Sep 16, 2011

Newborn Pics

I did some newborn photos of my little man a couple days ago, he sure is cute! There are some more poses I want to get but I didn't want to bother him too much so I just did a mini session. They turned out pretty cute, he's such a handsome little man :)

Lincoln is doing great. He had his first doctor's visit on Tuesday afternoon and he already gained 2 ounces! Typically they lose a little weight in the hospital and hope babies are back up to their birth weight by their first check up. I had a feeling he would weigh more than his birth weight because he is such a good nurser. The doctor said he looks great and we go back in 3 weeks.

Ethan and Gracelyn are doing great with him. They both have adjusted very well and it seems like Lincoln has been a part of our family for a long time. They love to kiss him and rub his head at random times throughout the day, it really is so precious. Jeremy went back to work on Wednesday so this is day 3 for me with all 3 kids at home. So far so good :) I am really enjoying each of them and being a momma of three. It's such a blessing to have healthy children! So so thankful.

Well, it sure feels like fall these days in Michigan. The last few mornings have been so cold and the kids clothes have gone from shorts and t-shirts to jogging pants and sweatshirts in a matter of just a few days. I just ordered some new pj's for the older two, Carter's is having a sale through Sunday, $9 a piece for their nice 1 piece fleece jammies. I ordered Ethan 3 pairs and Gracelyn 3 also. They both need some warm jammies for the fall/winter and have both moved up in size so I at least got a start on their jammies. I try to mainly get their clothes at garage sales and mom2mom sales to save $ but I don't always find everything I need so sometimes I have to pay the $9 and just deal with it :) I'm such a bargain shopper so I'm used to get jammies for a buck or two at garage sales. It is nice to have some new jammies for them though :)

Well, not much else to report. Gonna get my little princess Gracelyn up who likes to sleep the morning away and get some breakfast going and perhaps a cup of hot cocoa for myself.

Hope you all enjoy the upcoming weekend, I know I sure will :)

Much Love,

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