Feb 26, 2009

26 weeks already!

Yesterday marked 26 weeks for mommy and baby girl. I really cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is going, I am getting so excited to meet her and have a little girl and dress a little girl :) I can't wait to put her crib up soon and put everything together, it makes it all that much more real!

Ethan is doing good. I figured out why he was up crying at 2am the other night...he is getting his 1st molar! I couldn't believe it....a molar already! 2 of the points are popped through so just waiting for the other 2 to pop through. This makes tooth #9 for him, he sure is a teether! I was praying he would sleep through last night and he did so I was so thankful to get some rest. He really only seems to cry or wake up crying if he's teething but he didn't have a fever and as soon as I held him he was fine so I wasn't sure if that was it or not....and I didn't see anything coming through...but sure enough it must have been popping through in the night because I saw it yesterday. What a big boy, getting all these teeth!

He's been pretty happy today and playing well so that's good.

I am looking forward to this afternoon. Our church is having "Antiquities" those old time looking photos coming to the church the next 3 days and it costs just $10 for your sitting fee and a 10x13 picture and someone paid for Ethan to get his done, so sweet! Thanks Lisa! So, I'm taking him up there later this afternoon to get it done...will be interesting to see what he thinks of having some outfit on and some props to probably hold :)

Well that's about all for now. Hope everyone is well and blessed!

Keri & Baby "B"

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