Feb 24, 2011

Blog Makeover :)

What do you think of the new look? I had fun giving my blog a makeover this morning. A fresh new look for Spring....which isn't far away :)

Lots of little exciting things going on.

First, I hit the 12 week mark in my pregnancy. Yay! Baby is now the size of a plum and I'm feeling great. The nausea seems to be gone which is wonderful. It didn't last long - so thankful. I go to the doctors on Monday for my next appt and will get to hear the heartbeat. Always so wonderful ♥

Also, we decided on a girl name over the weekend! Yay! Big news for us! I've been searching for almost a year and haven't found anything I just loved. Saturday Jeremy saw a name in our name book that he mentioned he liked and it was funny because I had stopped at that name probably 3 or 4 times when looking through the book the past few months. So, after finding a spelling we liked best and saying it out loud for a couple days - we both really love it. It feels great to have our names picked :)

Now, here's the part some of you will not be too happy to hear. We also decided we aren't going to find out what we're having. We talked about this my last pregnancy and we talked about it again the other day and we both think it would be really cool to wait. Seeing as we already have one of each and that we will be completely happy either way - it would be so exciting to let it be a surprise. Especially for me, after going through most likely another long labor...that moment of hearing boy or girl will be so exciting! I LOVE surprises and I can't imagine a better one! So, that's the latest on our little peanut ♥

Ethan and Gracelyn are doing great. I so love being their mom. I know I say it all the time but I really do. I love both of their personalities and they get more fun the older they get. They make me smile and laugh everyday - that's a pretty great quality :) I'm just so blessed to have such cute and fun kids!

Ethan is talking more and more - it's so funny. He's been saying a couple new phrases that get us laughing...mainly because we don't know where he picked them up from. One of them is just, "What that noise? What that noise mom?" anytime he hears anything. The other one is so funny. We were walking through Art Van the other day...pushing the kids along in the stroller and Ethan saw this statue...it was only maybe 3 feet tall and it was sitting up on a dresser or something. He looked it and asked us, "What that guy doing? What that guy doing?" We both busted out laughing. We have no clue where he's picked that up but it sure is cute. Especially when we are out and the times he uses it. Just so funny!

Gracelyn is doing well. Cute as ever and fiesty as ever :) Pretty sure this girl of mine will not be doing ballet but probably playing tackle football with the boys. Ha! She is so sweet though and just perfect to me. I love how confident she is in everything she does. She's precious.

We are getting closer and closer to our big move next month - we cannot wait to move in! It will be fun to decorate once again and make it our own and buy a few new things for the house. Also, we are excited for Ethan because we decided once we move in we are going to convert his bed to a full bed! He will LOVE it. I so love the kids convertible cribs and how they convert to a day bed and then full bed. I mean, they can keep them until they're 18 - so worth the money! So anyways, we already have an extra full size mattress upstairs in Gracelyn's room that I mainly just used when I was nursing (sometimes it's nice to lay down and nurse when you are oh so sleepy in the night) so all we have to buy is some bedding for it. I found a set I like at Target. I ordered the sheets that coordinate with it today online but haven't bought the quilt yet. They didn't have it in stock online. Maybe I'll go back to Target tonight and see if they have it in the store. I think I saw one left in the size I need ♥ All I know is I can't wait...Ethan will LOVE being in a big bed and I know will think it's so fun!

I was at Target last night (oh how I love that place!) and saw a crib I really liked. I was surprised to see they are reasonably priced and it even converts too. Although I think you have to buy the conversion rails separate...but still, really nice for the price! We'll see :)

Tuesday night was fun! We had a date night. A double date night. Jer and I and then my brother and a girl who I knew from camp that I haven't seen in 10 plus years. We got Mexican at a restaurant in Canton for dinner and then went to the Red Wings game after. It was so much fun! My brother paid for everything, he even bought be cotton candy - what a guy :) Thanks again mom for babysitting so late for us - we enjoyed ourselves!

That's the latest with us. We are enjoying life and everything God has blessed our lives with. He is so good!

Much Love,
Momma Keri ♥

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Lisa Gonzalez - Happy Mama said...

Love the new look :) Very cute.

It sounds like everything is moving right along. YAY!