Sep 14, 2011

Happy One Week Lincoln!

Wow...we are a family of five and I am so enjoying every minute of it! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and 3 healthy and gorgeous babies.

My labor and delivery went well. I had to be induced but I had peace about it and everything went really smooth. The last hour was of course the worst. The pushing. It's the part I dread with each pregnancy. Lincoln surprised us all (including the nurse and my midwife) when he weighed in at 9lbs. Honestly, we were all shocked and didn't think little me would have that big of a baby. The ultrasound was showing a big baby close to 9lbs but my midwife said they are off all the time and she didn't think he was any bigger than 8lbs.

I'm very thankful that I didn't know he was really that big before I delivered him. Gracelyn was 7lbs, 8oz and if I would have known I was gonna push out a 9lb baby I think I would have panicked and it would have really messed with my mind.

They placed him on my belly right after he came out and wow, we all thought he was such a gorgeous newborn!! Even the nurses couldn't stop commenting on how beautiful he was. I was SO happy it was over and that he was here.

Jeremy went home later that night so he could get a good night's rest. I have to say, one of my very favorite times after having a baby is that first night when I'm alone with the baby. It's just this amazing feeling where it's super quiet and peaceful, the nurses have left me alone and I am just holding my brand new baby reflecting on how good God is for this new little gift. While I'm always exhausted at the hospital and get little sleep, I really cherish these moments with all of my babies.

I feel so grateful for Lincoln. After losing our last baby, I felt even more grateful. I did have a moment of sadness..just thinking back to my miscarriage and how devastating it was...and not knowing our little one here on earth...but those feelings were quickly replaced with joy and thankfulness that we have this new little life we call Lincoln. He wouldn't be here otherwise. He's special. As all of my children are.

Now, on to what you all really care about. Photos :)

The kids absolutely love him, especially Gracelyn. She's a little momma, so cute. They both have adjusted super well, ask to hold him and will randomly come up and kiss him or rub his fuzzy little head. It's so sweet and it feels like Lincoln's always been here with us.

Here are some photos of Lincoln's first week, enjoy! :)
Isn't he adorable?

So precious

My sweet boy

My mom and Lincoln

My chubby cheeks

Our cute family

Proud sissy

Showing baby brother how much he is loved

In love with my boy

Cute elephant butt

Let's go home!


So handsome

Big yawn

He sure is a blessing to our family. I am enjoying every moment with him - even the middle of the night feedings. They grow so fast and I just love snuggling newborns. Kinda like snuggling kittens or puppies but even better :)

Today is Jeremy's first day back to my first day with all 3 little ones alone. I'm ready for the challenge! I am trying to be even more organized then I already was. Kitchen cleaned up last night, dishes put away, house vacuumed, staying caught up with the laundry and I even got the kids outfits out for today. Just all the little things to make my day easier and have more time to play and love on my babies.

I actually got 6 hours of sleep last night which was great. Not 6 straight hours but still 6 hours and that's the most I've gotten since I've been home. Of course I'm still very sleepy seeing as I haven't had much sleep in a week but I got my hot shower in the morning and breakfast before Ethan even came down. The other two are still sleeping peacefully.

So thankful that God's love always remains the same. "One thing remains" by Bethel church is the song I wanted to put on our little video. The lyrics mean a lot to me.

"Higher than the mountains that I face... it's stronger than the power of the grave...constant in the trial and the pain...this one remains. Cuz your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me."

We go through pain and trials in this when we lost our precious baby last August and yet God's love always remains the same. He brings hope, He carries us we look to Him for help. He's so good!

Be blessed today friends and enjoy this day that God has given you. I know I sure will.

A thankful momma of three,

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Claire said...

He's so handsome, Keri. That picture of him with his eyes wide open is breath taking! And that first night with a new baby.... that's my favorite part too :) What beautiful children you have. Gorgeous blondies! Have a wonderful day with your blessings!