Sep 6, 2011

Latest Update...

Came in to the hospital this morning at 10 for a NST/Ultrasound since baby boy was due Sunday. I brought everything with us in case we would be staying but really didn't think we would be. My midwife wasn't planning to induce unless there was something from NST or U/S that didn't come back right.

I first did the NST and passed that quickly. Waited an hour to get wheeled down for my U/S. Had the U/S (it's still a boy :)) and got wheeled back up to my room. My midwife came in about 30 minutes later and said I just may be staying. I was surprised.

Baby was measuring big....8lbs, 14oz but she doesn't believe it's accurate. Neither do I. Gracelyn was 5 days late and just 7lbs, 8oz. While Lincoln could be bigger, both my midwife and I don't think he's over 8lbs. She said it's off quite often.

So, she has to report to a doctor at the hospital due to me being past my due date and they make the final call. Doctors tend to want to induce once past due date, my midwife probably would have sent me home. I prayed over today and that whatever was supposed to happen would so I told her I'm ok with whatever. She came back and doc said he wanted me to have the 30 minute ultrasound done again.

2nd ultrasound showed same measurements...Jeanne said we will prove them wrong :) I've been having some mild cramping and contractions on my own so my midwife thinks there's a good chance with just one dose of gel, it will get things moving. I already plan on getting an epidural so once I'm dilated enough I will get one and then she said she will give me some Pitocin after that to get things really going and then we'll have a baby :)

It's 5pm and I'm still waiting for the gel to be inserted so I'm thinking his birthday will be on the 7th forsure. The gel can take many hours to get contractions going let alone active labor. I was checked 3 hours ago - just a 1.

Next update WILL be news that he's here. Stay tuned :)

Much Love,


Claire said...

Oh, Keri, my heart is pounding!!! I am beyond excited that Lincoln is coming!!! I'm seriously getting flutters and goosebumps and everything! Praying and I'm taking my ipod to bed with me so I can check whenever I wake up in the middle of the night to see if he's come yet! CAN"T WAIT! Praying for you for an AMAZING labor and delivery!!!!

GreatAunt Karen said...

Congratulations to all of you -- including Lincoln who's lucky to join such a wonderful family!