Apr 19, 2010

Life is Precious, Life is Sweet....

I snapped these photos when we were outside playing this afternoon and just think she couldn't be any sweeter. I tried to get some of big brother Ethan but lately that boy is so hard to photograph - he's constantly on the go when he's outside :) Hopefully I'll have some new ones of him to share soon.

The kiddos are both sick with colds and croup - boo! Can't wait until my babies are feeling better. Ethan seems pretty happy still - sickness never seems to bother him much (unless he's teething) but Gracelyn has had a bit of a rough day today - poor baby. Lots of extra love and hugs from mom today.

My Grams is having her second surgery tomorrow at 9:30am - prayers would be appreciated.

Much Love,
Momma Keri

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Grandma Petke:) said...

Just love those pictures...so precious she is!!