Feb 10, 2009

I have a Son!

So I was in the kitchen doing dishes and Ethan walked over to me and looked up at me and I had this moment. I had this "I have a son!" moment. You think I would have already had this moment seeing that Ethan will be ONE on Saturday....I think it was something about the way he looked. He is walking like an adult now and the way he looks today with his jeans and long sleeve shirt just made me feel like he's a toddler, he's old.....which then made me think about how I'm a mom now....not a mommy like when he's 5 months but a mom. I'm pretty sure I am making no sense at all right now to anyone but myself, haha!

I just felt like "Oh my goodness, he's a walking kid now and I'm starting my family and growing up!" it was a weird moment but it made me smile real big and thank God I am here....at this stage of my life. I know I have mentioned in the past I never thought I would grow old enough (I know, like 27 is old) to be a mom. I don't know if I thought Jesus would come back or it just seemed so long away but I never thought I would grow old enough to start a family. Strange I know but one of those thoughts I always had....so anyways, I just feel blessed to be a mom and I still can't believe Ethan is ours and without Jeremy and I together he wouldn't be here. Being a mom is just the most incredible experience and I love everything about it....ok except for when he's sick!

I am wondering when I will have this "moment" that I have a daughter....maybe when she's 2? :) I'm excited about her arriving in June, I think it's the perfect month to have a baby...I'll walk out of the hospital with my new little peanut in short sleeves, it's gonna be great!

Here's a silly picture of Ethan from this morning....gotta love this scrunchy nose/face he does!

Ps. I have a son!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I HAVE A GRANDSON!!!!!!!!!!

~The Harrison Family~ said...

Haha, very funny mom....and thanks!

jude said...

It's so wonderful to realize that you and Jer have the perfect combination of genes to create these little miracles. We rejoice with you. Jude