Sep 21, 2011

2 weeks already...

Our little Lincoln Jude is already 2 weeks old. I am so enjoying every moment with him, even the feedings in the middle of the night. I know how fast they change and grow and I just love this newborn stage so so much.

I took this photo of him this morning, does he get cuter and cuter by the day or what? We definitely know he has his daddy's eyes (even Jer agrees on this one!) and we think he will look most like daddy out of our three munchkins. Ethan seems to be a mix and Gracelyn is my mini-me, as people like to say. They are all so adorable and I couldn't love them any more!

Lincoln is doing well, he's a pretty happy baby. Only tends to cry or fuss when he needs a diaper change or is hungry. He does seem to have one thing in common with his big brother. He likes to spit up after he eats :) Maybe not as much as Ethan did but I definitely have to have a burp cloth handy! He gets the hiccups after almost every feeding (which is normal due to them sucking in air) and that is what seems to cause him to spit up. Gracelyn never spit up, it's funny how each baby really is different!

Speaking of my 3 kids, I found this beautiful silver pendant that I want to get that will have the kids names on it and their birthstones. I found it on Etsy and just fell in love with it. I'm thinking maybe I'll get it from profits from my next photo session, we'll see :)

I also have a new camera my heart has fallen in love with. I love my new lens and will forsure be using that for a long time but there is an upgraded camera body that I am slowly going to start saving up for. A friend of mine started getting into photography when I did. We both knew very little, both bought the same camera, etc. Last week as I was looking through her latest photo shoots I was amazed. Something looked different, the pictures looked amazing to me...way nicer than any of her past ones. I sent her a message and was like tell me what you learned because you need to teach me!

It was funny when she wrote back and told me, "Well, I upgraded my camera." Ha! That made sense, the clarity with her new camera compared to our old one (my current one) is a huge step up. She was impressed I could tell the difference...but I noticed immediately. Of course the camera I have now still takes wonderful photos...but the more and more I get into photography the more and more I realize how much nicer some cameras are and I really noticed the difference. She is getting busy with clients and felt it would be a good decision to upgrade to a bit of a nicer camera. Nicer camera = nicer photos. Every new photographer longs for that! I don't blame her and told her now I want the same one. Ha! All in time :)

Not much else to report. Just a quick update before my little Lincoln wakes up to eat. I'm loving being a momma of three and feeling so blessed to have these healthy children to call my own. And of course an amazing husband by my side to raise them with me. They sure love their daddy....which I love :)

Until next time,

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