Jan 28, 2009

Our little girl's bedding :)

I have been looking online ever since we found out we were having a girl for bedding for this little princess that is on the way. I found this one set that I liked but it was $160 for the set and I just couldn't justify spending that much. I found Ethan's online at Kmart for $60 for the whole set.

I haven't had much luck but decided to look on Walmart's website again....or maybe I didn't look as much as I thought I did I'm not sure. Anyhow, I found this one that I like....I think it's so pretty and just looks like the perfect set for a summer baby. The best news is it's $69 for the set which is awesome! That means $100 cheaper than the other one I liked....looks like Walmart is going to get my business a lot with this baby. First the crib (ok I didn't pay for that) and now the bedding. Maybe I will go into labor when I'm at Walmart also? :)

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