Jun 18, 2008

We're moving...

Our family of 3 will be moving in November. We've been struggling financially for the past couple years and so we will be closing the daycare in September and plan to move to Fenton in November. We feel sad to have to close the daycare as it has been in my heart to do for so long and we were finally able to make it happen. Unfortunately due to a few business ventures falling through for Jeremy and my kids at the daycare coming and going unexpectantly, it made it very difficult to have enough to cover our expenses. We know that we have so much to be thankful for and that God will continue to provide for us like He always has. One great thing about the move will be that Jeremy and I are starting off debt free (except some family we have to pay back) and that excites us. We never want to have debt again or live above our means. It's so easy to do in our society and we don't feel it's Godly. We have wonderful family and friends, a church we love being a part of, a strong marriage, a beautiful baby boy and most importantly God so we are grateful for everything we have and know that this will just be a new chapter in our lives. Thank you all for your prayers and support as I know many of you know how hard it is for me to say goodbye to "Keri's Kidz."

What's new with Ethan 6-18-08

Hmm...what's new with our little man. On May 25th Ethan reached out for toys for the first time. Mommy was so proud! A week later on June 1st Ethan rolled from his stomach to his back! We were at Grandma and Grandpa Petke's when this happened and we were all so excited! He gave us a real laugh at Grandma and Grandpa Petke's for the first time this past weekend which Jeremy and I couldn't believe...I mean this was a laugh that lasted for 5 seconds and it was by far the cutest thing I've ever heard! We have been trying desperately since to hear it again...so far no luck! We also got 3 month pictures done of Ethan...he was 14 weeks and we got a couple really cute shots. Ethan is such a happy baby and so laid back. He is just such a sweet little boy, we love him more and more each day.