Mar 20, 2012

Marvelous March!

Hopefully by now you all are used to my infrequent blog posts. It's always on my to do list but not first on my priority list. Thank you for still coming to my blog and reading :)

We are doing well! It's been in the 70's this past week in Michigan and we are setting all sorts of records. I love it! We grilled out last week and it didn't seem real...middle of March and bbq'ing! How awesome! We are all enjoying the weather and the kids play outside a lot everyday now which is wonderful. They love to ride their bikes, play with chalk, run around and just enjoy the outdoors.

Our three amigos are doing great. E & G are still getting over a cough and cold but mostly better which I'm thankful for. They are loads of fun and I so enjoy being their momma!

Our sweet Lincoln Jude is doing well. He had his 6 month check up last week and is doing well. We are headed back to the dermatologist tomorrow because our pediatrician wants him to be seen one more time. His skin has been a lot better than it was - but he now has some raw spots/sores that he wants to get checked out. It's probably just the eczema but he wants to be sure. So, we are headed there early afternoon tomorrow. He weighed in at just 15lbs - which is the smallest of our babies at age 6 months. Ethan was 18lbs,8oz and Gracelyn was 15lbs, 3oz. He moved down on the weight scale a bit so he wants me to bring him in in a month just to weigh him again - but I know he's fine and he likes to eat :) He's already gained almost a pound since that appt. (weighing him at home) so he's doing just fine :) Tomorrow late afternoon I also have Ethan's 4 year check-up, so we'll see how he's doing too :) Busy day tomorrow!

He is such a happy little guy. He tries talking now, rolls over and is such a joyful little boy. I feel so grateful for our children, they truly make my life so much better! Being a mom is such a wonderful thing and I enjoy my little ones so much! God is good!

Speaking of little ones, I would so appreciate prayers for my friend's new baby boy, who is just about a week old - not even. He was born at 35 weeks, 3 days and is in the NICU due to having some trouble breathing. They then discovered he had a hole in his lung. So, needless to say, it's been a rough start for little Hunter Zion and hard on mom and dad too. They haven't been able to hold him much and he's been hooked up to all sorts of things - it's heartbreaking to see your baby like that. Will you please pray for my friends, Bryan and Claire and for Hunter and all the doctors too. I'm believing for healing and that his breathing will get better each day on his own so he can start taking off the machinery and soon be in momma's arms again and very soon get to go home! I know they would so appreciate your prayers, thank you!

My Scentsy and Photography has been going well - I'm enjoying them both. I've only done 1 session in these winter months so I haven't done much for many months - but now that the weather is starting to get nice early, it's starting to pick up again. I did my very first maternity photo session last night and enjoyed it sooo much! It was with someone who found me through Craigslist and they are expecting their first baby, a little boy (I know the two potential names but it's a secret until he arrives to everyone else) and they were such a lovely couple and were up for all of my ideas. Very nice to work with! I haven't had a chance to sit down and look through all the photos just yet, but here's a sneak peek I posted a little while ago on my photography facebook page. Isn't this precious? Oh how I love pregnancy and the miracle of new life!!

I hope I get to do more maternity sessions this spring and summer because I really loved it!!

My dear cousin Angela is due in just a couple weeks with their first baby, a little girl and I couldn't be more excited for her and her husband, Tommee! I plan to travel to Grand Rapids to visit and do photos once baby arrives, I cannot wait! She's going to be a beautiful baby girl and I just can't wait to meet her and for my cousin to become a momma and see how wonderful it is:) I'll be sure and post a photo or two from that session in the near future :)

Scentsy is going well. Tomorrow will be one month that I've joined and I just had my first party that was booked by a friend this past weekend. It went very well and was a great party! I honestly love, love, love these products which makes it so easy for me to talk about and be passionate about. Next Saturday, March 31st is my Open House party. If you live local and would like to stop by, I would so love that! It's from 4-7 pm. Thirty one bags will be here also - they offer tons of cute bags and you can get them monogrammed. My neighbor just became a consultant and they have super cute stuff. If you live out of state and would like to support me in my first big open house party, you can order directly online. I would so appreciate it! I will post the link below if you would like to place an order. If you have any questions at all about the products, please send me an email. If you are new to Scentsy and aren't sure what to get, email me! Lots of cute warmers, lots of delicious smelling scents and they offer combine and save packages to help save you money. I'll be closing my party on April 2nd at noon so put your order in before that date - thanks :) To order:

I want to get started on editing that Maternity session while the older two are still napping so that's all for now. Here's a super adorable picture of Lincoln from his 6 month photo shoot. What a doll, I know!!

Much Love,

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