Feb 20, 2009

It's the weekend!

Well, Ethan is doing ok. He did throw up once last night after he had his bottle. Ugh. He went right back to playing though and laughed as daddy cleaned it up. What a stinker! He slept through the night which was an answer to prayer and the creme the doctor prescribed is really helping his bottom, it hasn't been nearly as red after he has a BM.

I was reading up on it some yesterday and today and it is extremely contagious and adults can get it also. I was reading how moms tend to get it sometimes because they are normally the ones changing the icky diapers so often and it's just easy to catch. Sure enough, I haven't been feeling so well today so I'm thinking I might have it too. I think we'll just take it easy this weekend and stay home and get better. Ethan's been happy today though, playing and being himself, just the messy diapers still....so he's doing just fine.

I got Ethan's 1 year pictures done at JCPenney's the other day...it went as well as I thought it could seeing as he doesn't like to sit still or stand still. I got a couple cute ones although some of the cute ones involved him holding a gerber daisy flower that he insisted on holding over the balls...oh well, what can ya do:)

Nothing else too much to report...just wanted to update on Ethan and how he's been doing since yesterday. I'm sure he'll be a lot better by Monday...and hopefully mommy doesn't get it too bad, praying I won't and that our house is back to health!

Tomorrow is the baby closet which I was planning on being there for but decided it's probably not the best idea in case I do have what Ethan has, don't want to spread any germs around.

I just had to post this picture of Ethan I found...isn't he precious? He was only maybe a week old, and I remember this was a preemie outfit...even though he wasn't a preemie baby...he had skinny bird legs back then ;)

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