May 26, 2011

Nursery painted :)

Lincoln's room is coming together so cute. I absolutely love the Pottery Barn bedding we bought and it looks so great with his crib and the new freshly painted yellow walls. The dresser is completely done also. I love the new drawer knobs that match his bedding - another little fun thing to add to his room. I still have to buy frames for the matching artwork I bought and get those hung but I thought I would share a couple photos of what it looks like so far. We both love it :)

My glucose test results came back good so no gestational diabetes for me - I'm so glad! However, my iron was a bit low so I am on iron supplements. This didn't surprise me seeing in each of my pregnancies I've had to go on iron pills. I had a doctor appt. this week and all is well and baby is measuring good. I'm very thankful. My next appt. is with my midwife - I'm really excited about being back with her, will be good to see her again :)

The kids are doing well. They are so fun, so cute and I'm so glad I get to be their momma. While some days can be really challenging being a mom of two active little ones - I enjoy being their mom so much and having the joy of raising these sweet kids. They both love life and I love watching them grow. I have my camera back and snapped a few adorable pictures of Grae the other day.

This little girl couldn't be more beautiful. I stare at her often just in awe of how pretty she is and what a beautiful woman she will be one day. It's a good thing she'll be sandwiched between 2 brothers ;) I love knowing she'll have 2 brothers to protect and look out for her. I'll try and get some new pics of Ethan this week - he's so handsome with his new hair cut daddy gave him a couple weeks ago :)

Nothing else too new with us. Just keeping busy being a momma and wife. So grateful for all the good things God has blessed our lives with - we have so so much to be thankful for.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...hope you are having a good day!

Much Love,
Momma Keri

May 17, 2011

6 months

Yesterday marked 24 weeks along in my pregnancy with Lincoln. Wow - 6 months already - it's starting to fly by now and that's exciting!

I am really enjoying putting Lincoln's nursery together - it's been so fun. I ended up returning that elephant bedding. Once I took it out of the box the colors were completely different then the picture online and I didn't like it - especially with the black crib. The good news is I found an adorable Pottery Barn Kids bedding set on Ebay that I loved even more. It is used but in great condition and most importantly, it was affordable :) I could never buy bedding from PBK brand new - too expensive for my budget! Anyhow, it arrived yesterday and I anxiously opened the box, set it up and it is perfect. It's way cute. It's a transportation theme and looks beautiful with his crib. I just love it! It's a retired line but I was able to find some matching art to go with it on Ebay also so those are on the way also. Yay!

I also sanded, primed and painted the dresser last week and it turned out great. Not perfect, but for my first real project I have to say I am quite proud of myself. It looks like a completely different piece of furniture. I decided to paint the whole dresser black - the top included. I'm glad I did - it really looks nice and I love the antique look and character feel it has - what a great find! I was planning on buying new drawer knobs for the dresser and got overly excited when I found some hand painted knobs on Etsy that match the PBK bedding I bought. They are on the way and I think will make the dresser that much more unique and special.

Also, we decided we want to paint the room. We are going with a light yellow color and I think it will look really nice. A neighbor of ours from our last place (who also goes to our church) offered to paint our family room for us as a housewarming gift. Super nice of him. We finally chose a paint color and bought it this past week and he's coming on Friday to paint for us. I had asked him a question about the nursery and he said he'll paint the nursery for us too. Wow - what a blessing! All we have to do is buy the paint and he's doing the rest - so nice of him. So, all the painting fun begins this Friday morning - not sure if it will all be finished that day or not - we'll see.

I can't wait for Lincoln's room to be painted and for all the finally touches to be done. I'll be sure and take photos once it's complete and post them.

Speaking of photos, a friend of mine is having her baby boy very soon and I let her borrow my camera for hospital pics. So, I've been without my camera for a week or so and probably will be for the next week so forgive me for not posting pictures. I did however have Jeremy take my 24 week baby bump picture with his phone this morning. While the quality doesn't compare to my camera, it will have to do :)

Baby is now the size of a papaya and able to hear noise from down in the womb. Such a miracle new life is! Lincoln is active and kicks and moves a lot - I love it :)

I had my glucose test done this morning and should have the results tomorrow. Hopefully this pregnancy is no different than the last ones and the results are negative for gestational diabetes. It's something that is common in pregnancy but hopefully I won't have to worry about that.

The kids are doing great. They are both back to being completely healthy and happy. They sure are so silly and make us laugh daily. Jeremy and I often wonder (ok, we joke not wonder) where they came from....with their silly personalities and strong willed natures. We were both pretty quiet, laid back, passive we just find it funny they both have such strong personalities. I love it though - I tell Jeremy our house will be full of lots of fun and laughter as they continue to grow - lots of fun memories in our future :) I can't wait to see what our little Lincoln will be like. I told Jeremy he'll probably just watch his older brother and sister and follow in their footsteps. Silly, strong willed, happy and I'll probably find all 3 of them hiding behind the bathroom door sneaking ice cream before I know it. Ha!

On another note, my hubby and I have a date tonight :) We re-scheduled it for tonight after canceling a week or so ago so I'm looking forward to it. A girl I know from church that has watched the kids twice before (although it's been a long time) is coming to babysit. I hope the kids do well with her and have fun. She's amazing - I'm just one of those moms that miss my kids after being away from them for 2 hours and don't like to leave them, really I hope I do ok! Ha! We don't leave the kids often but it's important to have time alone together - for our marriage - so I've been stepping out of my comfort zone a bit and seeking out some great babysitters. It's good for us and good for the kids. So, dinner and a movie is planned for tonight and I'm looking forward to some time alone with my hubby of 7.5 years :)

I hope you all are well. I'll be sure and post photos soon when I can of our newly painted family room, Lincoln's room, the kids and then of course my friend's new baby boy once he arrives. I plan on bringing my SD card up to the hospital once we go visit so I can throw it in my camera and get a few photos for myself :)

Much love to you all,
Momma Keri

May 6, 2011

It's here!

Lincoln's crib that is :)

We picked it up earlier this week and had a fun little project as a family. I love the crib and really love the black - pretty excited about our new purchase :) Here's a few photos of the kids and daddy putting it together. They loved "helping" and this will make a cute scrapbook page in Lincoln's album.

I found the cutest bedding a couple weeks ago too and ordered it today. I can't wait for it to arrive and to set it up. I'll be sure and post a picture of the final project once it's done. I'm not sure how the bedding will look with the teal colored walls so we may be painting Lincoln's room a light green or light blue to go better with the bedding. We'll see. Here's a picture of the cute elephant bedding set I ordered - I think it's so adorable!

Also, I had an awesome garage sale find! I've been looking at getting a dresser for his room but didn't want to spend much or the money on a new one. So, I've been looking on Craigslist at antique ones that I could refinish and paint black. Our neighbor across the street is moving and happened to have a sale this past weekend. I strolled on over and low and behold there was a cute, antique dresser that was perfect for what I had in mind. She actually refinished it herself and painted it white a few years back but she said it should be really easy to paint black. I'm just debating what I should do to the top. It's a beautiful wood finish and then she hand painted this beautiful tree on it. I would hate to paint over it, it would look cute in a nursery - just not sure it would go with the elephants great or look good once painted black. So, maybe I'll just find something to put on top that covers it - we'll see! Anyhow, I got the dresser for $30 - such a steal - I was pretty geeked :) Can't wait to see how it turns out once painted!

Lincoln seems to be doing well. He's very active and kicks a lot - so it's really fun! I love this stage in pregnancy :)

The kids are doing pretty good. I've been potty training Ethan the past couple weeks and we've had our good days and bad - but I haven't been hard core about it. I tried that the first couple days and just felt too frustrated and stressed and I didn't like it. So, I'm just being much more relaxed about it now and it seems to be working better for all of us. Ethan often tells us when he has to go poo poo which is so great. I thought it would be months before that happened. So that's encouraging and I'm just going with the flow.

Gracelyn is a little under the weather. I think she caught some bug up in the nursery this past Sunday. Both her and her BFF Ainsley both came down with the same symptoms on the same day and they were both in the nursery so I'm sure that's where they got it. G has really been very healthy since she's been born so I haven't seen her sick much. She's had a runny nose, fever and watery eyes and some congestion. We were supposed to have a date night tonight (dinner AND a movie - haven't done this in over a year!) but I decided to cancel the sitter since G is a bit under the weather. Oh well, such is life! I'm sure she'll feel lots better by time the weekend is over. Until then, lots of snuggles and kisses from momma and daddy :)

I hope you all enjoy the weekend - it's so nice to be having warmer weather and know that spring is finally here. No more snow for awhile - yay! Next time I see snow I'll be nursing a little baby boy - I can't wait :)

I hope all you momma's out there have a wonderful mother's day! We always get together with my mom's side of the family for lunch so that will be nice and then everyone is invited back to our house afterwards for dessert, to chat and play games. Should be a great day!

In honor of Mother's Day, below is a picture of my very first Mother's Day and then also a photo of my mom and I. It was taken Christmas morning - the day she found out I was pregnant with our Lincoln. Such good memories to cherish for years to come!

Much Love,
Momma Keri