Feb 26, 2013

She's won my heart.

My girl....my sweet sweet girl. God knew my life needed a daughter! She touches my heart in a way that is different than my boys. Her tender soul, sensitive spirit....full of life and beauty - she's truly a joy and I am so grateful to the Lord He's given me a precious girl to call my own. I dream of the days my boys are off to a Michigan football game and my girl and I are off to the mall to shop and catch a chick flick. Hopefully she will want to do these things with me one day, and not want to tag along with her brothers! Ha. I love her so much and just had to share this image. I love it because it captures her best. Her hair all tangly and messy and a natural smile....a little girl full of spunk, love and happiness! She's a treasure.

Last night she came up to me and squeezed me tight and said, "I love you. We are the only 2 girls...just you and me." Yup kid, it's you and me :) (Can you tell she picks up on what I say to her?:))

When I get my camera out she likes to do all sorts of funny faces. Here's her 'pretend sad' face. What a beauty!

Love her oh so much.

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Mom said...

awwww.....I was just thinking a few days ago....that God blessed you with a special girl...truly full of life and love!!! So grateful you have a daughter!!! She is truly a special one!!!!