Aug 29, 2008

Lake Ann...

I've been trying to sit down all week and blog about our here it is in a nutshell.

Overall we had a really nice time. We enjoyed getting away and spending time with our family and just relaxing. We had bonfires at night and made smores, relaxed in the hot tub, just a relaxing vacation! It was the first time I didn't have the internet in a long time and it was kinda nice to just get away from everything.

The biggest negative of our trip was that Ethan got sick. The daycare kids were sick with a bad cough and he caught it and it got pretty bad. We took him in to the ER early one morning after he was up all night coughing and barking. He had a little of croup and was pretty congested. The nights were bad, the days he was a lot happier. The doctor gave him steriods for us to give him for 3 days but we decided not to do that unless we really felt he needed it and wasn't breathing well. Needless to say it's been 2 weeks, he's still coughing but is getting a lot better so I'm thankful. The trip was fun and we would love to go back sometime, the house was really nice and close to a lot of stuff.

Well, we are starting our big move tomorrow. It's a little earlier than expected so I am not as prepared as I would have liked to be and don't have much packed. We have the long weekend though so that will be nice. God totally blessed us with an endless supply of boxes, packing tape and packing paper from someone that offered as he's a mover so that was such a blessing! God cares about the details!

I've been looking forward to the move for a lot of reasons...being home with just Ethan, not having a ridiculous mortgage payment and the financial stress that comes along with a house...but last night I surprisingly started to feel sad. I'm not down or anything and am still excited about moving to the apt. but I think I am just starting to realize that next week is the last week of "Keri's Kidz" and I feel a little emotional about it. Part of me feels it was all for nothing...all the money, time and hard work we put into it...all to go to waste....but then I realize that I have been able to care for a lot of kids and many parents have told me how grateful they have been for me and how much they love, that makes me feel good. It was a dream of mine that I never thought would happen so I feel proud I accomplished it and that parents told me it was the nicest in home daycare they've ever seen. So, it is what it is and I have to accept that and move on. I know I'll be fine in a couple weeks.

Well, thanks for reading and I'll be sure and post and let everyone know how the move goes. We won't be actually living there until probably next weekend as I still have the daycare running through next Friday.

Love to all,

Ps. Tomorrow the wolverines start off the season....GO BLUE

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Anonymous said...

Hi Keri & family,
I am glad you had a nice time at Lake Ann, sad to read though that Ethan got sick. Am glad he is better now. I hope his health improves more every day!
I am excited to read how your move went,...hopefully smoothly.
And yes, I can totally understand your feelings about your inhome day care. I always adored you for that...the passion and love you put into that little business and I am sure those kids will remember you and your staff for a long time! you said, time goes on and it will and it will be a great future for you. God has lots planned for you all, I am sure. Just enjoy being around Ethan now and build yourself a nice little home. I hope we can see each other when I visit in November, would love to. Big hugs to you and your little family,
xoxo Kat