Jan 30, 2009

Blessed Beyond Measure

It has been an interesting night/morning. Jeremy woke up at 3am feeling very sick to his stomach....I was praying and praying and praying and just rejoicing that God is our healer, He does NOT give us sickness and I was believing that he wouldn't throw up and that he would come back to bed and get some rest. 15 minutes later he came back to bed.

I was rejoicing and praising God, thank you thank you. There was someone else rejoicing also for the next hour and a half...so rejoicing that she was kicking me and kept me awake until 5am. Silly girl. Needless to say I was very tired this morning and didn't even see Jer or say goodbye before he left for work.

I woke up feeling so blessed. Blessed that God answered my cry of help for Jeremy during the night. Blessed because I am having a little girl who I am so excited to see and meet. Blessed because I have this beautiful little boy who is standing up in his crib waiting for me in the mornings. I felt overwhelmed by God's love and just so excited to start my day with Ethan and to be pregnant with this little girl we call "Bertha."

Jeremy called me an hour or so later telling me he was still feeling sick but went to work. I had no idea. He went on to tell me that everyone prayed for him at work and that he was feeling better right now. Praise God. Little did I know that today is a potentially big day for Jeremy at work. He has 3 big appts. to go on that potentially could be huge clients. We both felt the enemy was trying to attack him physically (this isn't the first time) because he knew what a big day this would be for Jeremy. His big meetings are at 10:45, 1:00 and 2:00 and I am praying that Jeremy feels great, for favor and just for God to wrap His big arms around him today and pour out His love for Jeremy.

Jeremy is a private person and I'm not even sure he would want me to share this....so please don't bring it up to him if you see him tonight (for those who are going to Bible Study) unless he shares it with you. Just pray for him today if he comes to mind. I think sometimes the more we "talk" about sickness or the enemy attacking us physically the easier it is to be consumed with those thoughts....especially for Jeremy. He has struggled with this many times before and just the enemy having this strange attack on his mind and body so we are constantly praying about this. I felt God's love so much though for Jeremy last night and for me that he answered my prayer completely and that he did not start throwing up like he has in the past. We feel it's the enemy, not a flu bug so I was in deep prayer about this at 3am. Just praying against it ya know? We are God's children and His will does not involve His children being sick....just like I would never give Ethan a sickness to "teach" him a lesson. That is such garbage and it burns me up everytime I hear people say stuff like that.

Jeremy and our friend Adam went to pick up the crib last night....they have a van so we didn't have to ask my dad to borrow his truck which is a blessing and a big time saver :) I so want to set it up but think it makes the most sense to wait until I have her bedding and mattress...then we will put it all together and wait for her to get here:)

I feel more anxious and patient at the same time for her to get here. Does that even make sense? I feel anxious because I am so excited about having a little girl and just really looking forward to having a newborn again. I feel I will enjoy things a bit more this time around as I just did it all with Ethan so I won't have the frustration of trying to learn how to nurse and just all of those little things that can be nerve wrecking the first time around.

I say I feel patient at the same time because I am really enjoying these days with just Ethan and him being the only baby and getting all the attention for a few more months. I'm also enjoying my sleep ;)

When I go to get Ethan in the mornings he is normally always standing up waiting for me and it's so cute because as soon as he sees me he bends down and picks up his blanket and hands it to me. I'm not really sure why as I have never done this with him but I think it's the cutest thing and I wonder what he's thinking when he does that.

Anyhow, I feel so blessed today...because God is bigger and better than the devil and because He loves me so much to DIE for me. I don't think there are many people we could honestly say we would die a horrible death for....let alone a stranger.

Blessed beyond measure,

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