Aug 19, 2011

Getting closer...

Our family will soon go from four to five...exciting!

I saw my midwife yesterday and all is well. I'm measuring right at 38 weeks (which I'll be on Sunday), baby is good, blood pressure is good and all is well. I've been having pains/contractions on and off but nothing regular or consistent by any means. Just baby getting ready I think.

Jeanne is hoping the little guy will be here by the 1st of Sept...just because she is going out of town for a day for Labor Day weekend. She is less than 2 hours away so of course she will be back in time for my labor/delivery if I should be in labor when she's up north. I'm hoping he is here by then though, for both our sakes :)

I'm feeling pretty good. By the end of the day I am definitely ready to lay down and put my feet up - from taking care of the kiddies all day and being on my feet but I'm doing well. I'm trying to get the little things ready and done and off my mind before he arrives and keep on laundry as much as I can. I like to have things in order before a new baby comes, as I'm sure most do.

My mom was planning on coming to stay with the kids when I'm in labor (as usual) but sadly we think she may have shingles :( We should find out today if she does or not. She's never had it before but she seems to be having symptoms of shingles. We are both pretty bummed about it. She of course wants to be able to stay with the kids for me when I'm in labor and of course she wants to see her new grand baby also when he arrives but will have to stay away for a bit if it is indeed shingles. Such a bummer and bad timing :( I hope for her sake if she does have it that it doesn't last real long, I've heard it's not fun. Please be praying for my mom if you would, we would really appreciate it!

I was stressing out a bit because I wasn't sure who else could come stay with the kids that knows their routine, etc. other than my sister. I wasn't sure if her work would be understanding of the situation and let her leave or miss work at a moment's notice but it sounds like that shouldn't be a problem so that's my back up plan. Thank you Jesus! I of course have a couple wonderful friends who I know would come stay with my kids, but they don't know the kids routine as well as my mom and sister do so I feel like it would be on my mind more at the hospital if left with a friend. So, I think we're good and it will all work out.

Our sweet boy has been going through a little phase of being scared at night and not wanting to sleep in his room so that's been challenging. Of course this happens right before baby comes, ugh. We've been tired to say the least. We of course are trying to be sensitive to him but also don't want! So, I'm doing a lot of praying over him and the situation and believing he'll be back doing great at night very soon.

Hmm, what else is new. A friend of mine who is just starting out in photography offered to take some maternity photos for me so we are doing those tonight, that should be fun. I'll be sure and post a few once I get them. I'm gonna bring daddy and the kids along too so we can get some family pics and pics of the kids with their hands on my belly, etc. Should be cute :)

I have another friend who is also starting out in photography that offered to do some family photos for us once Lincoln arrives. I'm really excited about that also, we haven't had family pictures done since Gracelyn was 6 months so it's definitely overdue.

I did 3 more sessions myself this past week and I'm now taking a break until after baby comes. I have 2 people that are wanting to book sessions in late September/early October so that will be fun. I'm looking forward to doing some pics with the beautiful fall colors here in Michigan, should make for really nice pictures!

My sister is coming over on Saturday to babysit so Jeremy and I can go out and have one last date night before baby comes. I'm so excited, dinner AND a movie, a rare occasion for us! She is giving us money for a nice dinner (for our Birthday's) and I also have 2 free movie tickets so it will be a cheap date night which is always nice :) Might just have to spend a little money on popcorn and pop at the movies but not much. Sunday night we were planning on celebrating our birthday's with my family but that's all up in the air right now due to my mom maybe having shingles. We'll have to wait and see. She goes to the doctors this morning sometime.

I'll maybe post some of the photos from my recent sessions soon, I have some things to do this morning and don't have the time right now.

Hope all is well with you all and be on the lookout for baby news soon! I'll try and write a quick blog post when "It's time"....

Much Love,

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