Jan 30, 2012

I finally took the plunge...

and got myself an iPhone :) I knew I would love it once I could get past the frustration of texting with a touch screen phone. It just took some getting used to but I've only had the phone 2 days and I'm already used to it and loving it!

Jeremy and I had a sitter on Saturday night and went out on a date so that was fun. Lincoln came along with us but that's still pretty much a date since he's so little :) We got some delicious Thai food and then headed over to Novi to walk the mall and then stopped in Brighton on the way home to get my phone. The Novi store was out of the white iPhones which is what I wanted. We had a nice time out and the kids loved playing with the sitter too :)

Last week Weds I woke up with the motivation to paint our bedroom. I got my Sherwin Williams color strip out and found a color that matched the blue color in our comforter. I taped everything off while the kids were playing and then painted while they napped. It took me 2 days and 2 coats but we absolutely love it! My hubby had no idea I was doing this so it was a total surprise when he came home Weds night to half the room painted. He was quite impressed, as am I :) I still have a portion to do but ran out of paint and haven't had a chance to run out and grab it yet. It's mostly done though and it looks so great. Here's the before and after :)

Other than my new phone and our freshly painted room there isn't too much new. Gracelyn is still sick with a cough and cold which has been almost 2 weeks :( She's never been sick this long before so it's sad to see. Praying she is better soon. The germs spread to the boys and Lincoln has been sick for the past 4 days and Ethan started getting it just yesterday. All have colds and the croupy cough and Lincoln has a bit of wheezing too. I cannot wait until they are all healthy and back to themselves! Hard on the kids and mom and dad when little ones are ill...especially all three.

My girlfriend who I had a baby shower for a few weeks back had her baby girl this past Monday. She was a month early, which they knew would most likely be the case as her last 2 children came at 35 weeks too. She was born and needed to be on oxygen, iv and a feeding tube. Despite all those things she was doing well but still needed prayer. 4 days later when my friend was going home baby girl Vada got to go home as well! Many of us were praying as well as our church and it was such a wonderful testimony to see how God answers our prayers. She is doing great and I'll be photographing that sweet little one soon and I cannot wait :)

Little Lincoln is crying so I gotta go....enjoy your day and stay blessed :)


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Anonymous said...

The bedroom looks great. With the white furniture, it looks very beachy.