Sep 17, 2008

The hardest thing about being a mom...

Is when your child is sick. The past two nights Ethan was extra fussy before bedtime. It took us awhile to get him down. Last night after laying him down Jeremy went in to check on him and he was crying. Jer told me he sounded pretty bad. I went in there and guess what is back? His croup :( It's a horrible sounding barking cough. I couldn't believe it as he finally got over it 2 weeks ago. I was up most of the night with him and felt so bad for him. He was so congested and had to breathe through his mouth. I kept sucking his nose out and he would scream and fight me. When we were on vacation last month and this happened we ended up taking him to the ER and the doctor there told me that cold air helps croup as well as hot steam.

So, last night at 3am I picked him up, wrapped him up with a blanket and we stood outside for 10 minutes or so. He was looking around trying to figure out what I was doing, haha. It was a rough night but he got through last time and I know he will again. Just can't believe he has it again. I did hear though that once they get croup the first time they get it very easily.

We are a little frustrated because I left him in the nursery at church on Sunday for an hour or so and that's the first time in months I left him and a few days later he is sick. I know kids get sick and you can't always blame someone for it and we don't know forsure if that's where he got it but really everytime I leave him in the nursery he seems to get sick a few days later. Of course there are so many kids coming and going and it's hard to sanitize things all the me, I had a daycare and I know how that goes....but, I'm just not willingly to let him get sick all the time just so I can go to church. So, I'm just gonna try and keep him with me each week and if he gets loud we will go to the cry room. Or I will just stay home for awhile and listen to the sermons online or something. It's a bummer but that's not fair to Ethan. Once he's older it will be better and he won't get sick as often but he's still little and they pick up sickness easily.

He can't get in to the doctor's until tomorrow...all 3 doctors are gone this week at a conference so the covering doctor will be in tomorrow. I doubt they will give him anything but I just want him to be seen and make sure he doesn't have an infection of any kind.

The days are always better than the nights....that's how it was last time also.

Well, E just went down for a nap and I'm exhausted too so I'm gonna lay down too....pray he fights this fast and gets better soon. Thanks so much.


Ps. Thank you Grandma Petke for all the new clothes and socks for Ethan....they are being washed right now :)

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