Mar 2, 2011

Baby Appt ♥

Yesterday I had my dr. appt to check on baby. It's been a month since I've been to the doctor's so I was looking forward to going in and hearing that heartbeat. All is well with the little one and heartbeat is strong. Thank you Jesus! She said I gained a whopping 1 lb in the last month, 9lbs total so far and that wasn't much. Good to know :)

It was a quick appt...checking the heartbeat and seeing how I was feeling. I go back in 4 weeks for my next appt and my ULTRASOUND. March 31st at 8:15am is my big ultrasound. I immediately could feel myself caving, thinking I'm just not sure I can wait and not find out the gender. Finding out the gender has always been my most exciting day of my it's hard to politely decline that! Either way of course I'll have my ultrasound to check on baby and make sure all is well and growing right but I couldn't believe we could find out this month.

I came home telling Jer how I'm not sure that I can do it, etc. but he really wants to wait. He knows I love surprises and thinks I'll be disappointed if we find out. He may be right but I love knowing because I'm a planner. I like to call baby by name, buy gender specific items and have clothes washed and ready...but, waiting to find out really would be such an amazing experience. So, I guess if my hubby can keep me strong, we'll be waiting.

We also went to Music Class yesterday. Ethan absolutely loves going! He follows all the instructions so wonderfully and listens to the teacher and copies everything she tells the kids to do. Hand gestures and such that go along with the songs. He's the only kid who's in the middle of the circle dancing and so excited the entire time. I love it :) Gracelyn is starting to warm up a bit more. The first week we went she sat on my lap almost the entire time. This week she did in the beginning and at different times but for the most part she was getting the different instruments and having fun too. For a dollar per kid a week - it sure is worth our time and money!

I'll leave you with a cute thing Ethan said to me a few days ago. I was cleaning the kitchen counter tops and he came up to me and in complete sincerity and seriousness says to me, "Good job cleaning mom." It was the cutest thing ever. He makes my heart melt everyday - oh how I love that sweet boy of mine. He's precious.

That's about all for now. Just wanted to post and share that all is well with baby. I'm so thankful.

Much Love,
Momma Keri ♥

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