Aug 8, 2011

Hello from me :)

I know I know, just call me a slacker. I totally haven't blogged in so long - life is busy!

The good news is that means I have lots of new photos to share - so sit back, grab a Coke and relax for a bit :)

First off, would you believe that I have less than a month to go until we become a family of five? Wow, this pregnancy has flown by! Yesterday marked week 36! One more week and I'll be considered full term. I totally don't feel ready. I mean, I do as far as a new baby entering our lives but I don't have my hospital bag packed yet and haven't gone over every single little thing yet like I normally have by now. I need to get on that this week :)

I have my next appt on Thursday and I'm looking forward to seeing my midwife. At my last appt 2 weeks ago I saw a doctor that works with her because it's a new policy at McLaren (where I will deliver) that if you use Jeanne (my midwife) you must also meet and have one appointment with one of the doctors. So, I haven't seen her in almost a month and I'm ready to have her back! I think after this week I may be going in for weekly appointments, so crazy!

I've been having pains, pressure and contractions (I think) since Saturday morning. Nothing consistent or enough to call my midwife about but I'm definitely getting closer to the end. I felt so great at this stage when I was pregnant with Gracelyn. She came 5 days late and I was still feeling great, sleeping good and didn't have any pain or contractions.

Ethan was a different story and Lincoln seems to be following in his footsteps a bit. I had these crazy pains at times during the last month with Ethan. It would hurt to ride in a car or if we would hit a bump in the road I would be in a lot of pain. It was on and off for a couple weeks and then one day after it happening so much and me being in a lot of pain we decided to go into labor and delivery. Hey, it was our first baby and I had no clue what to expect. They hooked me up to the monitors and sure enough I was having contractions...but, that was it...they weren't enough to do anything. Ethan came 2 weeks later and 4 days early. On Valentine's Day of 2008 we met our handsome boy.

So, those same pains have started but seem to be even more this time. I am hoping that doesn't mean my labor will be the same with Lincoln as it was with Ethan. Ethan's was a nightmare for me and honestly one of the worst days of my life! Front and back labor...epidural wearing off and pushing for 3 hours. It was HARD. Plus having complications afterwards. I was so weak from it all that once they finally brought Ethan over to me to hold I could only hold him for a few minutes and asked the nurse to send in the Grandma's. I was just exhausted, sore and still in shock from it all. It was not fun.

With Gracelyn I changed doctors and hospitals and wow, what a difference! My nurses were fantastic and my midwife was and is amazing. I only pushed maybe 3 or 4 times and out Gracelyn came! Of course I know that has nothing to do with my midwife or the hospital but overall it was a much better experience for me due to having a good midwife and nurse. Anyhow, when I mentioned those pains I had with Ethan to my midwife...she told me it may have been because of the position he was in. I was dilated to a 10 with Ethan for quite some time before he finally dropped and due to his position that's why I had the front and back labor too. So, Gracelyn's delivery was much much easier for me, seeing as pushing is by far the worst part for me. I pretty much want to die every time! Ok, this probably isn't what I need to talk about for any first time pregnant momma to be readers...sorry! :) Just keepin' it real my friends.

Alright, I'm done with that tangent and here is my bump photo. I compared it to my 36 Ethan bump photo and 36 week Gracelyn bump photo last night and I look so much better this time! I've gained less weight, not swollen in the face ( will come!) and just think I look the best this time around. It feels good and makes my pictures more pleasant :)

Unfortunately this picture is a bit blurry in my face but it will have to do :)

This past weekend was fun. We went to Benton Harbor/St.Joseph Michigan where we had a wonderful Petke family reunion. We had our own little apartment for the weekend which worked out so perfect for our little crew. It was great to be with family and see everyone - we are so blessed with wonderful family on all sides! We spent a few hours at Lake Michigan with everyone and it was fun. The kids had a blast :)

I have a hard time taking my eyes off of my baby girl. I mean, look at this she stunning or what?

I adore the photo of daddy and her that is in black and white. Jeremy isn't crazy about it but I love it! It's candid and just so precious to me. A framed photo to be :)

Right before we left for our trip on Friday I did a photo shoot. My first newborn GIRL shoot. I've done so many boys!! It was so much fun and wow is little baby "A" gorgeous! Here are some of my favorites from the session.

I also did a family photo shoot for a very close friend of mine a couple weeks ago that I think I forgot to share. Here are some favorites from that session.

Alright, kiddos are up from their naps so that's all for today. We are all doing well and enjoying the life God has blessed us with. I hope you are too! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

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