Sep 18, 2008

I am NOT happy with Wal-mart!

So I went to Walmart this morning to pick up Ethan's pictures. Yea - they are in! A different lady was there and took my pictures out to show me...they all looked great. She then shows me a couple other ones which included a beautiful 11x14 sepia picture of Ethan in my favorite pose. I said, "Oh, I didn't realize I got one in that size" and she says, "You didn't, the lab send these as extras." I said, "Oh, that was nice." She then said, "For you to purchase if you want them." I looked at her and said, "To purchase? So what happens to them if I don't purchase them....they go in the trash?" and she said, "Yes."

I don't think I have ever been more mad in my life. Honest. I was fuming and it took everything inside of me to remember that I was a Christian and needed to not freak out on her. Ok, I just spent over a hundred dollars for his pics (I thought they were a lot less!) and already spent more than I wanted. Do you honestly think I have another $40 or so to spend? I was so upset knowing that after I walked away, beautiful pictures of my baby would be in the garbage can. Is it just me or does that disturb anyone else?? I was absolutely fuming when I walked out of there. I will never get his pictures done there and I plan on writing them a letter. I am not the type to do that normally but I feel it's necessary. Any mother loves their child(ren) more than anything in this world...and for them to know that if they don't purchase these extra pictures they are going to be in the garbage. Are you serious?! I would have rather them not send any extra pictures then send a huge 11x14 and me know it's in some dumpster somewhere. It really rubbed me the wrong way and I have to think I am not the first parent who is bothered by this. People may think I am blowing it out of proportion but I don't think I am. Like I said, I am not the type to get upset easily and this really upset me. So, they will be getting a letter from me very soon. I was extremely disappointed.

On another note, I took Ethan to the "back-up" doctor today. No bronchitis, no ear infections, no infections of any kind. He has a cold and a sore throat. His throat was red the doc said. They gave me a prescription to fill but we don't plan on giving it to him unless we feel he's in pain. He's doing pretty good, pretty happy, just congested and coughs....he isn't crying because of pain though so we would rather not give him any medicine.

Anyhow, that is the latest. Don't ever get pictures done at Walmart.....grrrr!

Upset Momma Keri

Ps. Ethan weighed in at 19lbs.12oz

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Joy said...

Keri takes on picture marketers! As the Japanese say, "Gambare!" (translated literally means "fight to the death" but used for all forms of cheering and general encouragement). Picture People do the same thing, only they pull out the blown up gorgeous pictures while you're ordering, not after. I was sad to see such beautiful pix go in the trash. What bothered me was that they charged so much as it is for reprints and to buy the special picture with a frame would have been $100, and if I'm not interested they throw it away. It makes me feel like I'm being severely overcharged for my pictures--$18 for a sheet you'll throw away without a second thought? Why?