Feb 4, 2009

Trusting God

I am learning what it means to trust God on a daily basis.

I was a little down earlier due to something that I don't want to mention because I am not looking for a pity party or for someone else to take on a burden....things are fine....but I am just being real in saying I was a little down today and discouraged.

I think it's important to admit this sometimes because it isn't real to always act like you are doing awesome and that life never gets you down. Of course I don't like dwelling on the things we cannot change either because I know God is the answer.

I am just really learning what it means to trust God....of course I have learned this many times in my life during different situations but it is a constant choice to trust God. I can easily dwell in self pity and dwell on the negative if I want...or I can be positive, claim the Word and look to Him for comfort on days that I feel down.

That is what I am choosing to do today...because even though I may be feeling discouraged I know that God is bigger than any problem that comes my way and that He's going to provide for me in every area.

When I felt real down earlier I said to myself, "Keri, how about you forget about that stuff and just start thinking about the ways God has blessed you recently." I immediately thought of my in-laws buying us a brand new crib for the baby, my brother in law buying us the baby's bedding and other things that have been a blessing that have happened recently. So, I'm choosing to dwell on the positive....the good....and not let the negative get me down.

On another note, I have my next doctor's appt. tomorrow for the baby so that will be fun. It's at 2:45 and Ethan will get to hear his baby sister's heartbeat again....he thought it was so cool sitting up on the table with mommy last time :)

Trusting in Him,

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Anonymous said...

I think you posted a powerful post! Yes we all go through life and sometimes its hard..and we have unexpected surprises that the Lord allows in our life. Sometimes life is hard..BUT GOD IS GOOD!
What you said...YOU DECIDED TO MAKE A CHOICE and that is so what God wants us to do....choose to trust him..when we dont understand..when we are challenged with hard stuff...to Believe God that he knows what he is doing in our lives. If we claim his word like you said..that is pure faith..believing in Gods word when we cant see our way clear! We have the word...and sometimes in my life that is what i do..when life is difficult...just spend time with God..and make a decision to act on his word by faith..to trust him completely ..to believe him...and so often God will show up as he is watching down on us...to see our attitude of trust!
Keep trusting him ker....its a testimony...and he will move in his time...when he knows best. God is good...and I think its great when we are real...like you were in your post.

Love you