Dec 21, 2011

It's almost Christmas :)

Hi friends and fam!

Another blogpost from me, what do ya know :) They are rare these days but I'm sure they'll pick up again more frequently at some point.

We are all doing well. A week ago today we took the kids to a Mexican restaurant to see "Buzz Lightyear" from Toy Story. Each month the restaurant hosts a new kids character and has a kids nigh. The kids always enjoy it, as do we. It was our 3rd time going. Unfortunately later that night I got very sick with food poisoning. As did Jeremy. Thankfully the kids did not eat what we did...which was really a miracle because Gracelyn almost always eats everything we do but happened not too that night. A blessing from God!

I guess we can't 100% say it was food poisoning from their food but I'm pretty confident since it hit us both at the very same time. I was pretty sick for 2 days...and it's been a week and my stomach is actually still not totally settled. Food poisoning can drag out and I think that's the case with me. I just wanted to thank my in laws and my mom for coming to help watch the kids while we were sick. It was the first time since having kids that we were both so sick at the same time and couldn't watch the kids. Thankful for family! Friends too who offered to come and take the kids.

Aside from all that, we are doing pretty good. You all should have received our newsletter by now so you know what the Harrison's are up to these days :)

I'm excited for Christmas! It's my most favorite time of year. I just love everything about it!! I LOVED Christmas as a child and remember waking up at the wee hours of the morning and waking my siblings saying, "Wake up!! It's CHRISTMAS!!!!" We would then hurry down the stairs in our pj's and check out all the gifts and put them in piles. A Kristy, Keri and Craig pile. We would see our stockings overflowing with goodies and just stare at them wishing we could dump them out! We would run upstairs and try and get mom and dad to wake up so we could get the party started but nope, it was only 5am...go back downstairs you guys, we'll come down when it's time. Which was usually like 8....but we didn't care...the anticipation of guessing what we got and our excitement was just the best! I can remember those feelings of Christmas morning so much and not much has changed. I still get the same feelings :) The fun thing now is that I'm married with 3 beautiful babies! And now we get to watch their joy and excitement as they get blessed with new toys and clothes.

We have lots of fun things planned for the rest of the week and I can't wait :)

We hosted the Harrison Christmas (around 40 people) this past weekend and it was wonderful. We had a nice time seeing everyone and catching up! I'll post some photos at some point I'm sure.

In the meantime, here's a photo of my almost 4 year old boy! Is he not the cutest? I just love this kid. He's so sweet & has the most sensitive spirit.

I was cracking up at him the other night. He is very observant and remembers everything. I had just gotten him out of the bath and he looked at me in all seriousness and said, "I like your cute face mom." After I melted I thanked him and just smiled. I'm constantly telling the kids they have cute faces :) Funny how he pays attention and uses it on me :) The next thing he said made me laugh so hard. "Mom, I like your cute bottom." Baahahahahaha!!! When the kids have naked bums I'm always telling them they have cute little bottoms. Ha! So funny.

And here's a photo of our beautiful Gracelyn Joy. Her beauty constantly amazes me. Really. She's just in her pj's and woke up not long before I took this pic..and she's snackin' on something...and yet her beauty is just amazing! I love this sweet girl of mine. She's a hoot.

Last but not least, here's a photo of my sweet Lincoln Jude....on his 3 month birthday. Could he be more precious? I think not!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

The Harrison Crib

Dec 1, 2011

Blog? What's that? :)

Hi friends and family.

I know, where have I been? Well, just at home...with my 3 babies under the age of 4...I'm a busy momma, what can I say :)

I don't have time to really sit down and write a post but thought I would post an updated picture of our sweet boy. He's almost 3 months! Crazy....and is now in 3-6 month clothes. Slow down little buddy!

He's doing great and is cute as can be!

Big bro and sis are doing great also....and I'm getting ready to decorate some homemade sugar cookies with them so I gotta go :)

Thanksgiving was so wonderful as we spent 3 days away with the Petke clan at Bair Lake Bible Camp. Kids did great and we had such a nice time. Looking forward to Christmas....being in our new home this year AND having a new baby boy to snuggle :)

Much love from all of us!