Sep 29, 2011

3 weeks...

My little Lincoln log turned 3 weeks old yesterday. He celebrated by moving out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 months. Tear. Slow down little buddy, I want you to stay little forever :)

I took this photo of him this morning and I simply cannot stop staring at it. He's such a beautiful baby and I feel so blessed he's here and healthy.

He's doing well, nursing like a champ and is a happy baby. We are blessed.

I have my first photo session since his arrival scheduled for tonight. It's for a brand new baby girl, I'm looking forward to it :)

Wow, my little hobby of doing photography on the side has really taken off, it's been so fun and blesses me. It's something I really enjoy doing and love being able to do for an affordable price for people. I think a lot of people simply cannot afford to get photos taken of their family but would love to have those memories. Part of the reason I enjoy it is that I can do it for an affordable price and I think that's why I'm getting bombarded with people wanting to book a session. I currently have 12 sessions to book! The session tonight, I'm doing 2 sessions on Sunday and then 9 others that are wanting to book a session.

And.....guess what else I officially am doing?

A WEDDING! Eeeekkk! I am really nervous and excited. Weddings are not something I plan on getting into, but a friend is getting married in a few weeks (quick engagement) and has a small budget to work with and really wants me to photograph the wedding.

I emailed her 100 reasons why she shouldn't use me (ha!) and she insisted I am who they want. I was just feeling very nervous seeing as I'm a total rookie at photography and don't have all the settings on my camera figured out, still produce blurry photos at times and am learning why and how to fix it, etc. I went on and on telling her my concerns. She completely understood but after reading her last message back to me I decided to do it. They really want me too and she relieved a lot of my nerves by telling me she isn't expecting perfection and completely understands this would be my first wedding and knows it would be a learning experience for me.

The cool thing is it's a very small and intimate wedding. Only immediate family are attending. The wedding will be at a Cider Mill and then dinner will follow at a restaurant where they had their first date. It's a very low key wedding. A good first wedding for me to photograph. Although again, I don't plan on getting into wedding photography. While I won't be making a whole lot, it's still some extra money and I'm saving up for that new camera body (oh how awesome it would be to have it before I shoot the wedding...but I know I won't have it that soon and that's ok.) so I can put it towards that.

Jeremy will be taking the day off of work to be home with the babies as it's on a Wednesday. I'm excited about it and nervous all at the same time...but it should be fun :) She wrote me the sweetest message telling me how talented and gifted she feels I am and how she's honored for me to do her photos. It blessed me and really was encouraging.

Anyhow, not too much else to report...I have some laundry to fold and put away and need to get my things together for the session tonight also.

Until next time...

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Tori said...

I think he looks so much like Gracelyn in that picture, but with Ethan's beautiful blue eyes :)