Feb 23, 2012

February happenings...

Hi friends and family!

It's hard to believe it's almost March! We have had such a mild winter here in Michigan it has been so nice. It has snowed a bit the last couple days and I have to say I have been enjoying the snow...at least looking at it from inside my warm & cozy home. I used to complain about the cold weather but I do my best not to do that anymore because each day we are given is truly a blessing. Life is precious and I don't want to take any of my days here on earth for granted. I've been blessed with so much and have so much to thank God for each day....to complain about silly things like snow is just not in my vocabulary anymore!

We are doing well here. I am enjoying my kids so much. Ethan just turned 4 on Valentine's Day and I have loved every minute of what a 4 year old brings so far! The conversations we have had lately are just hilarious and so cute.

I took Ethan with me to Nordstrom's the other day to try on a dress for a wedding I'm in this summer. We were in the dressing room and I was struggling to get my dress completely zipped up by myself. When I finally got it on and was looking in the mirror he looked at me and said, "Mom, you are looking cute." I almost fell over from his cuteness!! He was totally serious when saying it and it definitely ranks as one of my favorite moments with him. I love taking the kids out alone with me at times and having that one on one time with them. It's always special. I remember when I was little my dad used to do that with us. I strongly remember going to Dunkin Donuts with him and getting a donut and hot cocoa. It's those moments you really do remember as a child. It's one of the special memories I have with my dad.

Gracelyn is a joy. Her middle name suits her well. She's full of life and fiestyness....she's sweet...she's amazingly beautiful...and the love she shares with Ethan is simply priceless. Ethan feels the same about her. He doesn't nap everyday and when he's up with me and she is sleeping he asks to wake her up. Why? "Because I like Grae mom." People looked at us like we were crazy when we got pregnant with Gracelyn and Ethan was only 6 months old but this is why we love it. We always wanted to have our children close in age so they could really be close. If I was just having our 2nd baby now I don't feel they would have that special closeness...the gap is just so big. So, while some days may be a little crazy and overwhelming as we are raising little ones, I absolutely love it and wouldn't trade it for the world!

Lincoln is such a sweet little boy. It's hard to believe he is almost 6 months already. I'm pretty sure he's been teething for the past few weeks as he always has his hands in his mouth and has had a harder time sleeping lately *yawn*. I enjoy this age so much though and cherish my sweet baby boy. His life truly reminds me of God's goodness and love daily. Losing a baby a few months before getting pregnant was hard. It was emotionally heart breaking and I felt a sadness I had never experienced before. So, having Lincoln here with us now has been extra special for my heart. All my kids are special and so loved, don't get me wrong....but experiencing a new life and a new baby after a loss really changes you. He smiles the minute I look at him and smile and I always think how God gave me this super smiley child to just warm my heart. He's getting so cute and I just love him so much! He loves to watch his older and brother play during the day and I think longs to play with them! It's so cute to watch and I enjoy it because I know before long he will be running and playing along side them.

So, what else is new? Well, I have some exciting news! As of yesterday, I have officially decided to join the Scentsy team! I am now a Scentsy consultant. What is Scentsy you ask? Well, I will be sending out an email soon to all my friends & family sharing what it is and why I decided to join so be on the lookout :) To give you a little glimpse, they are like candles but so much better! They are wickless - flameless wax that you melt in cute and stylish warmers for your home. They offer over 80 delicious smelling scents for your warmers and are affordable! I'm really excited about this new adventure I'm starting! It's totally something I'm already so passionate about and I believe God will give me favor selling these products and in return it will bless my family!

I'm hosting a party tonight - but after tonight I will be selling for myself, as an independent consultant and will start hosting my own parties and hopefully you will maybe host one for me too :) You can earn free product for yourself and also be a blessing financially to our family. The cool thing is even if you live out of state you can still have a party for me! I will mail you a catalog and you can meet up with friends for coffee or invite them over for a girls night and casually look through the catalog and write down the orders. If you get over $150 in orders (which really is pretty easy) shipping is free. You then email me your orders, I plug them into my online website and order for you and they will be shipped to the hostess home! It's that simple!

My starter kit is on the way and once I receive that and get my personal website up and running I'll be sending out that email to you all and you can read more as to why I joined and why I would cherish your support! I'm really excited about it :)

I'll leave you with the latest photo of our adorable newest addition :)

Much Love,

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Claire said...

I love reading about your sweet family, Keri. And Britany is finally beginning to play with Peyton throughout the day, and I too am SO thankful we decided to have our kids close together :) It makes my heart so happy to see them playing together and enjoying one another! And knowing that soon little Hunter will be joining them just does my heart worlds of good! I love that you're doing Scentsy and when some room in our budget opens up, I'm totally ordering from you!

You are such a blessed momma and I LOVED reading how Ethan told you you were cute in your dress! EEK! Moments like that make me all that much more excited to have a SON! Soon, soon :)

Lots of love to you, friend!

P.S. Your attitude about snow is so encouraging to me! It's so easy for me to grumble and complain about silly little things like snow as well, but you're so right... when God has blessed me with so much, why would I want to grumble?! "A thankful heart does good like medicine!"