Jan 31, 2009

Goodbye January!

It is the last day of January and I am very excited about that. It tends to be the longest month ever in Michigan. February always seems to go by fast being a short month plus we have a little man during 1 on Valentine's Day. Really cannot believe it.

So I changed my mind on the bedding for the baby. I found a set we both like that is a much better quality than the one I originally chose from Walmart and it's still girly and on clearance so it will be fun to put it all together in another month or so. Rumor has it Jeremy's brother is buying the bedding for us which came to a surprise to us but we'll see....regardless, the biggest purchase (the crib) we have already been blessed with so we can pick up the mattress and bedding (if needed) later on. I am looking forward to putting it all together when we get everything.

Ethan has his 8th tooth popping through. We had a feeling he was maybe teething this past week because he's been a little fussy at times and had his fingers in his mouth a lot. He wasn't as fussy as he normally gets so I wasn't sure but sure enough it popped through yesterday. It's so funny to me that he has 4 in a row up top and 4 in a row on the bottom...or maybe that is normal and that is how baby's teeth come in and I just don't know that :) Anyhow, he really is starting to look older to us....definitely has lost the baby face look and is quickly looking like a toddler.

Update on Jer....he is feeling great and all is well....still praising God for that, He's so good!

I am really not excited about Ethan's 1 year shots....each time it gets worse and last time was really bad and hard on mommy and that was 6 months ago. I just really hate going and I've been back and forth with the whole shots things. I read the good and I read the bad with immunizations and I feel a little torn about it. One day I feel good that he's getting them, the next I'm not. There's a lot of debates about autism being linked to vaccinations but there has been no promising proof that the two relate. I did ask his ped. to get me the exact ingredients that are in each of the shots he gets and he took the time to call the companies and get that information for me so I appreciated that. He sent them to me and I looked them over...I didn't see thimerosal in them which was my main concern/question so that made me feel better. It's one of those things it seems that people feel strongly for or strongly against....and I don't really like talking about it with people and hearing their "opinion" I just pray about it and ask God to guide us in each decision we make with our kids and pray he protects them and gives us wisdom. I don't want to live in fear but I always want to have peace about the decisions we make....as I'm sure every parent does. Anyhow, not looking forward to shots....it's kept me up a couple times the past few nights....your heart just breaks for them when you see them in pain and he's a strong little guy and can imagine he will kick and scream and fight it. Sigh.

Well, I am quite sleepy today...I think I might lay down for a nap when Ethan does a little later. Feeling great though and the baby is good and I am blessed.

We are going over to some friends house tomorrow for a Super Bowl Party so that should be fun. We used to always host it but with last year it being so close to Ethan's birth and this year not having tons of space to have people over we thought we'll have to wait for another year to host it again. I'm rooting for the cardinals.....not just because of Kurt Warner but also because they are the under dog team and I like when the under dog's win :)

Have a great weekend all.

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