Sep 12, 2008

The move and more...

Hello friends and fam...

It has been too long since I last wrote, sorry about that. I have a good excuse though, we MOVED! It was quite a successful move also. My mom came out and helped me clean the apartment real good before moving in and my bro and sis came out that weekend to help pack boxes, carry them and unpack....the real reason God created siblings :) We are pretty much settled into our new place...a few boxes left to unpack and then we still have some things to pack up at the house but all in time, we've got a few months until our stuff needs to be out.

We are all loving apartment style living. Maintenance free, doesn't suck up as much money as our house and I am really enjoying my time with Ethan everyday. I love being home with him and watching his every moment. They grow up too fast and I don't want to miss out on anything. Ethan wasn't sure what he thought at first about the new place....he didn't sleep well the first few nights and I think it was because he was aware something was different. The past couple nights have been better though and he's getting adjusted.

So the 2nd day we officially lived in our apartment some friends of ours handed us a card. They said it was a housewarming gift/birthday's/anniversary gift. Cool, thanks. We get home and open the card and there is a check inside for $1,500!!! Ahhh! Hello blessing! It was such a confirmation to our hearts that we were where we are supposed to be. We made the right choice by getting an apartment and living differently with our money and God blessed our socks off.

So the 3rd day we officially lived in our apartment....I walked into the clubhouse to talk with the girls about a couple things and I run into one of my mom's old best friends. We gave each other a huge hug and I then find out she is the community manager at our apartments. What?! I mentioned to her that our apartment had a strange odor....and she told me there had been a flood in our apartment (shhh, she wasn't supposed to tell me that) she then goes on to say it was probably water that got into the carpets and that she is putting me on the list to get new carpeting. Ok, this was SO God because the one thing I told Jeremy I really wanted was new carpet in the apt. for Ethan. He will be crawling soon and puts his hands in his mouth all the time and I just really would have liked to have new carpet. So, here she had NO idea I was praying about new carpet and she tells me she is putting me on the list for it. Another confirmation we are where we are supposed to be. Thank you Lord!

So the 4th day we officially lived in our apartment....well, it was just a typical day :) We are so loving it though and it is so cozy and warm. Both my mom and brother have made comments they like it more than our house....go figure, lol! We have a real peace at our new place....just a new chapter in our lives we feel and we are blessed to be here.

So what is new with Ethan....well, the past month he decided it would be fun to clench his fists and hit himself in th head (hard!) when he's tired or just bored. It was funny at first but now I tell him, no no! He puts red marks on his face all the time from doing it....silly baby. The newest and cutest thing ever the middle of the night when he wakes up to nurse (yes, he is back to not sleeping through the night) I go in his room, pick him up and lay him down with me on the bed we have in there. We have a night light in his room that lights up his room well...well, during the night when I get him up....he sees his shadow on the wall when I'm laying there in bed with is so cute. Last night I nursed him and then stood him up (he was full of energy at 4:45 this morning) and he saw his shadow and started jumping like crazy....then he would go towards it and put his hands on the wall and touch his shadow. Ok, you are all probably bored to tears and think who cares?! but I think it's the cutest thing ever. He's gifted.....TOTALLY kidding. I am so NOT one of those moms.

We got his 6 month pictures done this week (well, 6 month and 3 weeks) and they turned out ridiciously cute. Cannot wait to post them on here. He sure is getting old and cuter as the days go on.

Alright, it's time to get back to laundry. Hope all is well with my faithful readers and I'll be sure and stop slacking and post more.

Mommy Keri

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