I love Coca Cola.
32. I love being married. It's so wonderful....going on 8 years this August :)
33. I think this baby is a boy.
34. I love to organize.
35. I'm suddenly feeling nauseous. Blah.
36. I love to entertain and host parties.
37. My mom calls me Kerbear. She's the only one that's allowed :)
38. I'm not looking forward to labor but can't wait to hold our new baby.
39. I strongly dislike the cold Michigan winters.
40. I am blessed with amazing family on all sides!

40 random facts about me :)

All is well with the Harrison's. Jeremy and I leave tomorrow afternoon for a day/night away together. We haven't had a night away from the kids since before Ethan was born. My mom is watching them during the day and my sister is coming over to be with them the rest of the day and sleepover. We are going to the marriage retreat with our church. We'll only be a half hour away but having an entire 24 hours alone together will be such a special treat! We plan to have lunch at our favorite restaurant in Canton....maybe see a movie in the afternoon and then meet up with some friends that night for dinner. Then Saturday morning is the marriage conference for a few hours and my pastor and his wife will be speaking. It should be a great time and a much needed getaway for my hubby and I. Can't wait to spend lots of time with him :)

The kids are doing well. They've been healthy most of the winter and I'm so thankful. Ethan will be 3 on Monday, it's really hard to believe. I feel it was just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and now he's gonna be 3! We're celebrating this Sunday with the family at Safari Playground...an indoor playground that is newly built that is our favorite spot to hang out during the cold winters. In fact, I took the kids this morning with some friends - it was great :) I'm looking forward to celebrating 3 wonderful years with my boy...he's so precious and melts my heart.

Gracelyn is 4 months away from turning 2...I can't believe how fast these little ones are growing up. I cherish each day with them so much and adore them to pieces. I think daily how they simply are the cutest little people on the planet and can't believe they're mine. What cute babies my hubby and I make :) The little one in my belly seems to be doing good, thank you Jesus! I'm 10.5 weeks and baby is the size of a prune :) I can't wait for another month or two to pass so that I can start feeling the baby kick....it's always so amazing!

Well, that's all for now folks...enjoy the weekend :)

Much Love,
Momma Keri ♥

Feb 8, 2011

Exciting news :)

The Harrison's are moving!!! Yes, again I know! This should be the last time for a very long time. We've found a house we absolutely love at a fantastic price. We placed our offer last week and it was accepted within 12 hours! The home inspection was yesterday and it went great. No major issues! We will be closing on the home next month.

We are so excited about this house. It's just gorgeous and I can't wait for our kids to grow up in this house. I look forward to the many Christmas mornings around the fire place together, family gatherings and just to build new memories in what we believe is our forever home. I can't wait to bring our new baby home in the fall ♥ There are enough bedrooms for the kids to have their own rooms - I'm so excited.

We feel so blessed by God. He's so good and so faithful.

Here's a couple photos from the outside ♥

Isn't the gazebo fun? Lots of fun memories to come :)

Beyond Blessed,
Momma Keri ♥

Feb 7, 2011

Please pray for Kate

Hi Family and Friends,

I ask one simple thing from you all today. Will you please take a few minutes of your day today and pray for this little girl? I'm sure you've heard me mention her before here on my blog, as I've been following her journey for the past year a half.

For those of you who don't know, Kate was diagnosed with a brain tumor about a year and a half ago. She has gone through very high doses of chemo, radiation and many other things and a few months ago her parents shared the most amazing news. Kate's latest MRI was clean - no more cancer. Glory to God!!! Millions of people have heard of Kate's story, she's been on the Dr. Phil show - and we were all rejoicing in their glorious news. It has been a long and hard journey for Kate and for her parents. I've come to love Kate so much - she is such a sweet and special little girl.

Every few months for the next few years Kate has to have an MRI to see how things are going. Well, this last week on February 1st she had her MRI and they were all believing for a continuous clean scan. They were devastated to hear there were some new spots. I can only imagine their pain. Just imagining it hurts my heart so much - it brings me to tears. It is not definite yet that it is cancer, but, obviously that's what the doctor's believe it is.

They should know I believe this week if those spots indeed are cancer. They are boldly praying and believing for the PET scan to come back showing it's not cancer or for the spots to simply be gone. They know it would be nothing short of miraculous.

I'm just heartbroken for them and yet I believe that God can completely heal and restore Kate. I truly do. He has answered so many prayers throughout this journey for them already. The doctors didn't know if she would be able to walk again after all the treatments she went through. She's walking, riding her bike and her hair is growing back. I firmly believe that her story has reached so many...in countries all over the world because God has a very special plan for this little girl's life. I believe it's so that she will grow up to proclaim God's goodness, love, grace and healing power and what He did for her as a little girl. I believe her life will be a testimony - that those who don't believe - will believe. I've been praying this and believing this from the first day I heard her story.

So, I'm asking you today to please join me in prayer. This family needs our prayers desperately and Kate has been close to my heart. Holly (Kate's mom) shared on her blog last week that once they received that devastating news they had a talk with Kate. Kate is 7 and she understands what's going on, that's she been battling cancer and of course throughout her journey they have inevitably talked about heaven. She cried to her momma and said, "Mommy, I don't want to go to heaven without you. I would miss you too much." Holly replied, "I don't want to go without you either baby." Kate then whispered in her mom's ear, "No matter what....I'll always love you."

Tears roll down my face as I even type that. The thought of having to even have that conversation with one of my kids is so painful. We know heaven is going to be amazing...but as parents we don't want our babies to go there before us. Holly shared how they try to not cry around the kids (Kate has a big sister Olivia and little brother Will) but sometimes they just let it out. She shared how after that conversation with Kate she had to go alone to her room and cry. I can only imagine her pain - it's painful to even think about.

If you would like to follow Kate's story, here's her mom's blog. You can receive email updates every time there's a new post.

Also, today they are asking those who can and are able to fast for Kate. To stand in the gap for her and pray, pray and pray some more. If I wasn't pregnant, I would do it in a heartbeat. Regardless, I will be praying all day. Here is a link to Aaron's blog (Kate's dad) on fasting today and their hearts cry. http://aaronmcrae.wordpress.com/

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for praying for this precious little girl.
Believing for healing,
Momma Keri