Sep 30, 2008

The Weekend

This past Saturday was Tommee and Angela's turned out to be such a beautiful day and everything about the wedding was so perfect! Ang looked beautiful of course and it was just a really great time and I am so happy for them. They are currently in Rivera Maya, Mexico sitting on a beach somewhere I'm sure....SO jealous! :) Ethan had a long day...daddy watched him most of the day since I was in the wedding and of course Grandpa and Grandma Petke helped too. He did very well for not having a good nap. It was a fun day.

Nothing else too new. I'm 5 weeks morning sickness still so far, we'll see if anything changes. I know typically it starts around 6 weeks. I didn't have any with Ethan so I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't have any this time around either. Would be such a blessing.

We haven't decided forsure yet but most likely we are going to be using a midwife this time. A lot of our friends use the same midwife and after learning more about her and the different techniques she uses I am pretty confident we will go through her. I left a message for her today and we will set up a time to meet with her and go over a couple things. So, if we move forward I will be delivering at McLaren in Flint instead of Genesys. Genesys is newer but it's more important to me to have someone I really like and trust delivering my baby. Wasn't too thrilled with my doctor that delivered Ethan or most of the labor and delivery nurses at Genesys.

We decided this time around that we are going to wait for people to come up to the hospital until hours after the baby is born and we have had time alone with the baby and just time being together. Last time I felt more pressure because everyone was waiting at the hospital so I didn't feel I could really wait even longer once Ethan arrived to introduce him. So, we will still welcome our family and friends who want to come visit the baby but it won't be right away. My mom will come and watch Ethan when I go into labor and then once the baby is born, Jeremy will go home at night to sleep and take care of Ethan.

Well, that's all for now....hope everyone is having a good week!

Keri and Baby # 2

Sep 25, 2008

Becoming a family of four!

That's right all, baby # 2 is on the way! We are very excited and yes it was planned before everyone asks! I really wanted another baby and Jeremy said sure so here we are! I am 4 weeks, 2 days pregnant and according to my online calculations I am due June 3rd.

I really wanted a June baby so it is really exciting for me and I am ready to take on another baby! People are already making comments like, "You're going to be so busy!" and "Wow, two in diapers." and I think they forget that I had a daycare and have had 6 in diapers. Diaper changing was my life, I'm not concerned about that at all....they are expensive that's the biggest thing!
I've been praying that I have peace and can rest in the Lord and believe that I will have a full term baby. I've had so many friends lately that have miscarried so those thoughts are in my head but I know that God is in control and we aren't and that he is sovereign and that no matter what happens in our lives that we will love him and serve him because he is GOOD!
We both kinda feel it's a girl because we have a girl name. Which is pretty big for us to already have a name. We decided we are going to keep it a surprise this time because last time I told people the name I loved (Summer) everyone told me it was a stripper name. Yeah, that totally ruined that name for me! So, this time the name will be a secret and if it's a girl we've already got it. If it's a boy, well, we'll have to start searching and praying about a name. I would love to give Ethan a sister, I think he would be so sweet with a little sister but if it's another boy we will be just as excited for him to have a brother. I'm thinking sometime in January we will get to find out.
Just wanted to share the exciting news!
Jeremy, Keri, Ethan and ......

Sep 18, 2008

I am NOT happy with Wal-mart!

So I went to Walmart this morning to pick up Ethan's pictures. Yea - they are in! A different lady was there and took my pictures out to show me...they all looked great. She then shows me a couple other ones which included a beautiful 11x14 sepia picture of Ethan in my favorite pose. I said, "Oh, I didn't realize I got one in that size" and she says, "You didn't, the lab send these as extras." I said, "Oh, that was nice." She then said, "For you to purchase if you want them." I looked at her and said, "To purchase? So what happens to them if I don't purchase them....they go in the trash?" and she said, "Yes."

I don't think I have ever been more mad in my life. Honest. I was fuming and it took everything inside of me to remember that I was a Christian and needed to not freak out on her. Ok, I just spent over a hundred dollars for his pics (I thought they were a lot less!) and already spent more than I wanted. Do you honestly think I have another $40 or so to spend? I was so upset knowing that after I walked away, beautiful pictures of my baby would be in the garbage can. Is it just me or does that disturb anyone else?? I was absolutely fuming when I walked out of there. I will never get his pictures done there and I plan on writing them a letter. I am not the type to do that normally but I feel it's necessary. Any mother loves their child(ren) more than anything in this world...and for them to know that if they don't purchase these extra pictures they are going to be in the garbage. Are you serious?! I would have rather them not send any extra pictures then send a huge 11x14 and me know it's in some dumpster somewhere. It really rubbed me the wrong way and I have to think I am not the first parent who is bothered by this. People may think I am blowing it out of proportion but I don't think I am. Like I said, I am not the type to get upset easily and this really upset me. So, they will be getting a letter from me very soon. I was extremely disappointed.

On another note, I took Ethan to the "back-up" doctor today. No bronchitis, no ear infections, no infections of any kind. He has a cold and a sore throat. His throat was red the doc said. They gave me a prescription to fill but we don't plan on giving it to him unless we feel he's in pain. He's doing pretty good, pretty happy, just congested and coughs....he isn't crying because of pain though so we would rather not give him any medicine.

Anyhow, that is the latest. Don't ever get pictures done at Walmart.....grrrr!

Upset Momma Keri

Ps. Ethan weighed in at 19lbs.12oz

Sep 17, 2008

The hardest thing about being a mom...

Is when your child is sick. The past two nights Ethan was extra fussy before bedtime. It took us awhile to get him down. Last night after laying him down Jeremy went in to check on him and he was crying. Jer told me he sounded pretty bad. I went in there and guess what is back? His croup :( It's a horrible sounding barking cough. I couldn't believe it as he finally got over it 2 weeks ago. I was up most of the night with him and felt so bad for him. He was so congested and had to breathe through his mouth. I kept sucking his nose out and he would scream and fight me. When we were on vacation last month and this happened we ended up taking him to the ER and the doctor there told me that cold air helps croup as well as hot steam.

So, last night at 3am I picked him up, wrapped him up with a blanket and we stood outside for 10 minutes or so. He was looking around trying to figure out what I was doing, haha. It was a rough night but he got through last time and I know he will again. Just can't believe he has it again. I did hear though that once they get croup the first time they get it very easily.

We are a little frustrated because I left him in the nursery at church on Sunday for an hour or so and that's the first time in months I left him and a few days later he is sick. I know kids get sick and you can't always blame someone for it and we don't know forsure if that's where he got it but really everytime I leave him in the nursery he seems to get sick a few days later. Of course there are so many kids coming and going and it's hard to sanitize things all the me, I had a daycare and I know how that goes....but, I'm just not willingly to let him get sick all the time just so I can go to church. So, I'm just gonna try and keep him with me each week and if he gets loud we will go to the cry room. Or I will just stay home for awhile and listen to the sermons online or something. It's a bummer but that's not fair to Ethan. Once he's older it will be better and he won't get sick as often but he's still little and they pick up sickness easily.

He can't get in to the doctor's until tomorrow...all 3 doctors are gone this week at a conference so the covering doctor will be in tomorrow. I doubt they will give him anything but I just want him to be seen and make sure he doesn't have an infection of any kind.

The days are always better than the nights....that's how it was last time also.

Well, E just went down for a nap and I'm exhausted too so I'm gonna lay down too....pray he fights this fast and gets better soon. Thanks so much.


Ps. Thank you Grandma Petke for all the new clothes and socks for Ethan....they are being washed right now :)

Sep 12, 2008

7 Month Pictures

The move and more...

Hello friends and fam...

It has been too long since I last wrote, sorry about that. I have a good excuse though, we MOVED! It was quite a successful move also. My mom came out and helped me clean the apartment real good before moving in and my bro and sis came out that weekend to help pack boxes, carry them and unpack....the real reason God created siblings :) We are pretty much settled into our new place...a few boxes left to unpack and then we still have some things to pack up at the house but all in time, we've got a few months until our stuff needs to be out.

We are all loving apartment style living. Maintenance free, doesn't suck up as much money as our house and I am really enjoying my time with Ethan everyday. I love being home with him and watching his every moment. They grow up too fast and I don't want to miss out on anything. Ethan wasn't sure what he thought at first about the new place....he didn't sleep well the first few nights and I think it was because he was aware something was different. The past couple nights have been better though and he's getting adjusted.

So the 2nd day we officially lived in our apartment some friends of ours handed us a card. They said it was a housewarming gift/birthday's/anniversary gift. Cool, thanks. We get home and open the card and there is a check inside for $1,500!!! Ahhh! Hello blessing! It was such a confirmation to our hearts that we were where we are supposed to be. We made the right choice by getting an apartment and living differently with our money and God blessed our socks off.

So the 3rd day we officially lived in our apartment....I walked into the clubhouse to talk with the girls about a couple things and I run into one of my mom's old best friends. We gave each other a huge hug and I then find out she is the community manager at our apartments. What?! I mentioned to her that our apartment had a strange odor....and she told me there had been a flood in our apartment (shhh, she wasn't supposed to tell me that) she then goes on to say it was probably water that got into the carpets and that she is putting me on the list to get new carpeting. Ok, this was SO God because the one thing I told Jeremy I really wanted was new carpet in the apt. for Ethan. He will be crawling soon and puts his hands in his mouth all the time and I just really would have liked to have new carpet. So, here she had NO idea I was praying about new carpet and she tells me she is putting me on the list for it. Another confirmation we are where we are supposed to be. Thank you Lord!

So the 4th day we officially lived in our apartment....well, it was just a typical day :) We are so loving it though and it is so cozy and warm. Both my mom and brother have made comments they like it more than our house....go figure, lol! We have a real peace at our new place....just a new chapter in our lives we feel and we are blessed to be here.

So what is new with Ethan....well, the past month he decided it would be fun to clench his fists and hit himself in th head (hard!) when he's tired or just bored. It was funny at first but now I tell him, no no! He puts red marks on his face all the time from doing it....silly baby. The newest and cutest thing ever the middle of the night when he wakes up to nurse (yes, he is back to not sleeping through the night) I go in his room, pick him up and lay him down with me on the bed we have in there. We have a night light in his room that lights up his room well...well, during the night when I get him up....he sees his shadow on the wall when I'm laying there in bed with is so cute. Last night I nursed him and then stood him up (he was full of energy at 4:45 this morning) and he saw his shadow and started jumping like crazy....then he would go towards it and put his hands on the wall and touch his shadow. Ok, you are all probably bored to tears and think who cares?! but I think it's the cutest thing ever. He's gifted.....TOTALLY kidding. I am so NOT one of those moms.

We got his 6 month pictures done this week (well, 6 month and 3 weeks) and they turned out ridiciously cute. Cannot wait to post them on here. He sure is getting old and cuter as the days go on.

Alright, it's time to get back to laundry. Hope all is well with my faithful readers and I'll be sure and stop slacking and post more.

Mommy Keri