May 26, 2011

Nursery painted :)

Lincoln's room is coming together so cute. I absolutely love the Pottery Barn bedding we bought and it looks so great with his crib and the new freshly painted yellow walls. The dresser is completely done also. I love the new drawer knobs that match his bedding - another little fun thing to add to his room. I still have to buy frames for the matching artwork I bought and get those hung but I thought I would share a couple photos of what it looks like so far. We both love it :)

My glucose test results came back good so no gestational diabetes for me - I'm so glad! However, my iron was a bit low so I am on iron supplements. This didn't surprise me seeing in each of my pregnancies I've had to go on iron pills. I had a doctor appt. this week and all is well and baby is measuring good. I'm very thankful. My next appt. is with my midwife - I'm really excited about being back with her, will be good to see her again :)

The kids are doing well. They are so fun, so cute and I'm so glad I get to be their momma. While some days can be really challenging being a mom of two active little ones - I enjoy being their mom so much and having the joy of raising these sweet kids. They both love life and I love watching them grow. I have my camera back and snapped a few adorable pictures of Grae the other day.

This little girl couldn't be more beautiful. I stare at her often just in awe of how pretty she is and what a beautiful woman she will be one day. It's a good thing she'll be sandwiched between 2 brothers ;) I love knowing she'll have 2 brothers to protect and look out for her. I'll try and get some new pics of Ethan this week - he's so handsome with his new hair cut daddy gave him a couple weeks ago :)

Nothing else too new with us. Just keeping busy being a momma and wife. So grateful for all the good things God has blessed our lives with - we have so so much to be thankful for.

Thanks for stopping by my blog...hope you are having a good day!

Much Love,
Momma Keri

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