Apr 3, 2013

Yup, still alive.

Well, my blog seems to be moving down the list of priorities lately. I always think about it, but then time gets away from me and life with the littles keeps me busy :) It's been so long since my last post I can't even remember all that's happened since then. Ha!

We had a wonderful Easter full of family, food and fun! This was the first year I did easter baskets for the kids so that was fun. Fun for them and fun for me :) Aren't these easter baskets adorable? I just love them!

On Saturday morning we went to Ethan's school where the church put on a little Easter egg hunt for the kids. It was a lot of fun because there weren't zillions of kids there so the kids actually got to collect eggs and it was relaxing. Even little Lincoln walked around and grabbed a few :) So fun!

On Sunday we had my family and Jeremy's parents over for a little Easter celebration. Honey baked Ham, Deviled Eggs, a delicious cake and lots more to fill our bellies :) It was nice relaxing with everyone, celebrating family time and most importantly, the one who gave us all those things to enjoy! Jesus Christ. So thankful for the sacrifice He made on the cross - what a gift it is to know Him.

Our little crew is doing great! Spring is finally here and the weather is starting to warm up again so the kids are back to playing outside which is great! They love playing with their friends, playing on the swing set we bought them last year and just exploring outdoors. So so happy Spring is here!

Speaking of spring, we are getting family photos done mid May and I cannot wait!! I've been buying all of our outfits and accessories for months and can't wait to have my cute little family photographed with our new addition, Hudson Wallis! I'll be sure and post some sneak peeks on the blog once I have them - they are going to be way cute!

Nothing too new with the kids - they are all healthy and well - and we are so thankful for that. We signed Ethan up for soccer this past week for his 2nd year and we are excited about that. It's fun to go to his games and make fun family memories together. Some big news in regards to Ethan is that he got accepted into the school we were hoping he would get into - for kindergarten next fall! I'm so thankful and have such peace about the school. We have kindergarten round up next month - crazy! Ethan had his 5 year check up on Monday and all is well. The doctor has no concerns going into kindergarten and he knows everything he should know. Very thankful for my healthy children!

Gracelyn is doing great. She's constantly saying the cutest things that make me smile and giggle. Today, in all seriousness she turned to me and said, "Mommy, don't get another baby because this boy baby (referring to Hud) is getting cuter." Ha! Ok my little girl, I guess we'll keep him ;) She is doing very well with potty training also - which is great. We are planning on enrolling her in preschool in the fall at the same school Ethan has been at. We love his teachers and the school and Gracelyn is excited about going to school. Life next year will feel so different having Ethan away all day at school - it's gonna be weird!

Lincoln....oh Lincoln. Our sweet, smiley, laid back little boy who melts our hearts. He is at such a fun age right now. 18 months and starting to talk a little and understand things we tell him - and getting older to where he plays with his big bro and big sis like he's one of the big kids. So cute. His eczema has still been pretty bad and so I had been praying and asking God for some guidance and wisdom as to what else we could do for him. We pray God heals him completely, but until then, he is so miserable with his itching that I just wanted to look into more things that could help. To make a long story short, we have found some products that are completely all natural that we have been using for almost a week now and we are noticing a difference. It's really exciting!! I'm anxious to see what his skin looks like in a couple more weeks and if it continues to improve - but I really feel it will. I'm so grateful and we hope his eczema is a thing of the past!

My little Hudson Wallis is doing wonderful. He is such a sweet and smiley baby - possibly our easiest yet! Lincoln was pretty easy too as a baby, but then his eczema started so that changed things a bit. Anyhow, Hud is so content and happy all the time. He rarely cries, is super laid back and is extra smiley for his momma - which I love. He knows he's my baby, our caboose I'm pretty sure and so he knows I need all those extra smiles from him. He's 3.5 months now and doing so well. He's strictly nursing and is growing good and packing on the pounds! He will have his 4 month check up this month as well as Lincoln will have his 18 month check up.

As far as updates on Jeremy and I - we are good too :) Staying busy living life with our littles and squeezing in lots of date nights when we can :) Jeremy is heading down to Atlanta on Friday for a fun guys weekend to watch Michigan play in the final four! If they win Saturday's game, he will be staying for the championship game on Monday night also, and driving back on Tuesday. The longest he would be gone to date, let alone since having 4 littles - but I encouraged him to go and have a fun time, I'll do just fine :)

I actually have a fun little trip planned for me too. Once Jeremy brought up going to Atlanta I figured hey, I could probably have a weekend away too right? :) He was all for it, and I am SUPER excited to say that I'm heading to California at the end of May!! Eeek! I have a friend who lives in San Diego and I'll be staying with her while I'm down there. San Diego has been on my bucket list of places I've wanted to visit so I am super excited about going. I'm taking Hudson along with me - and booked my flight this morning :) Sunny California, here we come! A fun little getaway it shall be :)

My photography is starting to pick up again now that it's spring time. So fun - I have missed shooting! Here are a few images from my recent sessions - lots of newborns to start my 2013 season :)

Well, my little Hudson is wanting to eat, so that's all for now....hope you all are well and enjoying your day :)

I did a quick 3 month photo shoot of Hudson yesterday but haven't had a chance to upload the photos and edit them - but I'll post some updated photos of our little boy soon:)

Much Love,
Momma Keri