Jul 16, 2011

Fun @ the park!

Before I post some adorable photos from last night, I'll update on our little man Lincoln.

I had my appt with my midwife on Thurs and all is well. Jeremy and the kids tagged along with me which was fun. They sat on daddy's lap while we listened to Lincoln's heart beat. It was cute. When I laid down on the table Gracelyn said to me, "Mommy tired? Mommy tired?" Ha - kids are too cute.

I'm feeling good and baby is doing good. I've been saying my due date is the 5th all along - seeing as that's the only date I've ever been told but Jeanne (my midwife) actually said she has my due date as the 4th. She then went on to tell me that my ultrasound (when I was 17.5 weeks) showed a due date of September 2nd. I was surprised - no one ever told me that. I was always told the 5th. But, Jeanne said she doesn't go by that, she goes by my cycle date so that would be the 4th. So, that's what I'm saying now, the 4th :)

He may just be an August baby, which would be fine with me! That would mean next month I'll be snuggling my little man - I can't believe how fast it's going! So anyhow, all is well with me and baby and I go back in 2 weeks for my next appt.

Now, on to the cuteness of my children. Daddy had lots of appts. yesterday for work and decided he would just go straight from there to Bible Study last night so I decided to make plans. I took the kids over to Aunt Kristy's around 5 and we had such a fun night! I invited Uncle Craig over too and we all hung out and had a nice time together. First, we started off the night by ordering pizza and getting slurpees :) Yum! Ethan had a couple sips which of course he loved. He's never had pop before and surely it will not be a regular thing in our house - but it was a special little treat and he didn't have much so I was ok with it. We stick with water and milk around here for the most part - healthy is a better choice :)

We then went to a nearby park and played with the kids for an hour or so. I captured some adorable pictures and while I know these are my kids and I say it often, I can't get over how cute they are. I express it to Jeremy constantly. Ethan is so adorable and handsome. Gracelyn is breathtaking - she's so gorgeous I just stare at her photos in awe. They both have such fun personalities and love life - I love it!

My sweet girl LOVES the swings at the park. I mean, LOVES them. Once she spots them that's where she wants to be the entire time. Of course knowing Gracelyn we push her and she just says "fast....fast....fast". She actually will cry because apparently we aren't pushing her high enough. I gently remind her that she just turned 2 and this momma isn't giving her underdogs! She just says "big fast....big fast....big fast" over and over. It's quite comical.

Here she is in all her glory.

Ethan had lots of fun with Uncle Craig on this little ride. Ethan thought it was loads of fun, Uncle Craig on the other hand was feeling a bit dizzy :)

They also enjoyed this really big slide. We would follow the kids up the slide because it's big and made me nervous. Of course as Kristy is following Gracelyn up the slide Gracelyn turns around and tries pushing her away, telling her no. She thought she had the situation handled I guess. We disagreed :)

Here are a few of my favorite shots of my beauties from the night.

Here are a couple cute ones of Ethan Craig and Uncle Craig :)

We then headed to get ice cream after the park. The kids got their favorite - baby cones with little eyes on them :) Mommy enjoyed a Kit Kat Blizzard and uncle Craig got something he loved also. What a fun night!

No big plans this weekend. We were supposed to celebrate my momma's birthday today but she is sick :( So, we are hoping maybe one night this week we can do it. I've just been taking advantage of nap time this past week or so and trying to get caught up in my scrapbooks. I would love to be totally caught up before Lincoln comes but I have a ton to do so I'm just trying to get as much done as I can. I'm at 10 months in Gracelyn's album - she is so cute - barely having hair at that age :)

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Much Love,

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Joy said...

Keri, your photos just keep getting better and better. It helps that your kids are so photogenic! Love love!