Feb 15, 2011

Can't believe he's already three!

Our little valentine turned 3 yesterday. Can you believe it?

I have to be honest and say that as happy as I am to be his momma, I'm really glad I don't have to physically re-live that day! My labor with my Ethan was oh so miserable...and I'm just really glad it's over with :)

It's really hard to believe he's 3. It seems just like yesterday that I took that pregnancy test on Father's Day and got my very first positive! It was so exciting!

We had a little party for E over the weekend with our families. We played and ate dinner at Safari Playground - a local indoor play ground that the kids love. It's a smaller place but really clean and the owner is so great. The kids had fun playing, eating cake and Ethan opening a few presents.

He got some Michigan shirts from Papa Ray and Grandma Jude and a memory game and my parents and siblings went in together and got him one of those fun ride on remote cars. He is going to LOVE riding on that this spring/summer. In fact, he'll probably run out the battery the first day of using it! Ha. Hopefully it seats 2 so that little sis can ride with him - otherwise I foresee lots of fits and tears over this thing :)

Yesterday I just hung out at home with the kids and let Ethan decide what he wanted for lunch and then he got some more birthday cake after dinner. We had a good day together and I thank God so much for this sweet boy of mine.

It's bittersweet to watch your kids grow. It's hard sometimes to see how fast they are growing up but I feel so so so thankful to the Lord that Ethan is healthy. Many parents are struggling with very ill children and I can't imagine being in their shoes. It would be extremely difficult. I feel so blessed that my kids are healthy and that Ethan is growing and thriving so well.

I took Ethan to his 3 year check up yesterday with the doctor. Ethan is doing great and doing everything he should be - I'm so thankful. I remember at his 2 year check up our doctor was a little concerned about his lack of talking. He had mentioned for Ethan to maybe see a neurologist and I remember leaving the doctors office upset. I knew Ethan was totally fine and just a late talker. I had read multiple articles on walking/talking and how many kids are just late in those areas and that it's very normal. Ethan was an early walker though - at just 10 months old. I knew Ethan could hear well, understand and was smart...it just took him awhile longer to talk. I had no concerns or worries about it. I know some parents can be in denial about issues their kids may have, but I knew it wasn't that for me, I've watched MANY children, had my own daycare and I knew early on he was a late talker but didn't feel there was anything to be concerned about. Granted, I understand that the doctor isn't with him everyday so he only goes by "the norm" so I didn't take it to much to heart. He's a fantastic doctor, we love him!

Ethan has improved so much in the past year. He still struggles to pronounce certain letters and words but we continue to work with him and he's doing great. He sings the ABC song, counts to 10, knows his shapes and colors, his name and age - he's doing everything and more. Way to go buddy!

The doc commented on his talking and how he seems to be talking so much more and I was like yup, he's doing great!

Here were his stats:

Weight: 34.6 lbs - 76% tile / 33% tile for body mass
Height: 39.5 inches - 90% tile.

He's still my tall boy!

I have a feeling I'll be buying 4T clothes for him very soon...he hasn't been in 3T very long but his jammies have already been getting a little small on him.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of my sweet Ethan Craig. Oh how I love him so!

Just born
Bonding with my boy

9 months ♥
16 months - a week after Gracelyn was born ♥
26 months ♥ (This is one of my all time favorite photos. He is just SO precious!)
And the most recent picture of my handsome little man ♥

What a blessing he is! He melts my heart and I love being his momma!

Well, today is the kids first day of music class. It's on Tuesday's from 11:15-noon at a nearby church. I'm looking forward to taking the kids - I think they'll both love it.

One blessed momma,
Keri ♥

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