Feb 10, 2011

40 things about me ♥

A friend posted this on her blog...with 40 random things about her....I thought it was fun...here it goes :)

1. Cereal is my favorite food. If I was told I could no longer eat it, I honestly don't think I could survive.
2. I used to think I would never grow old enough to be a mom. So glad I was wrong!
3. I love gas station ice. It's my very favorite. Weird I know.
4. I love watermelon jolly ranchers.
5. When I was a kid, I always wanted to marry my brother. It was pretty devastating when I found out I wasn't allowed ;)
6. I met my husband at a Christian book store.
7. I had my own in home daycare for 3 years.
8. I'm the middle child and the favorite. You know it's true mom :)
9. I'm a lot like my Grandma Wallis, who I adore.
10. I almost died when I was 3. I choked on a peppermint candy while in church and my Grandpa saved my life. I remember it too!
11. My mom almost lost me when I was 26 weeks along in her belly.
12. Jeremy and I's birthday's are a day apart....plus 5 years.
13. Ethan was born 5 years to the day we got engaged....our Valentine's baby :)
14. We went to Siesta Key, Florida for our honeymoon.
15. I'm horrible at flossing my teeth. I rarely do it. Jeremy is the opposite.
16. I'm blind without my contacts.
17. I'm starting music class with the kids next week and am so excited about it.
18. I love frozen m&m's.
19. I love Mexican food.
20. I love Thai food.
21. I'm beyond excited that we are moving next month into a beautiful home.
22. I love to fish.
23. I love to plan vacations.
24. I think I would love to be a realtor...in a good economy that is :)
25. I'm a huge scrapbooker.
26. I love to take pictures.
27. I'm going away with my hubby tomorrow night for the first time since before we had kids. Eeekkk!
28. I could spend an entire day in Babies R Us and not get bored.
29. I talk in my sleep.
30. I love to shop at TJ Maxx.
31. I love Coca Cola.
32. I love being married. It's so wonderful....going on 8 years this August :)
33. I think this baby is a boy.
34. I love to organize.
35. I'm suddenly feeling nauseous. Blah.
36. I love to entertain and host parties.
37. My mom calls me Kerbear. She's the only one that's allowed :)
38. I'm not looking forward to labor but can't wait to hold our new baby.
39. I strongly dislike the cold Michigan winters.
40. I am blessed with amazing family on all sides!

40 random facts about me :)

All is well with the Harrison's. Jeremy and I leave tomorrow afternoon for a day/night away together. We haven't had a night away from the kids since before Ethan was born. My mom is watching them during the day and my sister is coming over to be with them the rest of the day and sleepover. We are going to the marriage retreat with our church. We'll only be a half hour away but having an entire 24 hours alone together will be such a special treat! We plan to have lunch at our favorite restaurant in Canton....maybe see a movie in the afternoon and then meet up with some friends that night for dinner. Then Saturday morning is the marriage conference for a few hours and my pastor and his wife will be speaking. It should be a great time and a much needed getaway for my hubby and I. Can't wait to spend lots of time with him :)

The kids are doing well. They've been healthy most of the winter and I'm so thankful. Ethan will be 3 on Monday, it's really hard to believe. I feel it was just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital and now he's gonna be 3! We're celebrating this Sunday with the family at Safari Playground...an indoor playground that is newly built that is our favorite spot to hang out during the cold winters. In fact, I took the kids this morning with some friends - it was great :) I'm looking forward to celebrating 3 wonderful years with my boy...he's so precious and melts my heart.

Gracelyn is 4 months away from turning 2...I can't believe how fast these little ones are growing up. I cherish each day with them so much and adore them to pieces. I think daily how they simply are the cutest little people on the planet and can't believe they're mine. What cute babies my hubby and I make :) The little one in my belly seems to be doing good, thank you Jesus! I'm 10.5 weeks and baby is the size of a prune :) I can't wait for another month or two to pass so that I can start feeling the baby kick....it's always so amazing!

Well, that's all for now folks...enjoy the weekend :)

Much Love,
Momma Keri ♥

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Lisa - Happy Mama said...

Love the list! It's so fun to hear all of those things about you. Some I knew, a lot I didn't.

Oooo man, I am SO excited that you get to have a night/day away with your hubs! YAY! We haven't gone away together in......ugh like 3.5 years or so. We were just joking last night that we should take off this weekend when our babysitter comes over. Ha! Anyway, have a wonderful time. Are you getting chinese food? Pepper steak perhaps?