Apr 19, 2010

Life is Precious, Life is Sweet....

I snapped these photos when we were outside playing this afternoon and just think she couldn't be any sweeter. I tried to get some of big brother Ethan but lately that boy is so hard to photograph - he's constantly on the go when he's outside :) Hopefully I'll have some new ones of him to share soon.

The kiddos are both sick with colds and croup - boo! Can't wait until my babies are feeling better. Ethan seems pretty happy still - sickness never seems to bother him much (unless he's teething) but Gracelyn has had a bit of a rough day today - poor baby. Lots of extra love and hugs from mom today.

My Grams is having her second surgery tomorrow at 9:30am - prayers would be appreciated.

Much Love,
Momma Keri

Apr 9, 2010

A little bit of everything...

It's been a little while since I've blogged so I'll try and update with the latest that's going on with us.

Gracelyn is 10 months today - hard to believe. She is really starting to walk a lot - I would think in another couple weeks her crawling days will be behind her. I feel so blessed to have her as my daughter - she makes me smile everyday and I love her confident spirit. She really enjoys playing with Ethan, and he likes playing with her. It melts me! I honestly feel like I couldn't have two sweeter kids - I love them both to pieces!

Gracelyn is so sweet with her kisses. She totally copies Ethan and if you get close to her face and ask for a kiss she leans in, puts her tongue out and presses it against your cheek. It just cracks me up because we never taught her kisses and she is just a smart little thing....watching how big brother does it and how we ask for a kiss from Ethan and that's what he does and now when she hears the word kiss she does the same thing. She probably sees how much we love Ethan's kisses and thought to herself, "Hey, I can do that too mom and dad!" So funny and adorable.

I got Gracelyn's 9 month pictures and Ethan's 2 year pictures done a week or so ago. I was really hoping to get an adorable one of them together and we got one - can't wait until I get my 8x10 copy :) Here's a little sneak peek but they have the Olan Mills Copyright on the photos so that is a bummer but that's ok...you can still see their cuteness :) The one of them together is not the cute one that we got....but I just love their little shirts so I figured I would post this one also :)

Ethan is doing great, getting so much older. He is adding more words to his vocabulary and it's so cute. His latest is "Star" and he's a tad obsessed with it. He will go around the house and find every star and point it out to us and say star. He gets very impatient with us if we don't acknowledge him saying it every time. It's so funny. He spots them in places I never even knew too, he's so observant. He gets that trait from his mom ;)

I was supposed to go away this weekend to the Amish with Gracelyn and my family but due to my Grandma's health not doing well right now the trip got canceled. I'm continuing to pray for her and believe that she will get through this. While she'll be 80 in August she doesn't seem like 80....she doesn't seem like a Grandma....she is in style, fun and seems like she's 60. My mom's parents have both been extremely involved in my life and I am very close to them - they are more like parents to me so I'm praying my Grandma is able to get through this and has more years left. We just found out a couple weeks ago she has cancer in her bladder, a tumor on her pelvis. She had surgery this past Monday and they were able to remove 90% of it but not all of it. It is an aggressive cancer but they aren't sure if it has gotten through the muscle lining or not. If it hasn't - she may just get her bladder removed and be ok. If it has, they will possibly do another surgery in a couple weeks in hopes to get the rest or talk about doing chemo. I continue to speak life over her and stay positive. I understand that we can't live forever...that Grandparents can't live forever...but I just don't feel like it's her time...and I'm praying she has more time with us. Please keep my family and my Grandparents in your prayers - the news has been hard on everyone, we are a close family.

I've really been looking forward to getting away for a couple days so I was trying to figure out somewhere we could still go away that isn't too far away or crazy expensive. Well, we are going to Kalahari - it's America's Largest Indoor Waterpark!

They happened to be running a super great deal for the exact nights we were planning to go away so it is working out perfectly. God cares about the details of our lives (Psalm 37:23 - my favorite Bible verse) and I think it's cool that we are still able to go away and have some fun and not spend a lot of $. We haven't vacationed much with the kids so it was just something I really wanted to do this weekend. So, Jeremy and I and the kiddos are going, my dad, brother, sister and one of my cousins. It should be a fun time chasing the kids around and just relaxing and hanging with the fam. We leave Sunday afternoon and will be back Tuesday night.

I thought I had a bathing suit for each of the kids but after going through their closets realized I don't have one for either of them in the right size. I don't have one either...so, off to the mall tonight to find some! I am hoping Ethan does well sleeping away from home. It's never really been an easy thing for him but it's been almost a year since we've tried and he is older now so hopefully he'll do fine for us. I figure if we let him skip his nap and he plays in the water all day and runs around that he will crash at bedtime. Hopefully :) Jer tells me not to worry about it and that he will eventually fall asleep - I'm sure he's right. So, it should be a fun weekend for the Harrison family :)

Well, that's all for now. Hope all is well with everyone and expect some pictures from our trip when we get back! :)

Momma Keri