Sep 25, 2008

Becoming a family of four!

That's right all, baby # 2 is on the way! We are very excited and yes it was planned before everyone asks! I really wanted another baby and Jeremy said sure so here we are! I am 4 weeks, 2 days pregnant and according to my online calculations I am due June 3rd.

I really wanted a June baby so it is really exciting for me and I am ready to take on another baby! People are already making comments like, "You're going to be so busy!" and "Wow, two in diapers." and I think they forget that I had a daycare and have had 6 in diapers. Diaper changing was my life, I'm not concerned about that at all....they are expensive that's the biggest thing!
I've been praying that I have peace and can rest in the Lord and believe that I will have a full term baby. I've had so many friends lately that have miscarried so those thoughts are in my head but I know that God is in control and we aren't and that he is sovereign and that no matter what happens in our lives that we will love him and serve him because he is GOOD!
We both kinda feel it's a girl because we have a girl name. Which is pretty big for us to already have a name. We decided we are going to keep it a surprise this time because last time I told people the name I loved (Summer) everyone told me it was a stripper name. Yeah, that totally ruined that name for me! So, this time the name will be a secret and if it's a girl we've already got it. If it's a boy, well, we'll have to start searching and praying about a name. I would love to give Ethan a sister, I think he would be so sweet with a little sister but if it's another boy we will be just as excited for him to have a brother. I'm thinking sometime in January we will get to find out.
Just wanted to share the exciting news!
Jeremy, Keri, Ethan and ......


Joy said...

YAY! Cogratulations!

A day in the life of the Smiths said...

I am excited for you guys. I to have had to deal with everyone who has miscarried. My mind has never had these crazy thoughts before but just know:
John 15:16 U have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit.
1 Corinthians 3:16 U are God's temple.
I wish that I would have had my kids closer together so more power to ya. You are due around Kennedys b-day....