Feb 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

I just wanted to wish my sweet valentine a Happy 1st Birthday! I really cannot believe it's already been a whole year since he was born. It has gone by so fast and I have enjoyed being a mom so much. I love watching him grow and develop into the unique and amazing little boy that God created him to be.

We are having a birthday party for him tomorrow at our place. We were supposed to have it at the clubhouse here at our apartments but due to the fire the clubhouse is full of donated goods so it wasn't going to be available. It will be a little cramped but we'll make it work for a few hours for our sweet boy! It should be a fun time, can't wait to see him dig into his cake that I made for him :)

It's definitely been an eventful weekend but I am so blessed that we have been available to help these families in any way we can. I will be sure and post more details and some cool stories soon. NBC interviewed me earlier today and we saw it on the news earlier...I was so excited that they aired the two lines from my 2 minute interview that involved God! I want Him to get the glory and not "my works" or what I did, it's all about Him and I know He protected so many of these families from the outcome being worse.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend....I am so thankful today for everything God has given us, so many families are starting completely over. Please continue to pray for them....more details to come.

Love to all,

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~jen~ said...

aww, happy birthday Ethan! Yes, he will have a wonderful day despite the "circumstances". He's got two parents who are madly in love with him and I'm sure a whole family to stand in line behind that! Has he had cake before? I love watching babies turning one stick their nose up at the "awful sweetness". It's hilarious!

I love that you are being used in this tragedy Keri ~ you've given so much (of your heart) and you have been so useful (to God!). That's awesome about the news story airing your lines...and super awesome that they chose lines with VERY POWERFUL credits!! Do you have a link of it? I'd love to see it!
P.S. Thanks for all your help the other night...we're still working on gathering up donations (family and neighbors) so hopefully I'll get to meet you this coming week when I run up there again. :)