Feb 28, 2011

Weekend Goodness ♥

The weeks are flying by! I can't believe tomorrow is already March 1st. I'm excited because that means we are moving in just a couple weeks. Yay! The garage is full of empty boxes and soon we'll be packing :) We are set to close Friday the 18th and then moving in on the 19th. I can't wait!

I went to the mall on Friday with the kids and Ethan got his first professional haircut :) I decided to go to Carnival Cuts because I wasn't sure how he would do (and that place is SO fun for kids!) but he did awesome. Totally loved it. I'm sure the sucker, bouncy ball, balloon and getting to sit in a fun hot rod car chair helped :) He was so cute...he sat so still while she cut his hair and did so great! Gracelyn was watching from her stroller...hoping and praying she wasn't next. Ha! Anyhow, he looks beyond handsome and is really looking old and growing up on me. Sorry I haven't taken a pic yet, but soon :)

I also ran in to Target with the kids and was able to get Ethan's new bedding. It's out of stock almost everywhere (including online) but the Target in Auburn Hills had 2 left so I was able to snatch one. I think we may just need to get one guard rail and then we'll be ready to set it up at the new place. Can't wait!

My brother came out on Saturday and hung out most of the day. The two of us went out looking at furniture for a couple hours while the kids and daddy took a nap. He's closing on his very first place very soon (so happy for him!) so he's just looking at his options. While we were out, I found a nice kitchen table set I liked. We've been talking about getting a new one since our current one is too small for a growing family of five. It was at the same place we bought our couches from and so the owner remembered me...even though it was 5 years ago we got our couches! Anyhow, he is a lot of fun (he's probably close to 80 years old) and he was trying to get me to buy it then and surprise my hubby. I told him, "Sorry, that's not how we work. Gotta talk things through first." Ha. I knew Jer would probably be fine with it since we were already talking about getting one and we have the same taste but I of course wanted to talk it over with him first. So, we left and then I called him and told him about the table...that it was on sale AND that I could use my negotiating skills to maybe get it even a little cheaper. He said go for it! So, I was able to talk the guy down another $75 and get free delivery, which is normally $80. It's ordered but they are going to wait to deliver it until we move in to the new house. Craig and Jer actually went back later because Craig decided to get some lamps he saw and Jer was able to see the table and liked it too. Yay! The old guy was like, "You've trained your wife well. She's even better than you at wheeling and dealing." Ha!

The table seats 6 but comes with a leaf and can get even bigger, which is s ogreat. I love it :) Here's a pic....although you can't totally see the design. It has some thick lighter wooded lines on top that makes it kinda fun and different.

Jeremy also ordered me a label maker this weekend :) I am pretty geeked about it. I love to organize and can't wait to have my walk in pantry in our new house totally organized and labeled with containers. Be jealous :)

We then came home and I made some really yummy Chicken Quesdillas. We had Chips and Salsa, Jer made some Guacamole and I busted open a 2 liter of Coke. My kind of Saturday night :)

Yesterday we went to church in the morning (where Ethan continues to do great in his new class! Praise God!) and had a good day together as a family. We just finished up a series on relationships...the pastor talked on friendships, marriage, parenting. It was great. Next week I believe a new series begins speaking on God's Word. Should be good stuff :)

Tonight is Women's Ministry at church. Always SO SO good. It's just once a month and it's always so refreshing. I'm meeting my dear friend Layne for dinner beforehand. It's gonna be a good night :)

Other than that, nothing too new with the Harrison fam. I'm 13 weeks along today and baby is now the size of a peach :) Tomorrow I have an appt...and I will get to hear that sweet heartbeat...so I can't wait :)

Hope you all are well and enjoying life to the fullest!

Off to fold laundry and listen to the awesome new Bethel CD. I highly recommend it!

Here's one of my very favorite songs that is on the new album. Jesus Culture and others sing it too. So thankful that God's love never fails...it never runs out on me! It goes on and on and on!!

Momma Keri ♥

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Hi Keri, Love, love, love the table! love Emma