Sep 5, 2011

Change of plans....

Well, I decided to call my midwife this morning to touch base with her as far as the plan for tomorrow. I'm glad I did because things have changed a bit...or at least not what I was thinking.

I will go in the morning to the hospital for an ultrasound and non stress test, it can take hours so she said to expect to be there for awhile. If all comes back normal with tests then she will NOT be inducing me tomorrow.

The latest I can go is Sunday. She would induce me by Sunday if still no baby, the hospital won't let patients go over a week past their due date, it's a new policy. I really am hoping he isn't born on Sunday. 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Not my favorite day!

If all is well tomorrow and I go home then I have an appt. with her on Thursday and we will talk again then and see how I'm feeling and how things are going if still no baby. She would maybe induce Friday, it's all up in the air really.

I'm at peace with this. I prayed before calling her and know that God has the perfect time for our little one to be born. It's always better for things to happen naturally too if possible so we'll just keep waiting it out for now.

I will update tomorrow if I am going to be induced, otherwise you can all just assume baby is still hanging out in my belly :)

Much Love,

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