Sep 29, 2011

3 weeks...

My little Lincoln log turned 3 weeks old yesterday. He celebrated by moving out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 months. Tear. Slow down little buddy, I want you to stay little forever :)

I took this photo of him this morning and I simply cannot stop staring at it. He's such a beautiful baby and I feel so blessed he's here and healthy.

He's doing well, nursing like a champ and is a happy baby. We are blessed.

I have my first photo session since his arrival scheduled for tonight. It's for a brand new baby girl, I'm looking forward to it :)

Wow, my little hobby of doing photography on the side has really taken off, it's been so fun and blesses me. It's something I really enjoy doing and love being able to do for an affordable price for people. I think a lot of people simply cannot afford to get photos taken of their family but would love to have those memories. Part of the reason I enjoy it is that I can do it for an affordable price and I think that's why I'm getting bombarded with people wanting to book a session. I currently have 12 sessions to book! The session tonight, I'm doing 2 sessions on Sunday and then 9 others that are wanting to book a session.

And.....guess what else I officially am doing?

A WEDDING! Eeeekkk! I am really nervous and excited. Weddings are not something I plan on getting into, but a friend is getting married in a few weeks (quick engagement) and has a small budget to work with and really wants me to photograph the wedding.

I emailed her 100 reasons why she shouldn't use me (ha!) and she insisted I am who they want. I was just feeling very nervous seeing as I'm a total rookie at photography and don't have all the settings on my camera figured out, still produce blurry photos at times and am learning why and how to fix it, etc. I went on and on telling her my concerns. She completely understood but after reading her last message back to me I decided to do it. They really want me too and she relieved a lot of my nerves by telling me she isn't expecting perfection and completely understands this would be my first wedding and knows it would be a learning experience for me.

The cool thing is it's a very small and intimate wedding. Only immediate family are attending. The wedding will be at a Cider Mill and then dinner will follow at a restaurant where they had their first date. It's a very low key wedding. A good first wedding for me to photograph. Although again, I don't plan on getting into wedding photography. While I won't be making a whole lot, it's still some extra money and I'm saving up for that new camera body (oh how awesome it would be to have it before I shoot the wedding...but I know I won't have it that soon and that's ok.) so I can put it towards that.

Jeremy will be taking the day off of work to be home with the babies as it's on a Wednesday. I'm excited about it and nervous all at the same time...but it should be fun :) She wrote me the sweetest message telling me how talented and gifted she feels I am and how she's honored for me to do her photos. It blessed me and really was encouraging.

Anyhow, not too much else to report...I have some laundry to fold and put away and need to get my things together for the session tonight also.

Until next time...

Sep 25, 2011

Fall is here :)

And I must say, it just may be my favorite season here in Michigan. I've always loved summer and enjoy the hot summer days but there's so many fun things to enjoy when fall comes.

Cider Mills. Jeans. Hoodies. Football. Leaves. Crisp air. I always enjoy the fall season. Plus my two favorite Holiday's are not too far off. Thanksgiving and Christmas. Both are filled with lots of family time, my favorite!!

Saturday morning my family came over and we went to Spicer's Orchard, a nice cider mill just a mile from our home. We enjoyed some warm cinnamon donuts, cider and the kids had a blast at the kid area they have too. My family then came back to our place afterwards and the kids played outside most of the afternoon, we watched the Michigan game and my momma made us a homemade dinner. Fun times!

Here are some photos from our little trip.

Look at my gorgeous girl!! She is so amazing. I didn't get any good ones of Ethan, he was too busy playing in the bounce house and I couldn't get him to pose for me. Oh well, maybe next time!

It's been a low key weekend for us. Just enjoying being home as a family and the kids are loving playing outside this weekend. We've had such beautiful weather. We had planned to try and make it to church this morning, but Gracelyn had a bit of a rough night and was up coughing a bit so we decided it was best to stay home.

I do have some exciting news. My brother has a girlfriend :) We are all very excited for him as he's been praying for God to bring "the one" into his life (as have we) for many years. Of course we don't know if she is "the one" forsure, but Craig feels strongly she is. I'm excited for him, he's such a great guy. Her name is Kate. Kristy, Keri and fits :)

Enjoy your Sunday :)

Sep 22, 2011

Our Partners in Crime...

I know Lincoln has kinda stolen the spotlight when it comes to pictures the past 2 weeks so I thought I would share a few of our sweet Ethan and Gracelyn. I took these this morning, had to bribe them with a little chocolate ;) They are so precious, I love these kids so much!

Beautiful children. Blessed momma.

Sep 21, 2011

2 weeks already...

Our little Lincoln Jude is already 2 weeks old. I am so enjoying every moment with him, even the feedings in the middle of the night. I know how fast they change and grow and I just love this newborn stage so so much.

I took this photo of him this morning, does he get cuter and cuter by the day or what? We definitely know he has his daddy's eyes (even Jer agrees on this one!) and we think he will look most like daddy out of our three munchkins. Ethan seems to be a mix and Gracelyn is my mini-me, as people like to say. They are all so adorable and I couldn't love them any more!

Lincoln is doing well, he's a pretty happy baby. Only tends to cry or fuss when he needs a diaper change or is hungry. He does seem to have one thing in common with his big brother. He likes to spit up after he eats :) Maybe not as much as Ethan did but I definitely have to have a burp cloth handy! He gets the hiccups after almost every feeding (which is normal due to them sucking in air) and that is what seems to cause him to spit up. Gracelyn never spit up, it's funny how each baby really is different!

Speaking of my 3 kids, I found this beautiful silver pendant that I want to get that will have the kids names on it and their birthstones. I found it on Etsy and just fell in love with it. I'm thinking maybe I'll get it from profits from my next photo session, we'll see :)

I also have a new camera my heart has fallen in love with. I love my new lens and will forsure be using that for a long time but there is an upgraded camera body that I am slowly going to start saving up for. A friend of mine started getting into photography when I did. We both knew very little, both bought the same camera, etc. Last week as I was looking through her latest photo shoots I was amazed. Something looked different, the pictures looked amazing to me...way nicer than any of her past ones. I sent her a message and was like tell me what you learned because you need to teach me!

It was funny when she wrote back and told me, "Well, I upgraded my camera." Ha! That made sense, the clarity with her new camera compared to our old one (my current one) is a huge step up. She was impressed I could tell the difference...but I noticed immediately. Of course the camera I have now still takes wonderful photos...but the more and more I get into photography the more and more I realize how much nicer some cameras are and I really noticed the difference. She is getting busy with clients and felt it would be a good decision to upgrade to a bit of a nicer camera. Nicer camera = nicer photos. Every new photographer longs for that! I don't blame her and told her now I want the same one. Ha! All in time :)

Not much else to report. Just a quick update before my little Lincoln wakes up to eat. I'm loving being a momma of three and feeling so blessed to have these healthy children to call my own. And of course an amazing husband by my side to raise them with me. They sure love their daddy....which I love :)

Until next time,

Sep 16, 2011

Newborn Pics

I did some newborn photos of my little man a couple days ago, he sure is cute! There are some more poses I want to get but I didn't want to bother him too much so I just did a mini session. They turned out pretty cute, he's such a handsome little man :)

Lincoln is doing great. He had his first doctor's visit on Tuesday afternoon and he already gained 2 ounces! Typically they lose a little weight in the hospital and hope babies are back up to their birth weight by their first check up. I had a feeling he would weigh more than his birth weight because he is such a good nurser. The doctor said he looks great and we go back in 3 weeks.

Ethan and Gracelyn are doing great with him. They both have adjusted very well and it seems like Lincoln has been a part of our family for a long time. They love to kiss him and rub his head at random times throughout the day, it really is so precious. Jeremy went back to work on Wednesday so this is day 3 for me with all 3 kids at home. So far so good :) I am really enjoying each of them and being a momma of three. It's such a blessing to have healthy children! So so thankful.

Well, it sure feels like fall these days in Michigan. The last few mornings have been so cold and the kids clothes have gone from shorts and t-shirts to jogging pants and sweatshirts in a matter of just a few days. I just ordered some new pj's for the older two, Carter's is having a sale through Sunday, $9 a piece for their nice 1 piece fleece jammies. I ordered Ethan 3 pairs and Gracelyn 3 also. They both need some warm jammies for the fall/winter and have both moved up in size so I at least got a start on their jammies. I try to mainly get their clothes at garage sales and mom2mom sales to save $ but I don't always find everything I need so sometimes I have to pay the $9 and just deal with it :) I'm such a bargain shopper so I'm used to get jammies for a buck or two at garage sales. It is nice to have some new jammies for them though :)

Well, not much else to report. Gonna get my little princess Gracelyn up who likes to sleep the morning away and get some breakfast going and perhaps a cup of hot cocoa for myself.

Hope you all enjoy the upcoming weekend, I know I sure will :)

Much Love,

Sep 14, 2011

Happy One Week Lincoln!

Wow...we are a family of five and I am so enjoying every minute of it! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and 3 healthy and gorgeous babies.

My labor and delivery went well. I had to be induced but I had peace about it and everything went really smooth. The last hour was of course the worst. The pushing. It's the part I dread with each pregnancy. Lincoln surprised us all (including the nurse and my midwife) when he weighed in at 9lbs. Honestly, we were all shocked and didn't think little me would have that big of a baby. The ultrasound was showing a big baby close to 9lbs but my midwife said they are off all the time and she didn't think he was any bigger than 8lbs.

I'm very thankful that I didn't know he was really that big before I delivered him. Gracelyn was 7lbs, 8oz and if I would have known I was gonna push out a 9lb baby I think I would have panicked and it would have really messed with my mind.

They placed him on my belly right after he came out and wow, we all thought he was such a gorgeous newborn!! Even the nurses couldn't stop commenting on how beautiful he was. I was SO happy it was over and that he was here.

Jeremy went home later that night so he could get a good night's rest. I have to say, one of my very favorite times after having a baby is that first night when I'm alone with the baby. It's just this amazing feeling where it's super quiet and peaceful, the nurses have left me alone and I am just holding my brand new baby reflecting on how good God is for this new little gift. While I'm always exhausted at the hospital and get little sleep, I really cherish these moments with all of my babies.

I feel so grateful for Lincoln. After losing our last baby, I felt even more grateful. I did have a moment of sadness..just thinking back to my miscarriage and how devastating it was...and not knowing our little one here on earth...but those feelings were quickly replaced with joy and thankfulness that we have this new little life we call Lincoln. He wouldn't be here otherwise. He's special. As all of my children are.

Now, on to what you all really care about. Photos :)

The kids absolutely love him, especially Gracelyn. She's a little momma, so cute. They both have adjusted super well, ask to hold him and will randomly come up and kiss him or rub his fuzzy little head. It's so sweet and it feels like Lincoln's always been here with us.

Here are some photos of Lincoln's first week, enjoy! :)
Isn't he adorable?

So precious

My sweet boy

My mom and Lincoln

My chubby cheeks

Our cute family

Proud sissy

Showing baby brother how much he is loved

In love with my boy

Cute elephant butt

Let's go home!


So handsome

Big yawn

He sure is a blessing to our family. I am enjoying every moment with him - even the middle of the night feedings. They grow so fast and I just love snuggling newborns. Kinda like snuggling kittens or puppies but even better :)

Today is Jeremy's first day back to my first day with all 3 little ones alone. I'm ready for the challenge! I am trying to be even more organized then I already was. Kitchen cleaned up last night, dishes put away, house vacuumed, staying caught up with the laundry and I even got the kids outfits out for today. Just all the little things to make my day easier and have more time to play and love on my babies.

I actually got 6 hours of sleep last night which was great. Not 6 straight hours but still 6 hours and that's the most I've gotten since I've been home. Of course I'm still very sleepy seeing as I haven't had much sleep in a week but I got my hot shower in the morning and breakfast before Ethan even came down. The other two are still sleeping peacefully.

So thankful that God's love always remains the same. "One thing remains" by Bethel church is the song I wanted to put on our little video. The lyrics mean a lot to me.

"Higher than the mountains that I face... it's stronger than the power of the grave...constant in the trial and the pain...this one remains. Cuz your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me."

We go through pain and trials in this when we lost our precious baby last August and yet God's love always remains the same. He brings hope, He carries us we look to Him for help. He's so good!

Be blessed today friends and enjoy this day that God has given you. I know I sure will.

A thankful momma of three,

Sep 7, 2011

Welcome Baby Lincoln

He is here! Video below...

Sep 6, 2011

Latest Update...

Came in to the hospital this morning at 10 for a NST/Ultrasound since baby boy was due Sunday. I brought everything with us in case we would be staying but really didn't think we would be. My midwife wasn't planning to induce unless there was something from NST or U/S that didn't come back right.

I first did the NST and passed that quickly. Waited an hour to get wheeled down for my U/S. Had the U/S (it's still a boy :)) and got wheeled back up to my room. My midwife came in about 30 minutes later and said I just may be staying. I was surprised.

Baby was measuring big....8lbs, 14oz but she doesn't believe it's accurate. Neither do I. Gracelyn was 5 days late and just 7lbs, 8oz. While Lincoln could be bigger, both my midwife and I don't think he's over 8lbs. She said it's off quite often.

So, she has to report to a doctor at the hospital due to me being past my due date and they make the final call. Doctors tend to want to induce once past due date, my midwife probably would have sent me home. I prayed over today and that whatever was supposed to happen would so I told her I'm ok with whatever. She came back and doc said he wanted me to have the 30 minute ultrasound done again.

2nd ultrasound showed same measurements...Jeanne said we will prove them wrong :) I've been having some mild cramping and contractions on my own so my midwife thinks there's a good chance with just one dose of gel, it will get things moving. I already plan on getting an epidural so once I'm dilated enough I will get one and then she said she will give me some Pitocin after that to get things really going and then we'll have a baby :)

It's 5pm and I'm still waiting for the gel to be inserted so I'm thinking his birthday will be on the 7th forsure. The gel can take many hours to get contractions going let alone active labor. I was checked 3 hours ago - just a 1.

Next update WILL be news that he's here. Stay tuned :)

Much Love,

Sep 5, 2011

Change of plans....

Well, I decided to call my midwife this morning to touch base with her as far as the plan for tomorrow. I'm glad I did because things have changed a bit...or at least not what I was thinking.

I will go in the morning to the hospital for an ultrasound and non stress test, it can take hours so she said to expect to be there for awhile. If all comes back normal with tests then she will NOT be inducing me tomorrow.

The latest I can go is Sunday. She would induce me by Sunday if still no baby, the hospital won't let patients go over a week past their due date, it's a new policy. I really am hoping he isn't born on Sunday. 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Not my favorite day!

If all is well tomorrow and I go home then I have an appt. with her on Thursday and we will talk again then and see how I'm feeling and how things are going if still no baby. She would maybe induce Friday, it's all up in the air really.

I'm at peace with this. I prayed before calling her and know that God has the perfect time for our little one to be born. It's always better for things to happen naturally too if possible so we'll just keep waiting it out for now.

I will update tomorrow if I am going to be induced, otherwise you can all just assume baby is still hanging out in my belly :)

Much Love,

Sep 4, 2011

Due Date Day!

Not much going on. If not today or tomorrow, I'll be going in Tuesday to be induced. Our little man will be here soon, can't wait :)

Excited to go from four to five,