Aug 10, 2011

2 year check-up!

My one and only baby girl had her 2 year check up today. Yes, I know it's August but I totally missed her original appt in June :)

She is perfect :) Doing everything she should be, healthy, growing and getting more beautiful by the minute. Oh how I love my girl!! She is so precious and sweet and I love watching her grow. Her name is perfect for her. Always showing grace with big brother (like when she shares her cookies or will let Ethan have her cookie after he asks to trade because he only has a little piece left. And then of course the joy she brings me! Gracelyn Joy - we had her name picked out before she was even conceived. So cool!

Lincoln Jude's name (in my Biblical name book) means Victorious and full of love. I love that! I can't imagine a better quality to have...full of love!

And Ethan Craig means strong and rock. He has proven that to be true...and I always pray He is a strong rock in Jesus! I love my kids - wow am I blessed!

So back to the check up, yes, she is doing so great. She weighs 25 lbs and is in the 22% tile for weight. She's always been little and petite but doc said that's totally normal and she's growing wonderfully. And she's in the 76% tile for height. Not a surprise, my kids are always on the tall side. So, she's tall and skinny :)

Not too much else to report. Just thought I would update on her check up before it slipped my mind.

I do have my baby appt with my midwife tomorrow. Looking forward to that since it's been a month since I've seen her and I can tell her Mr. Lincoln has been giving me some pains and contractions in the last few days :) He'll be here soon!!

Feeling so thankful tonight to have 2 healthy children and soon to be three....and a husband I really really love! So so blessed!

Much Love,

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