Nov 5, 2012

It's been almost 2 months. Gulp.

Hi! Yes it's true, it's a new blog post!! Wow, I knew it had been awhile since I last blogged but didn't realize it's been almost 2 months.

Life is busy! 3 little ones, a husband, a home to clean, laundry to clean, selling Scentsy and being extremely busy with my photography and being pregnant = very little time for blogging! So, now to try and think what's happened the past couple months :)

As I mentioned, I've been extremely busy with my photography - which has been wonderful! I truly never expected for it to take off the way it has, but it's been such a blessing in so many ways and it's something I truly enjoy and am passionate about. I love capturing moments that turn into lifetime memories for families, it's so much fun! My season is winding down now - as I have just 1-2 sessions left and then am going on "maternity leave" through March/spring. I've enjoyed it so much - but it's been taking a toll on my body now that I'm so far along in my pregnancy and I'm ready to relax and nest a bit before this new babe arrives.

I'm 35 weeks pregnant today, hard to believe I just have 5 weeks to go! Here's the latest photo of my baby bump - it's getting exciting knowing we will know soon whether this little one is a boy or girl. Jeremy says girl and I'm saying boy :) I'm feeling good but definitely having more aches and pains this time around...I'm sure being a busy momma, carrying the kids around and my body doing this 4 times in 5 years is a lot...but overall I'm doing good and baby is going great. I will have another ultrasound in a couple weeks (this is new) to get an estimate of baby's size and also they can see how much fluid is around baby, etc. I'm due December 10th - but hoping for this little one to come on the 12th....his/her birthday would be 12-12-12 and I think that's super fun :) My midwife said if I am still pregnant on the 11th, she can give me this special drink (a combination of 3 ingredients) that has put all of her overdue patients in labor. It's safe for me and baby - but wouldn't taste good of course. So, we'll see :) Here's the latest baby bump photo of me.

The kids are doing well. Ethan is doing well at Preschool and thriving. Gracelyn is getting prettier as the days go on and constantly makes us laugh with her little tude'. Lincoln is playing right along with his big siblings these days and doing great. He's one happy little guy - well, when he's not teething or sick with the longest cold ever :) He's still waking us up multiple times most nights - so we are still a bit sleep deprived - but, we're used to it by kid # 3 :)

Not too much else to report that I can think of. Just busy living life with our littl crew and enjoying it :) The baby's crib came today (thanks Grandpa and Grandma Harrison!) so it will be fun to set that up and start getting the house ready for a wee one again.

Thanks for stopping by and reading :)

Momma Keri