Feb 19, 2009


I took our little guy in to the doctor's today because he hasn't been feeling great the past couple days...he's been ok, not extremely fussy but woke up early yesterday morning crying and then woke up at 1:30am last night crying which is unusual for him.

I noticed when I was changing his poopy diapers that he would cry when I wiped his boy parts and it would be red after poopy diapers. I knew something was up so I took him to the doctor's today to get checked out. The doctor said it looked like Rotovirus (Ethan had the vaccine for it at 2, 4 & 6 months). It's a vomiting and diarrhea illness. Ethan hasn't vomited at all but his diapers have definitely been more like diarrhea the past couple days. The reason it has gotten red after poopy diapers is because the virus causes the chemicals/acids in the BM to burn their skin. The doctor prescribed a creme that I'm supposed to apply twice a day and it should be better in about a week. It's extremely contagious....the funny thing is (and I don't say this to place blame) is Ethan has been healthy for the past 2 months and we have not put him in the nursery at church...well this past Sunday was the first time he was in the nursery and sure enough this week he's sick. I am not saying that to place blame, it's just inevitable I feel in church, daycare, etc. when their are a lot of kids in a small area. Kids catch things so easily and it's hard to get rid of every single germ when you have kids coming in and out. I had a daycare and I know how hard it is to keep things really clean...and germ free....so not placing any blame, it just kinda confirms to us why we try and keep him out of the nursery, especially during the winter months when kids get sick so much.

Doc said to keep him hydrated and it should be out of his system in a week or less. Just praying that he doesn't vomit from it....he's putting up with the messy diapers pretty good...it's just important to change him asap after he has a BM. The doc also told me to cake on vaseline/aquaphor (a baby vaseline) between the creme applications...it serves as a barrier so when he does have a BM it won't burn his skin. He's been pretty happy the rest of the afternoon and I'm hoping he sleeps good tonight. Between him getting me up for an hour in the night and baby girl kicking and moving so much after that I was up for a couple hours last night...I think it's just a reminder to not get used to my sleep ;)

Ethan is really getting so old...I tried rocking him last night back to sleep...and could not believe how big he was to rock...so long and heavy...he's like a toddler, does not feel like a baby in any way anymore. He sure is adorable and makes us laugh and smile all the time. He does the funniest things and makes the funniest faces.

Please continue to pray for Randa, the missing woman that is the sister to a family in our church. (She has come to church a few times as well) She has been missing for 8 days now and they really feel someone has her or did something to her. It is so heartbreaking and I can't imagine the feeling of not knowing where someone you love is...she just disappeared and it doesn't make any sense to the family as they talk with her multiple times during the day. They dropped her off one night at her apartment here in Fenton at 11:30 pm and at 7:30am the next day she was missing. No sign of foul play and just really no clues as to what happened or where she could be. The police and volunteers have searched by foot twice, helicopters as well as had K9 dogs out. Nothing. Please continue to pray for the family and that Randa will be found.

I cannot believe our little girl will be here in 15 weeks! It doesn't seem that long and this pregnancy is going by so much faster to me than with Ethan...I know it's because I have Ethan to keep me busy! I can't wait for Ethan to meet his sissy and have a playmate...it's so cute because I will rub my belly and say "baby" to him and he looks at me, looks at my belly and then rubs it too....it's so precious. I hope he adores her. I always loved watching Benjamin (one of my daycare kids) with his little sister Kimberly...he adored her, protected her and told me Kim is his best friend, just so cute! Speaking of Ben and Kim, here's a picture I took of the three of us at Ethan's party....aren't they the cutest? I sure miss the kids.

Hope everyone is well!

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