Jun 1, 2011

What's new with the Harrison crew...

Let's see, where do I begin?

How about with allergies! Oh my goodness, they have been in full force the past few days for me and the kids. It's been a bit miserable. I took the kids to the park today to meet up with some friends to play and by time we left Ethan was itching his eyes constantly and I had probably sneezed at least a dozen times. My poor boy cried the whole way home and couldn't stop touching his eyes. They started to get really puffy and swollen - I felt so bad for him. He totally takes after me when it comes to allergies - it's not fun. This is what he looked like when we got home :(

So sad :(

As soon as we got home I washed his hands and face and gave him some benedryl. He zonked out soon after on the couch and momma carried him up to bed and he took a good nap. I was sad to see his eyes were still puffy after his nap :( Hopefully by the end of the night and a bath before bed he'll be back to looking like his normal self. My sweet boy. Jer sent me a link from weather.com and it shows that tree pollen is very high right now in our area - Oak and Pine especially. That explains our miserableness (it's not a word I know) the past couple days.

Other than that, the kids are doing great. We've had some challenging moments lately with the kids but that's pretty normal in the life of parents with little ones :) We've been really limiting Ethan's sugar intake (he;s our sweet tooth!) and it has made a big difference in his behavior. I'm not big on giving the kids much sugar...never have been...but with Ethan sneaking sweets at times lately or getting m&m's as a reward for going on the potty it seems he has been getting more sugar than normal. Anyhow, it's amazing how much sugar effects little ones! He's such a sweet kid and he truly melts my heart everyday. He's totally my snuggly boy who will let me rub his hair and will rub my hand when he's watching a show. It's so sweet. Snuggling with Ethan is at the very top of my favorite things to do list!

Gracelyn is such a joy. She is talking so much these days it amazes me. She repeats everything Ethan says and is really blossoming - it's so fun to watch. She has the cutest voice and I just love listening to her talk. She sings her ABC's so cute too - oh I just love her! It's hard to believe that she will be 2 next week! I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital and now she's almost 2. I feel so blessed to have my sweet girl - she sure loves life and I love that about her. About both my kids actually. They really are so much fun and love to laugh, be silly and explore. We are celebrating our girl on the 11th with a little family birthday bbq at our house - I can't wait :)

Memorial Day weekend was really nice. I always enjoy the long weekends as a family and we had no plans all weekend. It felt good to just relax, enjoy being together and we even got some weeding done. Memorial day we last minute took the kids to a parade close by which was so fun and so hot. Here's a few photos I snapped of my little angels.

We came home for naps and then headed over to Grandpa and Grandma Harrison's for a delicious BBQ. We had filets on the grill, ribs, potato salad, macaroni salad, bumpy cake and ice cream - it was all so yummy! We brought over a fun pool w/sprinkler that Gracelyn had gotten for her 1st birthday from a friend of mine and the kids had hours of fun outside playing in the water. It was the perfect day!

Our little boy on the way is doing good. I'm 26 weeks along now and starting to feel pregnant! Carrying the kids is getting harder on me, going up the stairs, etc. so by the end of the day I'm ready to lay in bed and relax. My sciatic pain and pelvic pain comes and goes often but other than that I'm feeling really good and enjoying this pregnancy to the fullest - especially since I'm quite confident it will be my last. Here's a pic of my growing belly that Jer took this morning.

Update: I started this post yesterday morning and am just now getting around to finishing it :)

Our friends new baby boy, Ramzy is home and we went over to their house the other night so I could take some photos of him. Here are a few of my favorites - is he cute or what? I love big sis lovin' on little bro - so cute!

I enjoyed snapping some photos of the kids - such a beautiful family!

Tonight I had another photo shoot for a friend of mine. I did a newborn session of her little guy Drew and he is now 3 months so I took some new photos. Her family was in town from out of state and wanted some pictures of Drew and his cousins and just some family photos. I snapped lots of cute ones and will have to share some once I get them edited. I'm also doing another shoot on Sunday afternoon for a friend of a friend...their little guy is 9 months so that should be fun too!

My brother in law let me borrow one of his awesome lens so it was perfect timing since I'm doing a few photo sessions this week. I am LOVING it and am now saving my pennies for one :)

I think that's about all. Ethan's eyes are finally starting to go down a bit but they were still puffy when he woke up. Poor boy. And me...well, I was super miserable today with my allergies...enough that I called my midwife asking what I could take for relief. I must have sneezed 50 times today...itching my nose so much it feels bruised, sore throat, ears hurting and itching...headache...all from crazy allergies! She recommended a couple different options and the medication seems to be helping a bit so I'm thankful. Hopefully I can get better sleep tonight and breathe a little better. Ever since our trip to the park that really seemed to effect Ethan and I yesterday we've stayed inside. My midwife also confirmed that like we read, allergies are bad this year for a lot of people. Pollens and things are really high. A lot of her patients have been calling for the same reason. Ugh. Gonna be a long summer I think!

I'm getting sleepy and want to spend a little time with my hubs so I better end this novel... :) Hope you all are having a great week and enjoying the beautiful life that God has blessed you with.

Much Love,

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