Feb 26, 2009

Ethan and the Terrible, Horrible No Good, Very Bad day :(

I remember that book as a kid.....although I changed the name ;)

Well, it has by far been the hardest day in Ethan's life. It started great, he slept through last night and he was playing so well this morning and was so happy....then suddenly around 11am he just started to scream bloody murder. I assumed it was his molar still trying to come through since it was only half through and was causing pain the day before. I gave him some orajel for his gums and some Tylenol, he felt a little warm which is normal with teething.

Well, he was just screaming in pain....so bad that I almost thought he was going to throw up it was so bad. It was horrible and he was just clinging on to me so tight. I finally was able to rock him to sleep and then tried laying him down in his crib. Mistake #1. He instantly started to scream again....I then rocked him to sleep the 2nd time and laid him down on me on the bed....waited a few minutes then tried moving him on to the bed. That was mistake #2. Instantly started screaming. Did the same thing the third time and just let him lay on me while he napped even though I was uncomfortable. Well, I then suddenly smelled that he was poopy but I finally got him back to sleep and didn't want him to start screaming again. Once he woke up from his nap I went to change his diaper and his bottom was so red and I could barely clean him he was in so much pain. The Rotovirus that he's had causes his BM's to burn his skin....and it was getting better but after him sitting in it for an hour it really irritated it. I felt so horrible for him. Changed him and then he calmed down after a bit. I was able to still run up to the church with him and get his pictures done which I had cancelled thinking it was NOT the day for pictures but he happened to be happy for an hour so it worked out.

We got home and I was playing with him and he had another messy diaper and once he went he instantly started to scream bloody murder again. I know it's because it's burning his skin, that's part of the Rotovirus...the acids cause it to do that. So then I thought to myself, "I don't think it was his molar earlier that was causing so much pain" (although yesterday it was) and I knew it was his bottom that was causing so much pain. I changed him of course and his bottom is so red and he was screaming so bad I almost started to cry myself. Just horrible and by far the worst pain I have seen him in :(

I decided to call the doctor again about this....he wasn't in but I spoke to one of the other doctor's and filled her in as to what's going on...told her about the prescription creme that Ethan's doctor gave me last week....seemed to work and help but then today it got real bad. She prescribed a different creme that she think will help better since the other one isn't doing the trick. Bummer thing is it takes 24 hours to fill because the pharmacy has to mix different ingredients together so I can't get it until tomorrow. So, basically anytime Ethan has a BM he screams and cries horrible and I try my best to lightly and gently wipe him but his bum is just so bad and so red. The doc told me to put vaseline and desitin on every diaper change until I get his new creme tomorrow so that's what I've been doing.

It's just destroyed me today. I've never seen him in such pain and I'm just praying for his bottom and that God will heal it and that the new creme will work really good. I have a feeling he will wake up in the night tonight because of his bottom but I'm praying he can rest and get a good night of sleep like last night....praying he doesn't have a BM in the night because I don't want him to sit in it...but I know he will wake up crying if he does go.

It's so hard when they are this little to know what's wrong since they can't tell you. I know this is why now and his molar may still be bothering him too but it's obvious his butt is really bad and causing the majority of the pain. He's just too sweet to be dealing with such great pain and I can't wait until it's better and he can go potty like normal again without him being in pain. Please pray for him and that God will heal this rash and that this Rotovirus will be gone.

Thanks so much!

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