Feb 26, 2013

She's won my heart.

My girl....my sweet sweet girl. God knew my life needed a daughter! She touches my heart in a way that is different than my boys. Her tender soul, sensitive spirit....full of life and beauty - she's truly a joy and I am so grateful to the Lord He's given me a precious girl to call my own. I dream of the days my boys are off to a Michigan football game and my girl and I are off to the mall to shop and catch a chick flick. Hopefully she will want to do these things with me one day, and not want to tag along with her brothers! Ha. I love her so much and just had to share this image. I love it because it captures her best. Her hair all tangly and messy and a natural smile....a little girl full of spunk, love and happiness! She's a treasure.

Last night she came up to me and squeezed me tight and said, "I love you. We are the only 2 girls...just you and me." Yup kid, it's you and me :) (Can you tell she picks up on what I say to her?:))

When I get my camera out she likes to do all sorts of funny faces. Here's her 'pretend sad' face. What a beauty!

Love her oh so much.

Feb 22, 2013

New Beginnings

I have been meaning to sit down and write this post for over a month now - and have just never had the time. Linc and Hud are napping and E & G are watching a show - let's see if I can get through this :)

So, New Beginnings. As some of you may know, some very dear friends of ours (they were on staff at our church) felt many months ago that God was calling them to be head pastors. Where? They weren't really sure, and were applying at churches all over the country. In early January they went to Idaho for an interview with a church. After several days of prayer, they felt it was where God was leading them.

The morning of January 9th, my dear friend Brooke texted me and told me they took the position and were going to be moving to Idaho. My heart was filled with so many mixed emotions. I know God is going to use them in big ways there and we were praying along with them for His guidance and provision - and yet I knew at the same time, I would have to say goodbye to one of my closest friends. That, is not an easy task. Especially when those types of friendships are rare in your life. That night as I was cooking dinner and listening to Bethel, I was making 'Idaho' potatoes and just began to cry. My mind was re-playing all the memories over the past 6 years and it just hurt my heart to know we wouldn't be living life with them for much longer - the way we have been the past 6 years. Not only has Brooke been an amazing Godly friend in my life, our kids have been close also. Their Micah is just 4 months older than Ethan and have always loved playing together and being "boys". And then Gracelyn and Ainsley...oh how sweet...Brooke and I went through our pregnancies together...both having little girls...due 3 weeks apart. Gracelyn was born almost a week late and she went two weeks early with Ains and we ended up having our girls just 8 hours apart from one another! Amazing!! And then her husband (Pastor Adam:)) and Jeremy have been close as well. Let's not forget Annabelle...their oldest who is a precious little girl! Anyhow, all that to say they have been a very special family to us.

I had a good long cry that night. As Jeremy came home from work that night and saw me, he was a bit startled as he could tell I had been crying - which is not something I do very often. I'm not a big crier. He asked what was wrong with a panicked look on his face and I told him I was fine, just having a hard time knowing they were moving so far away.

Well, that evening I had an errand to run - it happened to be the first errand I was running without having any of the kids with me since Hudson's birth. As I was driving, I began to think about it all again and the emotions arose once again. Right then, I looked up and saw a huge billboard sign that said, "He is the God of new beginnings." I immediately felt comforted in that moment, I knew it was a little (but big) way that God was loving on me in that moment. I felt many things. I felt excited for our friends in their new journey and all the amazing things God would do through them there. I felt encouraged that God cares about me and that He could bring another special friend in my life.

A few minutes later, I get a text from a friend, who happens to be my pastors wife, and part of her text said this: "Praying for you tonight my sweet friend. I know God's got the perfect person coming in your life who will build on all that you and Brooke share." Moments before she sent her text I was just saying, "God, I trust you. I trust that even during this hard season of my life, saying goodbye to such an amazing friend....that you care and you can bring yet another special friend in my life." Of course my sweet friendship with B will not end just because they live far away, but it changes of course a bit when there's distance between you. But the timing of her text, seeing the sign, saying "God, I trust you" - wow. I began to cry yet again after reading her text. Yet again, another way God was showing His love for me. I texted her back sharing how God just used her so much - she had no idea! Once again, it takes me back to my favorite Bible verse, which says this: "The Lord directs the steps of the Godly, He delights in every detail of their lives." Psalm 37:23. God loves us so much. He cared that my heart was hurting. I looked up and saw that sign...then moments later got an unexpected text saying exactly what I was just talking to God about. He truly cares about the details in our lives, what a Savior!

Aside from my friends, I felt like 2013 was going to be a year of new beginnings for our family. I don't know all that entails, but it will be fun to find out :) We've already had some new beginnings....going from 3 to 4 kids....Ethan will be starting kindergarten in the fall...and we'll see what else 2013 brings. All I know is that God is good, and my soul rests in that alone. He's carried me through some of the darkest days/nights of my life and I am so grateful for His love...His peace...His goodness and grace. He brings something beautiful out of the ugly - I love that.

So, I've been meaning to share that for over a month now. Ha! Life with 4 littles, only so much time in the day :) Our dear friends left on a plane yesterday to Idaho. It still feels surreal to me, I was just saying that to Jeremy last night. I am excited for them though, I truly am. I only wish Idaho was a tad closer so we could be a part of the amazing movement that is about to start in their church, 'The Promise'. It's gonna be wild, it's gonna be great....it's gonna be full of Him ;) I took some photos for them this past fall, here's a few I thought I'd share. Aren't they the sweetest family? I sure love them.

Goodbye for now precious Cooke family, we will miss you oh so much...but now have a very good reason to visit the state of Idaho :)

As far as the Harrison littles, well, they are as cute as can be. We just celebrated Ethan's 5th birthday (what?!) which was a fun Curious George theme. I had fun planning it and making it fun for him. I'll have to post some photos soon, once I upload them and get a few edited. Gracelyn is her sweet self - always saying funny things that make me laugh :) Lincoln got his first haircut a few weeks back and he looks like a little boy now - so cute. He's a teething machine right now - rough nights and little sleep for the hubbs and I when our littles are teething....but this too shall pass :) Hudson is just a joy. So thankful for that little one and that my hubby wanted to have another babe. He's such a perfect blessing from God, I love him so much! He's doing really good....pretty easy...nursing great and getting some serious chubby cheeks like his brother Lincoln had at this age :) Here's a sweet photo I took of Hudson this week. What a doll!

So thankful for the amazing life God has blessed me with. A loving and supportive husband (and awesome daddy!), 4 precious healthy babes, great family, good friends, church family, a beautiful home to raise our littles in, my most loved minivan, my photography business taking off - (something that was never planned but that I enjoy so much), food to eat, clothes to wear, unexpected blessings....the list goes on and on :)

Praying your day is filled with all of His goodness!
Momma Keri